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Who Makes the Best Margarita in the Boston Area?

(From Our Questions and Answers Feature)

What restaurant or bar in the Boston area do you think makes the best margaritas? What kinds of margaritas do they make there? Which one do you tend to get most often? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated 5/5/14):

AG wrote:
El Sarape in Weymouth!!

yum wrote:
Rudy's in Somerville!

MD wrote:
La Paloma in Quincy... they have a variety of different yummy types, but the gold is my favorite!

@Meeps2002 wrote:
Masa is the best. They make them strong and delish. Get one of their tapas plates and love life

KS wrote:
Papagayo in Fort Point.. great tequila selection

kk wrote:
Rudy' s. -- Teele Sq Somerville

jr wrote:
Rudy's, without question!

meeps2002 wrote:
I used to say Masa in Boston's South End - but I may have to add that Papagayo in Fort Point Channel makes a delicious beverage.

TC wrote:
Painted Burro, Davis Sq.

KDS wrote:
My vote is for Masa. Great margs and great bartenders.

JBC wrote:

chrisdapos wrote:
Island Creek Oyster Bar has an interesting and very smooth tasting margarita. It is actually a Fizz, which adds a textural element that I didn't expect but I really enjoyed.

ECA wrote:
Rattlesnake over & over!

Jill wrote:
Angela's Cafe in East Boston....hands down!!

cl wrote:
El Sarape in Weymouth serves great "M's" best real verde sauce too

Tim C. wrote:
I'd vote for the hibiscus margarita at Painted Burro.

Frederick W. wrote:
Best so far has been Papagayo on West Street. But inevitably they will eventually go downhill as bartenders switch from real lime to that sour mix poison. Frustrating!


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