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Favorite Place Around Boston for Chocolate Chip Cookies?

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Where do you like to go in the Boston area for chocolate chip cookies? Is it a bakery, a restaurant, a specialty store, or perhaps a market? What do you think makes it so special? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)


Rene wrote:
Sweets Bakery Winthrop.
(Posted on 11/23/10)

Jeffy B wrote:
Chipyard for a place. Trader Joes for a grocery store.
(Posted on 11/23/10)

pina wrote:
Flour bakery in Fort Point has the BEST chocolate chip cookies.
(Posted on 11/23/10)

Carolyn M wrote:
"Village Common Food Court (part of Common Market in Quincy)...large, awesome...$1.00...can't beat it
(Posted on 6/14/11)

Emily wrote:
Oh no, the BEST chocolate chip cookies are baked daily at Volle Nolle in the North End. They only make one kind of cookie and when they sell out they are gone for the day but they are hands down the best COOKIE in the North End. And the best chocolate chip cookie in the area.
(Posted on 6/14/11)

Meagan wrote:
The Chip Yard in Fanuel Hal! You get half a dozen cookies in a few varieties, including chocolate chip. My favorite is the peanut butter chocolate chip-even better when they're warm!
(Posted on 1/30/12)

elizabeth wrote:
Paradise bakery in the pru
(Posted on 1/30/12)

Beth wrote:
Hi Rise in Cambridge
(Posted on 1/30/12)

Dan Newcomb wrote:
Paradise Bakery at the Pru
(Posted on 1/30/12)

KP wrote:
I second (or third) Paradise Bakery in Pru. Especially when they are doing 'buy 1 get 1 free.'
(Posted on 1/16/13)

TMac wrote:
Blunch in the SouthEnd... Nikki makes the best I've ever tasted. (sorry Grammy)
(Posted on 1/16/13)

TSW wrote:
Paradise in the Pru food court
(Posted on 1/16/13)

dave wrote:
South end buttery, parzielles north end, big daddy's Brighton, circes gotto in scituate (are the best ever btw). Chip yard overrated my opinion.
(Posted on 1/16/13)

kbregan wrote:
Paradise Cafe at the Pru! Those are the best since the long-defunct Cookies Cook'n from my childhood in Framingham (there is now a Target where the cookies used to be).
(Posted on 1/16/13)

JS wrote:
Blue Frog Bakery on Green St in JP!
(Posted on 1/16/13)

Adam wrote:
Haley House Bakery/Cafe in Dudley Square.
Ohlin's Bakery In Belmont
Whole Foods Bakery Dept
(Posted on 1/16/13)

dave wrote:
I've been on the hunt for the best in awhile I can't wait to try some of these other places either that Volle place in the north end or the paradise in the pru! Can't wait
(Posted on 1/16/13)

mush wrote:
The Cookie Monstah by far!
(Posted on 1/16/13)

nicole wrote:
Blunch in the south end! Best chocolate chip cookies ever
(Posted on 1/17/13)

Becca S. wrote:
Have A Sweet Idea's Chocolate Chip cookies are AMAZING
(Posted on 1/17/13)

Steve P. wrote:
Definitely Have A Sweet Idea in Somerville -- All their cookies ROCK!
(Posted on 1/18/13)


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