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Good Restaurants Near Gillette Stadium?

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Burgers, chicken, steak, pasta before or after football...thanks for names of places nearby. [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted on 12/19/05 by Nomah)


Bill B. wrote:
The Chateau in Norwood isn't bad...
(Posted on 12/20/05)

kevin wrote:
Islington Pizza is very good place to get a pie before or after the game. And it's just far enough away so there won't be crowds. It's on Route 1A in the Islington part of Westwood.
(Posted on 12/28/05)

I82Much wrote:
The British Beer Company just opened in Walpole. Good beer selection!
(Posted on 8/10/06)

hiddenboston wrote:
I've heard mixed reviews about the new British Beer place in Walpole. But you can't argue with the beer selection!
(Posted on 10/7/06)

allegro6192 wrote:
Within walking distance of Gillette is the Red Wing Diner. While not a 'diner' in the true sense of the word, it is a good old fashioned and not at all fancy restaurant. While I'm not a fan of seafood, people drive for miles from every direction to have their fried clams. Last time my lady friend and I visited the Red Wing (right around the corner from my house), two men drove all the way from Worcester to have the clams. Doncha know that the eatery ran out of clams for the day. The poor dudes had a general canniption and stormed out. Aside from the clams (which they generally have ample), the pizza is something to die for. Prices are very reasonable and for those who like to imbibe, there is a full service bar that will suit their needs.
(Posted on 12/13/06)

guybocabella wrote:
The Red Wing Diner definitely gets my vote. You can't go wrong with their pizza and clam plate!
(Posted on 1/23/07)


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