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What Is Your Favorite Diner in New England?

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What is your favorite diner in New England? Is it a well-known one, a completely hidden gem, or perhaps a local favorite? [Go here to post a reply.]
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Larry wrote:
Agawam Diner is a great breakfast spot. Intersection of Rt. 1 and Rt. 133 in Rowley, MA.

CPB wrote:
Wheelhouse Diner in Quincy... an original diner with awesome food and great prices!!!

MMM wrote:
The Breakfast Club in Allston! Easy.

sab wrote:
Wheelhouse. Fab, vintage, and best hash ever.

Brandon wrote:
Kenmore Diner in Woostah.

maryct70 wrote:
Chelsea Royal in Brattleboro - one of the heartiest breakfasts around!

lhc wrote:
Wilson's Diner in Waltham & Arlington Diner in Arlington.

andreasoldier wrote:
Agawam in Rowley for the hamburger club and homemade chocolate cream pie.

klt wrote:
The Maine diner in wells.
Best seafood chowder anywhere.

ge wrote:
Try the one in Turners Falls off Route 2, Shady Glen. The real deal. Watch the short order cook in action from the counter. Great breakfast food.

@meeps2002 wrote:
1. Chelsea Royal - Vermont
2. Putney Diner - Putney, VT
3. Kelly's - Davis Square Somerville

Renie wrote:
Carl's Diner in Oxford MA
INCREDIBLE amount of food!
Plan to bring it home for another meal!
Ham and Eggs will give you a PILE of delicious ham!

Dan N. wrote:
Club Diner, Lowell.

JT wrote:
Casey's in Natick. Best hot dogs in Massachusetts

KGBostonMA wrote:
Miss Bellows Falls, VT

bG wrote:
The Boulevard Diner in Worcester.

Ana wrote:
Rox Diner in West Roxbury!!

Spinypine wrote:
Betsy's - Falmouth!!

Notteham wrote:
Station Diner in Newton, hands down. Closest to an NY/NJ diner in the area and great pastrami and egg creams.

Amy wrote:
The New York Diner in Watertown- best place to get breakfast food at 3am!

brenda wrote:
Agawam, Rt1 Rowley

Miles wrote:
Mine by far is The Shady Glen In Turners Falls. The new owner has done wonders to this place.Amazing breakfast.

Jack B wrote:
My Diner, A St. South Boston
The Whately Diner Fillin' Station, Whately Mass

Matt wrote:
Agawam Diner in Rowley, MA.

BL wrote:
Blue Benn diner, Bennington, VT

Laurin M wrote:
The Miss Wakefield Diner, Wakefield, NH

Adamo wrote:
Agawam Diner Rowley

Andrea H. wrote:
The Agawan Diner, corner of Routes 1 and 133 in Rowley. For the homemade pies -- chocolate cream is a fave -- and the open-faced turkey plate.

MamaJudge wrote:
Tilton Diner in New Hampshire

Glenna wrote:
Peterborough Diner, NH holds a special place in my heart...

WJR wrote:
O'Rourke's in Middletown CT. Excellent!

Brian B. wrote:
Betsy's in Falmouth

@Eric_Twardzik wrote:
Nothing compares to Moody's in Waldoboro, ME

natasha wrote:
J&M's Diner in Framingham, AH-MAZING!!!

richie wrote:
Tilton Diner

AMH wrote:
Moody's Diner just north of Wiscasset, Maine.

bl wrote:
Miss Worcester and Blue Benn. Nos. 1 and 1A.

Cameron R. wrote:
My Diner on A Street, Southie. Great food, coffee and pocket friendly. Also, the employees are fast and friendly.

Paul B. wrote:
Red Arrow, Manchester NH

JC wrote:
Zips Diner in Dayville CT, great frappes, roast turkey sandwich - place is squeaky clean

William T. wrote:
The Maine Diner.

Peter J. wrote:
Muls in Southie!

JC wrote:
Town Deluxe- Watertown

Rich D. wrote:
Mul's Diner, in Southie. Close 2nd is Martin's Coffee Shop, in Brookline.

Dan N. wrote:
Lanna Thai!!!

Julia C. wrote:
Maine Diner!!!

@afoulds1984 wrote:
Blue Colony Diner in Newtown, CT,

Al wrote:
Dock Street Coffee Shop - Edgartown, MA.

Stewart M. wrote:
The Agawam has really bounced back in the last couple years.

William E. wrote:
Jiggers in East Greenwich, RI.....gingerbread pancakes.

El Felipe wrote:
Johnny's Luncheonette in Newton Centre.

JGM wrote:
Knotty Pine Diner in Auburndale, MA. Love their Homefries.

jj wrote:
roundabout diner
Portsmouth NH

TH wrote:
George's Diner - Meredith, NH

Jen P. P. wrote:
Moody's Diner in Waldoboro, ME. Best pies you will ever have.

Nicole R. wrote:
Deluxe town diner in Watertown!!

Sheryl G. wrote:
Becky's Diner in Portland, Maine.

@eileensideways wrote:
my fav is the @RoundaboutDiner in Portsmouth!

@ChrisSaysThis wrote:
Frank's Suffolk Diner on McClellan Highway/1A in Revere is top notch.


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