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Favorite Restaurant in Cambridge, MA?

(From Our Questions and Answers Feature)

What is your favorite dining spot in Cambridge, MA? Feel free to post your answer below, perhaps including a description and what you like at the restaurant. [Go here to post a reply.]


jb wrote:
muquecas in inman square...great portuguese food!
(Posted on 6/6/12)

LM wrote:
Area Four is definitely my favorite!
(Posted on 6/6/12)

Emanuele C. wrote:
Gran Gusto
(Posted on 6/6/12)

TMA wrote:
Salts and Bondir!
(Posted on 6/6/12)

scott wrote:
Veggie Galaxy in central square: vegan or not they have delicious desserts, and yummy veggie burgers and are the friendliest hipsters to be found.
(Posted on 6/7/12)

APiro wrote:
Gran gusto
(Posted on 6/18/12)

Paul A. wrote:
Russell House Tavern in Harvard Square. I've never had a bad meal there.
(Posted on 10/19/12)

Tom G wrote:
Oleana, for sure. Creative, different, expertly prepared cuisine. Amazing.
(Posted on 10/19/12)

sw wrote:
East Coast Grill!!!
(Posted on 10/19/12)

NL wrote:
Too many to name just one.
(Posted on 10/20/12)

Tommy Noble wrote:
West Bridge, Belly, Blue Room, Oleana
(Posted on 10/20/12)

Frank wrote:
Craigie on Main. Is this really a contest? :)
(Posted on 10/23/12)


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