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Favorite Restaurant in Brookline, MA?

(From Our Questions and Answers Feature)

What is your favorite dining spot in Brookline, MA? Feel free to post your answer below, perhaps including a description and what you like at the restaurant. [Go here to post a reply.]


sal.s wrote:
I'm going to Golden Temple for pan fried noodles.
(Posted on 1/1/11)

EAD wrote:
Regal Beagle.
(Posted on 2/26/11)

JesseWeiss wrote:
Sichuan Gourmet!!!!
(Posted on 2/26/11)

Sneeze wrote:
Minato for sushi, Zaftigs, Rani.
(Posted on 2/26/11)

AR wrote:
Umami on Beacon Street... Excellent cocktails, great bar, nice people and terrific food... Everyone should go!
(Posted on 5/16/12)

Brian wrote:
(Posted on 5/16/12)

mc wrote:
Cognac bistro
(Posted on 5/16/12)

Jenn wrote:
Jimmy's! :)
(Posted on 5/16/12)

djblass wrote:
I fondly remember the old Tam O'Shanter which was an old Irish tended by George who was a proud Greek. Must be the Washington Square Tavern now.
(Posted on 5/17/12)

mc wrote:
Fireplace, lineage, publick house
(Posted on 2/22/13)

JSween wrote:
Publick House, Golden Temple
(Posted on 2/22/13)

WK wrote:
Rami's for falafel.
La Morra for regional Italian
Rubin's for Kosher Deli
(Posted on 2/22/13)

SD wrote:
The Abbey, Washington Sq Tavern and Regal Beagle
(Posted on 2/22/13)

TK wrote:
Shiki! An authentic Japanese restaurant where you'll find things not normally on menus of Japanese restaurants in the states (along with delicious sushi and more well-known menu items). And with the hot and cold small plates menu, you can enjoy a number of yummy dishes. :)
(Posted on 2/22/13)

mjp wrote:
Michael's Deli for the best corned beef around
(Posted on 2/23/13)

daniel wrote:
Coolidge corner clubhouse, Martin's for breakfast
(Posted on 2/24/13)

KittyKaufman wrote:
Upper Crust for thin crust, tomato-y, cheese-y pizza with everything you ever wanted. Beer! Wine!
(Posted on 2/24/13)


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