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Ice Cream Stands/Shops That Make Their Own Ice Cream?

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Looking for ice cream stands, farms, shops, etc., that make their own ice cream and are mostly known only to local residents. What are their best flavors? I know of two that I like--Mac's in Tewksbury and Kimball's in Carlisle. [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted on 6/23/09 by Jan)


Hyde wrote:
Gray's ice cream in Tiverton, RI.
(Posted on 6/23/09)

anonymous wrote:
Richardson's on Rt 114 in Middleton...and it is FANTASTIC.
(Posted on 6/23/09)

ericwyman wrote:
Lagos Lone Oak, Rt. 1 - Portsmouth/Rye.
(Posted on 6/23/09)

Christine wrote:
Bensons in West Boxford Center (Rt 133). Best ice cream on the planet.
(Posted on 6/23/09)

MichellePC wrote:
Benson's definitely has amazing ice cream. Hayward's in Nashua, N.H. is also delicious!
(Posted on 8/17/09)

Rich wrote:
Ericsons in Maynard or Stow. It's on 117.
Ulman Farms in Westboro.
(Posted on 8/17/09)

LHR wrote:
The Ice Creamsmith
2295 Dorchester Avenue
Dorchester Lower Mills, MA 02124
They make two or three special flavors-of-the-month, usually with seasonal flavorings.
(Posted on 8/17/09)

n_j wrote:
Kimball's ice cream:
(Posted on 8/18/09)

n_j wrote:
Kimball's is amazing; I would pick coffee, peppermint stick, strawberry, or (classic) vanilla. Coffee would be great in shake form.
(Posted on 8/18/09)

Mandy wrote:
Downriver Ice Cream
241 John Wise Ave (RT 133)
Essex, MA 01929
(978) 768-0102
All waffle cones, all homemade - just don't order the mint chocolate chip. I got that and there were only 3 chips in my whole cone. :-( But the mint ice cream was tasty...
(Posted on 9/1/09)

Jakesmaw wrote:
FarFar's in Duxbury,MA!!
(Posted on 9/1/09)

CW wrote:
Toscanini's in Cambridge should be at the top of everyone's list. Not just for my favorite, the burnt caramel, but for the constantly evolving flavor profiles in salty saffron, blackberry sorbet, black bottom pie ice cream, nougat, and the new triple lemon ice cream which takes the top of the head off and lets the sun shine in!!! Over 30 flavors at any one moment. Go early and often.
(Posted on 9/8/09)

SL wrote:
Lizzy's in Waltham.
(Posted on 9/11/09)

DZ wrote:
Cabot's in Newton, MA. Delicious and a blast from the past!
(Posted on 9/13/09)

Einar wrote:
West View Farm in Monson, MA.
They make all of their own and have a petting zoo for the kids. The view looking down the valley near sundown is great.
They make an ice cream called Monson Mud that is better then Rocky Road.
(Posted on 9/20/09)

Ellen wrote:
Erikson's in Stow is only open April through September unfortunately. Their best ice cream flavors, in my humble opinion, are black and tan and wintergreen chip. Their blueberry ice cream is also mighty tasty, as is their cake batter (which is like no one else's).
(Posted on 10/19/09)

WGP wrote:
Ron's Gourmet in Hyde Park makes an amazing mint choc. chip. AND, they have bowling!
(Posted on 11/18/09)

Karina wrote:
Christina's in Cambridge, MA and Dorman's Dairy Dream in Thomaston, ME. The BEST!!
(Posted on 3/16/10)

anonymous wrote:
Try the chocolate rosemary ice cream at Estragon. Delicious!
(Posted on 3/16/10)

eileensideways wrote:
Love Treadwell's Ice Cream in Peabody. Hot Fudge Sundaes are to die for.
(Posted on 3/16/10)

patty wrote:
Peaceful Meadows, Whitman. You can visit with the cows. Also in Plymouth and Middleboro. It's so creamy!
(Posted on 3/16/10)

WKT wrote:
Bubbling Brook in Westwood.
(Posted on 4/14/10)

cathy wrote:
Ron's Ice Cream is wonderful. National Geographic chose it as one of the 8 best ice cream shops in the world! No lie! Hillary Clinton and other notables have eaten there.
(Posted on 4/16/10)


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