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Chili: Beans or No Beans?

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When you make chili (or when you eat it at a restaurant), do you prefer it with or without beans? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated 4/1/15):

Einar Hansen wrote:
I serve chili like they do in Texas. I put the beans on the side and that is just for one reason. I love chili dogs and they should not have beans in them. And that is the main reason why I make chili is for the chili dogs. When I serve beans with chili I use pinto beans.

Bill McGinley wrote:
Real (Texas) chili has no beans. I have made my own variation of the Texan chili recipe (I use tequila where it calls for beer) from Jane Butel's Chili Madness to rave reviews over 25 and no one ever missed the beans.

richardPf wrote:
Hell no beans!

LK wrote:
No beans for me! I hate the consistency of them and hate how many people and restaurants put more beans than meat in their chili!

Karen wrote:
I was born and raised in Texas and am Texan to the bone and I LOVE beans in my chili. Not sure where people think Texas chili has no beans.

freckles42 wrote:
My folks live in Texas. Their chili has no beans in the chili itself, but must instead be served on the side to be mixed in at the diner's leisure. I don't particularly care either way.
For me, chili for chili dogs should never have beans.
I'm okay with beans if you're eating the chili like a stew or broth, with bread on the side.


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