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Restaurant or Bar With Best Beer Selection in the Boston Area?

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What restaurant or bar do you think has the greatest beer list in the Boston area? What do you like to order there? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated ):

kPa wrote:
Redbones! Selection isn't just "lots of beers" but "lots of well-selected beers".

BP wrote:
Sunset Grill. Cambridge Common. Bukowski's.

Cbc wrote:
Grill next door haverhill, ma

CMR wrote:
Sunset Grill & Tap

O. B. wrote:
Of course, the Sunset Grill and Tap at Allston.

No brainer wrote:
Publick House

Ken wrote:
Sunset Grill and Tap. I just like sampling all the different beers. A go to is the Monk's Cafe.

js wrote:
Publick house in brookline

JMH wrote:
Publick House

MikeB wrote:
Cambridge Common, Kinsale/Asgard, Stoddards, Redbones, 5 Horses

RC wrote:
Penguin in Brigham Circle

RC wrote:
Penguin in Brigham Circle

BJ wrote:
+1 for the Penguin. Great pizza there as well

JS wrote:
Lord Hobo and Deep Ellum

T wrote:
Obvious answers are Lord Hobo and Meadhall.

J.J. wrote:
Sweet Caroline's in the Fenway has a great selection. They carry a ridiculous amount of craft cans.

AV wrote:
Publick House, Cambridge Brewing Company, Deep Ellum, Lord Hobo, 5 Horses, Eastern Standard, Meadhall.

Victoria wrote:
Meadhall, Five Horses, Lord Hobo

RjT wrote:
Bukowski's Dalton

jj wrote:
Canary Square in JP

mike betts wrote:
The Abbey is a little dark horse to mention and one of very few open til 2am in Brookline

jmm wrote:
Millers Ale House Watertown

MDG wrote:
5 Horses Tavern South End and Allston

diana wrote:
Horseshoe Pub - Hudson

Jay wrote:
Cambridge Common, Lord hobo, and Deep Ellum for best curated.
Sunset for sheer volume

ET wrote:
Eastern Standard has a relatively small but great selection, including some things I don't see anywhere else. Sunset has a huge great selection.

jephrey wrote:
Cambridge Common, Yard House, Lord Hobo, Deep Ellum, Sunset Grill & Tap, Publick House and Eastern Standard

Chris K. wrote:
A little south but New World Tavern in Plymouth has an amazing selection.

Rich D. wrote:
Yard House

Brian B. wrote:
Row 34

Frederick W. wrote:
I'll skip over the obvious ones like Sunset and go for my guilty pleasure, my favorite watering hole: Barracuda Tavern. 

Cameron R. wrote:
Parish Cafe, The Penguin, The Junction, Jacob Wirth's, and Stoddards.

Carrie wrote:
Salty Pig, Boston

mw wrote:
Tavern in the square porter square has 50 on draft

Sam F. wrote:
Sunset Grill and Tap is greatest in more than one way.
Honorable mentions: Lord Hobo, Meadhall, Deep Ellum, Bukowski.

code of silence wrote:
Tavern at the end of the World. But you didn't hear it from me! wrote:
Miller's Ale House and Lower Depths

Fletch1dotnet wrote:
Lord Hobo, Bukowski's, Deep Ellum, Publick House, Stoddards, Row 34.
Also Asgard, Kinsale, Sunset Grill and Tap, Meadhall, Atwoods, The Independent

@mikbernie wrote:
Sunset Cantina

jon f wrote:
A bit from boston, but horseshoe pub in hudson!
82 beers on t!

EV wrote:
Yardhouse... nearly 3 pages of beers on tap - a beer for any mood!

RKOV wrote:
Sunset Grill

Wibbie wrote:
Atwoods, Lord Hobo, Independent, Sunset Grill, Thirsty Scholar

tf wrote:
Row 34

Best crafted wrote:
Row 34 easily has the best curated tap list in the city with Publick house right behind. Sunset has the most.

FW wrote:
All that matters is ICOB has Brooklyn Sorachi Ace on tap.

Gary wrote:
Sunset in cambridge, or tip tap in beacon hill on the otha side of da riva

beeradvocater wrote:
Publick house or lord hobo.

Dana G. S. wrote:
Sunset bar

Becca F. wrote:
Lord Hobo

Krissy G. B. wrote:

Rich D. wrote:
Stoddard's is up there. Deep Ellum, Lower Depths, Lord Hobo and Bukowski Tavern... up there too!

William E. wrote:
Horseshoe in Hudson, MA

Dawn B. wrote:
Bar Louie

Nina F. wrote:
rail trail pizza in hudson, lulus in allston, the yard house

Denise K. wrote:
Publick House, Yard House, The Tip Tap Room

@cosmicgoof wrote:
Sunset in Allston!

@feoh wrote:
Tie between @magounssaloon and @5HorsesTavern

flimflam wrote:
Barking Dog Ale House, Haverhill, MA; Horseshoe Pub, Hudson, MA. Yard House, Lynnfield, MA & Boston, MA. (Other locations) also selected each for very good food

mk wrote:
Lower depths quality over quantity


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