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Bar Pizza Recipe?

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Does anyone know of any recipes for bar pizza? I know that bar pizza is basically pan pizza with a cracker-like crust and sauce that typically comes out of a can, but there has to be more to it than just that. What kinds of cheeses are used? What about herbs and spices? Is olive oil used to make the pizza greasy, or it is another kind of oil? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted on 8/18/08 by hiddenboston)


BJS wrote:
Not only do I have a "bar pizza" recipe but I have the recipe from the Lynwood Cafe in Randolph, arguably the best "bar pizza" ever. The person writing the question could not be more wrong in their assumptions! The sauce does NOT come out of a can it is made up of various tomato ingredients as well as several spices. The dough is handmade and rises a minimum of three times then hand formed in the small pizza pans which gives it the thinner, crisper texture. The cheese is what gives it its distinctive flavor and it is NOT the typical cheese people associate with pizza, bland, chewy, stringy mozzarella. That's all I can tell you, the recipe has been in my family for years and I would never divulge it I just wanted to clarify the fact that good "bar pizza" is very carefully made, with no shortcuts like canned sauce.
Posted on 5/12/10)

RLW wrote:
Why bother responding, if you're not going to answer the question? Congrats on owning a "secret" recipe for a pizza served by a dive bar. The fact that you cook em in a pan is all I need to know about how bad it is.
(Posted on 7/22/10)

DFD wrote:
RLW-your "cooking in a pan comment shows how little you know about pizza. Lynwood is the best and is cooked in a well seasoned pizza pan. I do agree that if BJS is not going to answer the question He/she should not comment. Anyone could say they have it but won't give it out. Hell, I once slept with Lady Gaga, but I can't give out the details.
(Posted on 8/8/10)

FJH wrote:
Enough already! Does anyone know the cheese and sauce used in Poopsies Pizza out of Pembroke, Mass?
(Posted on 9/13/10)

pj wrote:
Try a mix of asiago cheddar and little mozzarella. Add baking powder to your dough and no oil. They use a puree and crushed tomato mix. Sorry I don't know the spices they use.
(Posted on 10/13/10)

JRM wrote:
RLW, you have no clue what good pizza is, almost all your great pizza is cooked in a pan.
For real bar room pizza it's all about the dough. If anyone knows a good recipe please post it.
PJ, you're right on with the cheese mix, do you add baking powder with yeast or as a substitute. Never thought of not using oil, I tried butter/oil mix before which wasn't that bad. Wouldn't no oil make a dry crumbly dough?
(Posted on 1/22/11)

JRM wrote:
DFD, Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga is that the best you could come up with?
(Posted on 1/22/11)

LRB wrote:
BJS, Thanks for Nothing!
(Posted on 1/27/11)

RLW wrote:
Yeah, almost all great pizzas come from pans. There's Pizza Hut and Dominoes and Little Ceasar's. Did I mention all your favorites? A whole board full of experts have showed up to NOT answer the question. Great work. Go eat your slop.
(Posted on 2/26/11)

PRZ wrote:
Who cares about Lynwoods, Poopsies or any other bar style pizza which everyone raves about but makes me puke!
I have the authentic Italian recipe from the old country which my Grandmother brought with her and has been a family tradition for years.
I have a homemade pizza dough and a homemade pizza sauce and once you tried this one you would never want to eat another bar pizza again!
(Posted on 4/15/11)

JHD wrote:
Bravos to Lynwood Pizza. I remember the old days living in Braintree. I could use a good Lynwood Fix.
(Posted on 5/5/11)

JED wrote:
Lynwood's popularity, turned Fridays during lent into a holiday, instead of picking codfish bones (overdone of course) out of your teeth until Sunday mass. I'm honing in on the recipe, hey if Bush can be accused with blowing up the towers, than he can certainly get the Lynwood Pizza recipe, or have CIA scientists figure it out, that would be a useful billion of taxpayer money haha. However, it would be amusing if he couldn't. People tend to relish memories, and smell evokes memories--I walked by a rose bush that reminded me of the woods I snuck into with my first date. I just want to have a window operation of the best barroom pizza (certainly Lynwood) to open in FL, and CA. However I hear the timing and the heat are imperative to the equation, I heard 1400 degrees 11 minutes. Make any sense. I'd just like to come as close as possible, I can see the headlines now..."Dick Cheney, brought out of retirement, to go hunting and waterboarding (a new sport by Whamo) with former owner of Lynwood Cafe, Randolph MA." I know of the cheddar hit to give the cheese that extra bite. "Venus" crust is horrible. Christo's is good, "Town Spa" is good. I worked at Condon's, Whitman's version, and it was sauce right from the can, that's my next step!
(Posted on 5/29/11)

sma wrote:
If you've never had the salami at Lynwood... You have to try it. Mmmmmmmmm. Best pizza anywhere. Ever.
(Posted on 6/22/11)

NAS wrote:
I love Lynwood, but the only pizza I like better is Cape Cod Cafe. I have the recipe for bar style dough, and it's not baking soda that gives it the's milk.
4 cups unbleached bread flour
2/3 cup fine grind yellow cornmeal
2 tablespoons sugar
1 1/4 teaspoons table salt, or 2 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt
2 1/4 teaspoons instant yeast
5 Tablespoons corn oil
1 cups water between 90 degrees and 95 degrees F
1/2 cup milk
I haven't figured out the perfect sauce yet, but the blackened edges comes from cheddar cheese. In the middle of the pizza they use a mix of mozzarella and cheddar w/ parm or provolone.
Cook it at 450 until it looks done to you, usually between 8-15 minutes. Make sure you spread the dough thin.
(Posted on 7/17/11)

nrtrandall in va wrote:
Oh my word - I search every year for this recipe - I LOVE YOU for sharing it... we come up to Massachusetts to visit once a year and buy about 20 pizzas.... YUM! no one makes pizza like Lynnwood. thanks.
(Posted on 8/5/11)

bjb wrote:
I too have looked for years for this recipe, i will try it right away. thank you, thank you
(Posted on 10/16/11)

NAS wrote:
No problem, it's always worked well for me and I wanted lynwood every day since I moved away from Boston.
(Posted on 11/20/11)

Peggio wrote:
Thank you SO MUCH, NAS! I grew up on Lynwood pizza & can't wait to try the recipe.
(Posted on 12/30/11)

jim mann wrote:
pizza sauce: 2cans of tomato puree 1 can of tomato not cook this sauce.2 or 3 tbls dried oregano,2 tbls sugar,2tbls garlic salt,5 tbls oil.if you like basil 1 tbls is fine.just mix all ingredients together in tall or large ss bowl..done... use a punch ladle or soup ladle,put only 2 ladles of sauce on pizza, use bottom of ladle, to spread sauce on each pizza.. add cheese; then topping of your choice green peppers, onions and so forth or etc..i use mild cheddar cheese.hint try par boiling toppings,not to long you can cook all flavor out of peppers and onions..this was my own recipe,20 years of trying different of luck to you all,i hope you enjoy::jim at please only e mail me if you have to;;
(Posted on 1/26/12)

Dave H. wrote:
I think the Central Cafe in Middleboro has the very best Pizza. No comparison. I'd pay for the recipe.
(Posted on 3/25/12)

Scott D wrote:
I love Pizza and couldnt agree with you more Dave Har. The Central Cafe is far the best they should move to florida. When I go home to Middleboro that is one place I always go.
(Posted on 6/1/12)

krroy wrote:
Thanks for the Cape Cod recipe. We moved from Brockton last fall & MN. does NOT have anything that comes even close. Guess what's for supper!!
(Posted on 9/23/12)

DJW wrote:
Does the dough get kneaded? How long do you let it rise?
Has any one here tried this recipe?
(Posted on 1/21/13)

cs wrote:
Funny I was searching pub pizza dough recipe.. thinking about the great pub pizza's of Boston's south shore! Don't forget town spa and crossroads.
Thank you for sharing the Cape Cod Cafe recipe!
(Posted on 4/6/13)

Sammybart wrote:
Thank you NAS for the Pizza Dough recipe and also to Jim Mann for his pizza sauce. I put the 2 together the pizza was excellent and tastes just like your really good-bar room pizza. I am originally from Randolph and now live in Florida. There is nothing like food from the Boston area and boy do I miss it. This pizza dough and sauce is a keeper.
(Posted on 5/12/13)

Sweenster wrote:
Why didn't any of you guys talk about AMVETS pizza in Randolph? AMVETS is the originator and Godfather of bar pizza! Behind playground by ice skating rink in Randolph get the pepper/mushroom combo. They also used to do a fried eggplant pie that was unbelievable...or the classic, just plain old extra cheese....they come in a nice cardboard circular bottom and a brown paper bag and you can see the grease seeping through the bag! mmm mm good!
(Posted on 5/23/13)

Bubba wrote:
27 replies (including mine) and not one complete recipe. All the people who have worked, even as a cook, have no clue?
I know that the cheddar makes the difference, but beyond that...I'm stumped. Thank God the Cod sells frozen pizzas. I always stock up before heading home.
(Posted on 11/4/13)

DS wrote:
I worked at the CCC in Brockton for a few months when I was in college. I can tell you they do NOT put milk in their dough and they dont use oil in their sauce recipe.
(Posted on 11/22/13)

RL wrote:
People that criticize pub pizza are narrow minded. Just like any other food (chicken,beef,soups,pastas,etc) people can like more than one form of cooking it. I prefer a beautiful pizza from Naples! But, sometimes I crave Lynnwood(pub pizza) and all the ones listed above are good Town Spa, Poopsies,CapeCodCafe,Christie etc. Which one brings you back to childhood? Mmmmm. Its all good!
(Posted on 4/14/14)

KES wrote:
You know the debate over the best pizza is really moot. The best pizza is what you like best, not what someone else likes best. I grew up in Brockton and we had many options for bar pizza, Cape Cod being one of my favorites. I will say this about the Lynwood Cafe of today however. While the pizza may be good bar pizza, the general attitude of indifference and at times outright RUDENSS by the people that work there prevents me from ever going there. I don't need pizza that bad that I'll put up with that crap and when I do need that fix for bar pizza I'll go out of my way to Town Spa in Stoughton or to Christo's To Go in Whitman. Outside of those two, Lynwood can go and have an attitude amongst themselves because I'll stop giving my business to rudeness and incompetence regardless of how good the pizza may be.
(Posted on 7/10/15)


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