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Unreviewed Restaurants >> Maine >> Lord's Harborside Restaurant (Wells)

Lord's Harborside Restaurant

***** (3 stars, based on 3 reviews)
352 Harbor Road, Wells, ME 04090
(207) 646-2651 Find location!

Lord's Harborside is a seafood restaurant in Wells, ME, that Boston's Hidden Restaurants has not yet reviewed, but is considered a restaurant of interest by this Web site. Below is a section where our readers can give us their own reviews of Lord's Harborside Restaurant.

Sample items on the menu at Lord's Harborside Restaurant include sea cakes, lobster stew, mussels scampi, fried sole, and baked scallops.

Cuisine: seafood
Cost: moderately inexpensive
Location: Wells Harbor (east of Route 1)
One Reason to Go: harbor views

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*****Paul Richards from Bethpage, NY, says:
I found Lord's Harborside to be beyond belief. That's how good it was. Back in 1977, we stumbled onto a restaurant in Gloucester, Mass. on an Easter Sunday and it was on that day that I discovered a baked seafood platter for the first time. I couldn't beleive how tasty that dish was. I never forgot it. You see, you really can't get a baked seafood platter here on Long Island where I live. It's either fried or broiled. Baked seafood dishes seem to be very popular in New England and the one I ordered at Lord's last week brought back memories of that Easter Sunday in Gloucester. I simply loved it. It was their Baked Stuffed Haddock. Same with the Lobster Stew. Delicious doesn't even begin to describe it. This dinner was so good that I'm going back again this weekend and I live a good 5 and a half hour drive away from the restaurant. The service was great too. The night before I actually had dinner there, I was outside the building reading the menu when a couple came outside after having finished their visit to Lord's. They saw me reading the menu and the woman said to me "It's soooo good. We've been coming up here 30 years and it's the only place we eat." I now know first hand why.
(Posted on 9/22/10)

*****M.L.S. from Manchester, NH, says:
My, my - the previous reviewer certainly 'seemed' to have their problems. I actually wonder what restaurant in Southern Maine they are working for in an effort to destroy the good name of Lords Harborside in Wells.
Often when you find a restaurant that is acclaimed for their food, you discover something that is less than wonderful and frankly disappointing, such as mediocre cole slaw or less than impressive french fries. But when you go to Lords, you find nothing that disappoints!
When last there, two days ago, I ordered broiled scallops, cole slaw and french fries. Maybe not a gourmet choice, but exactly what I wanted. I have to say that the broiled scallops (my favorite seafood) were exceptionally tasty, and the serving was very generous and tender. But not only that, the cole slaw serving was very generous and just loaded with pinapple. A tasty treat to be sure. But the next 'test' were the fries. Not mealy, but hot and delicious. There was nothing about that meal that wasn't wonderful,and delicious. And a surprising treat was also found on my plate - a small container of raspberry jello with nuts and I'm not sure what else that just set the whole meal off.
The restaurant is tiny by some standards, and the 'facilities' are surely tiny, but clean and quite frankly I don't go to a restaurant looking for a state of the art 'john,' as the previous reviewer seems to have done; I'm just happy when it's clean.
Get over yourself, already!
(Posted on 8/30/09)

*****Mary Ann Jurkovic from New York City says:
Our hotel, Hampton Inn, highly recommended this restaurant for dinner as well as our research on line. We were looking forward to a great first night lobster dinner in Maine. It went downhill from that point.
It is well known among lobster enthusiasts (especially in Long Island) that lobsters are better steamed than boiled - keeping all the nutrients in the meat. We also found the chowder here watery and ultimately inedible. They should tell their chef to use nutmeg only in rice pudding. The entire dinner was deluged with that horrid spice.
Where in the world are you served shrimp cocktail with seeing the shrimp's intestinal track still attached? The restaurant should contact me if they need instructions on properly cleaning the above or tune in to the food channel.
How long do this restaurant usually keep their baked potatoes? Ours was dry and at least a week old and the crabcakes were nothing to boast about either. We spent $170 for the four of us and we came back to the hotel hungry. We eagerly consumed McDonald's take out. Sad isn't it?
Unfortunately, before we even left we had to use the ladies restroom. We barely made it from our table to the SINGLE restroom door - only to find the door locked and in use by one other person.
While we anxiously waited - a lady came desperately out of the SINGLE mens restroom. Need we say more.
(signed - very disappointed and definitely not worth the time or money)
P.S. Take some advice from Mike's Clam Shack on Route #1 - on a scale of 1 to 10 they were a 9!!!!
(Posted on 8/18/09)

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