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Boston Restaurant With the Best Homemade Pasta?

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What Boston-area restaurant have the best freshly-made pasta? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)


MikieMike wrote:
Rino's in East Boston. Sooooo good.
(Posted on 6/21/10)

kw wrote:
Molise in Amesbury.
(Posted on 3/6/11)

KM wrote:
Angelo's stoneham
(Posted on 3/25/13)

miker wrote:
Rino's in East Boston
(Posted on 3/25/13)

BL wrote:
Pagliuca's in the North End. Plentiful and flavorful.
(Posted on 3/25/13)

juliet grier wrote:
Rinos! East Boston. #boss
(Posted on 3/25/13)

anonymous wrote:
(Posted on 3/26/13)


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