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Favorite Restaurant in Burlington, VT?

(From Our Questions and Answers Feature)

What is your favorite dining spot in Burlington, VT? Feel free to post your answer below, perhaps including a description and what you like at the restaurant. [Go here to post a reply.]


@jayohaetchenn wrote:
Leunig's is awesome, but I also like Trattoria Delia, American Flatbread and Three Tomatoes... really there's too many good ones to pick a favorite.
(Posted on 6/22/09)

Kayleigh wrote:
Four Corners of the Earth is amazing. The owner travels the world and makes sandwiches inspired by destinations. They are creative and delicious!
(Posted on 12/7/09)

@Meeps2002 wrote:
For the 2 best individual eats...not "fine dining"
1. Kountry Kart Deli - Order a "Rise n Shiner"
2. Al's French Fries ... throw in a pizza burger and just love life.
(Posted on 5/17/11)

Lighthousehunter wrote:
Skinny Pancake-savory crepes,sweet potato fries, and craft beer
Kountry Kart Deli- The Rise N Shiner breakfast sandwiches, and the BLT
Old Favorites:
Al's French Fries-either at the restaurant or at the Fairgrounds.
Speeder and Earl's coffee-guaranteed good bold, dark roast when we want it.
(Posted on 5/18/11)


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