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Best Burgers in New England (Outside of the Boston Area)?

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Who has the best burgers in New England, not including the Boston area? (Looking at places generally outside of Route 495.) [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated ):

Aaron G. wrote:
The cold smoked burger at East Ender in Portland, ME.
Originally done out of the Small Axe Truck, the meat gets a little extra fat added to the grind and a partial freezing before smoking. The beef is cold-smoked at low temperatures before grilling. The version below was topped with gochujang ketchup, onion jam, and Stilton.

Michelle M. wrote:
Bossman Burgers in Middletown RI. Their garlic fries are out of this world!

Dan M. wrote:
Steamed cheeseburger. O'Rourke's, Middletown, CT. That, and Wesleyan, are the only two reasons that city should continue to exist ...

Mike G. wrote:
Definitely RF O'Sullivan's, Shake Shack, Bartley's Burger Barn and the Dog House in New Bedford.

@scld wrote:
Goldburgers. Newington, CT. Peerless.


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