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Marinade for Steak Tips?

(From Our Questions and Answers Feature)

Does anyone have any good recipes for steak tip marinade that they are willing to share? I'd love to find a recipe for marinade that is similar to the steak tip marinade made by the New Bridge Cafe in Chelsea, but I know that's probably asking for too much. [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted on 10/22/07 by hiddenboston)


Jim wrote:
Funny that I found this, I was also looking for a recipe like the New Bridge. I grew up on the same street as the New Bridge. I also love those large fries they have.
(Posted on 4/23/08)

P.S. wrote:
Try using equal parts:
Coca Cola
Italian Dressing
(Posted on 6/9/08)

John wrote:
Vinny Marino of the Brickhouse Cafe in Dedham claims to have originated the recipe for the marinade used in the New Bridge Cafe's steak tips. He's quite a character. Maybe he will share it with you.
(Posted on 6/11/08)

Sharon wrote:
I believe that the New Bridge Recipe is equal parts of Coca Cola, Ketchup, and Italian Dressing. Funny, my son was just telling me that he told people at work that his mom made that recipe. I haven't made it for many years, but I am almost sure that those are the ingredients. I always add some fresh herbs, garlic, etc.; but surely worth a try. The coke tenderizes the meat.
(Posted on 6/15/08)

Jim wrote:
Thanks for all your comments, I just ran out and bought some coke. I will give it a try. I don't recall tasting Italian dressing but I'll try anything.
(Posted on 6/18/08)

Jim wrote:
How about the BBQ sauce Kelly's uses on their roast beef sandwiches?
(Posted on 6/19/08)

Jim wrote:
I tried both recipes, one with ketchup and one without. I don't think that is what Newbridge uses.
I let the steak marinate for 24 hours and it didn't seem to be the same. I cooked them on the grill. Any other ideas?
They were good though, just not Newbridge good.
(Posted on 6/28/08)

MH wrote:
I would love to know what they are using at New Bridge for marinade. I guess it really is a secret, though...
(Posted on 6/28/08)

Dude wrote:
Try using red wine and vinegar dressing instead (add a few tablespoons of sugar as well).
(Posted on 6/30/08)

Jim wrote:
Thanks Dude, I'll try that. My wife, who is the cook, says that sounds more like it. The taste of the Italian salad dressing overpowers the steak. We will try it. If anything comes about, we have had some great steak.
(Posted on 7/4/08)

Chae wrote:
The New Bridge steak tip marinade recipe is:
1/2 cup ketchup
1/2 Wishbone Italian (not low fat)
1/2 Coke
(Posted on 7/16/08)

Alice wrote:
I had the recipe for the New Bridge steak tips and unfortunately lost it. I know Coca Cola and salad dressing were not ingredients - I do remember it included A1 Sauce, ketchup, lemon juice and brown sugar. Can't remember the other ingredients or the quantities. I remember it did taste like the real thing, though.
(Posted on 7/17/08)

Jim wrote:
I find it hard to believe that salad dressing and coke is part of it. Salad dressing has too much of a sweet taste to it.
Not that Chae's recipe is bad; I tried it but I don't think it's it. Could be the Newbridge trying to confuse us.
(Posted on 7/20/08)

LM wrote:
I always heard that the Newbridge and Floramo's both use equal parts of Italian Dressing, BBQ Sauce and Coke. I'm actually marinating some tonight. I will let you all know how it turned out.
(Posted on 8/6/08)

Jim wrote:
Sounds good, what kind of bbq sauce?
(Posted on 8/7/08)

LM wrote:
I used Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce. They have a good variety of awesome BBQ sauces. For the tips I just used the regular though. I made two different batches. One with BBQ Sauce. The other was equal parts Italian dressing, ketchup and Coke like Chae wrote. Though both were very good, I really liked the one with the ketchup. That seemed the closest to the Newbridge and Floramo's, but not exact. Next time I will try the Italian dressing, Coke, BBQ sauce and ketchup.
(Posted on 8/10/08)

al wrote:
I was told that it's melted butter, cup of ketchup, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper.
(Posted on 8/12/08)

Jtb wrote:
I have not been to Newbridge for a long time; I would like the recipe for Champion's in Peabody or Bridgeside in Lynn, as I hear they have the same receipe. Not sure but I heard they use some kind of "Ken's" dressing, Coke, and for some reason molasses. Can't remember the rest. Any ideas?
(Posted on 8/13/08)

Jtbjr wrote:
I experiment a lot, and I came up with this receipe. Measurements I do not have.
ground pineapple
Balsamic vinaigrette
less than 1/2 cup brown sugar (not too much; it gets too sweet) and ketchup
some garlic and spices.
Try it. Add more brown sugar and it is great on ribs.
(Posted on 8/13/08)

Jim wrote:
I would say jtbjr's is as far away from Newbridge as you could get.
(Posted on 8/16/08)

SDK wrote:
I also had the recipe and lost it. I remember using equal parts of coke and ketchup and I think brown sugar too. I have a strange feeling that I am missing the fourth ingredient. Perhaps it is Italian dressing, as it would need some kind of oil, but I am not sure.
(Posted on 8/16/08)

jtbjr wrote:
Hey Jim...I do not see that I mentioned Newbridge recipe...I am talking steak tips! Like you I like to experiment. From what I hear is that Newbridge is very simple; not too much in it. Seems like Coke is in every recipe I noticed.
(Posted on 8/18/08)

P.S. wrote:
Kelly's uses James River bbq sauce. You can find this at Restaurant Depot in Chelsea.
(Posted on 8/19/08)

Jim wrote:
Thanks, P.S. Sounds great. Sorry Jt, I misunderstood, I thought it was Newbridge you were talking about.
I'm gonna have to take a ride to the bridge and buy some steak.
Don't forget, a real important part is a good steak tip. While I'm at it, any idea how they make those fries?
(Posted on 8/20/08)

jello wrote:
I have the recipe. It was in a Boston magazine...if you want it, let me know and I will post it.
(Posted on 8/25/08)

Val wrote:
This recipe is similar to New Bridge:
1 cup ketchup
1/2 c water
1/2 c sugar
1/2 c olive oil
1/2 c worcestershire sauce
1/2 c A-1
1/2 c red wine vinegar
Mix all together and bring to a simmer low/medium heat, stirring often. Do not boil; let cool and add to meat.
What I would like to have is the recipe for their salad dressing. Anyone??
(Posted on 8/25/08)

Jim wrote:
Jello, that would be great; I was on their website and didn't see it. Val, thanks; I'll give it a try.
(Posted on 8/26/08)

Diane wrote:
I would like the recipe for Champion's in Peabody if anyone has it. Their tips are fabulous!
(Posted on 8/28/08)

jello wrote:
I have the recipe at my desk at work. Tuesday I will post it...the secret, though, is patience; let it sit...and good tips.
(Posted on 8/29/08)

Jim F wrote:
The Newbridge Cafe recipe is made with ketchup and "Ah-So" sauce. There is no Coke at all.
(Posted on 9/6/08)

Jim wrote:
Well, if we never find the recipe, at least we came across some real good ones.
(Posted on 9/7/08)

DC wrote:
Hey Jello - what happened!
(Posted on 9/9/08)

Val wrote:
Hey Jim F, What are the amounts of Ah-So to ketchup? I can believe the use of Ah-So, as I was recently there and the tips did have a red coloring. Maybe I will add some to my recipe.
(Posted on 9/14/08)

DaveJ wrote:
Came across this on another site:
8 ounces Italian dressing
8 ounces cranberry juice
6 ounces Coca-Cola
10 ounces ketchup
Anyone know the steak tip marinade for News Restaurant?
(Posted on 9/15/08)

MH wrote:
Last night I was talking to a friend of mine who is a chef at a university in the Boston area, and he told me what ingredients he uses to marinate steaks (he didn't give me the proportions, though):
garlic grain
olive oil
Italian dressing
Has anyone used these three ingredients for a marinade? I had never heard of garlic grain until last night, but he said you can find it in markets.
(Posted on 9/16/08)

Kelli wrote:
I noticed a similar recipe on here but I use equal parts of Ketchup, Wishbone Italian (Robusto) Dressing, and coke with 2 tablespoons of brown sugar. The tips are soo tender and juicy ahhh it's to die for!!!
(Posted on 9/16/08)

Jim wrote:
MH, I would try that on chicken, not steak. Italian dressing has a tang in it due to the vinegar.
As some other folks said, vinegar and coke - not a great combo.
Like jello said, you got to have great steak tips.
I would like to try djs recipe, as long as I know it's not trying to be the Newbridge.
(Posted on 9/16/08)

Nbr1Chef wrote:
I am telling you when I say this that the Newbridge recipe is this.
Equal parts:
Italian dressing
I worked there for years.
(Posted on 10/7/08)

jtbjr wrote:
Wow! Sounds so simple. I like to put brown sugar in my marinade; it has a sweet taste that blends well with other ingredients. I also put it in chili.
(Posted on 10/17/08)

DaveJ wrote:
Does anyone know the marinade for the steak tips at the News Restaurant?
(Posted on 11/7/08)

Big Ron wrote:
Directed to all readers: We live near Champion's and get their tips occasionally. They're very good, indeed, but I had leftovers from the Newbridge once and they are easily the best I've ever tasted! Our most disappointing (restaurant) tips ever were from the Halfway Cafe (everything about the place was sub-par).
Hey, guys....I'm about to marinate 2 1/2 lbs USDA choice sirloin tip steak (my first time) using a combination of the ingredients you're suggesting may be in the Newbridge recipe. I guess I'll include the Coke, especially since it tenderizes, but what's the best method? Mix ingredients in a bowl and put everything in a gallon zip-lok overnight? Do I need enough mixture to completely submerge the meat? Should I stab the meat first, or even use Adolph's? I'd really appreciate your expert suggestions! Thanks.
(Posted on 12/3/08)

Rifter wrote:
Balsamic, Oil, Garlic, Mustard, Soy
(Posted on 1/10/09)

Jim wrote:
Well I just got back from the Newbridge and well....I was quite disappointed.
Last time I remember when ordering the steak tips is that the steak fries be covered in marinade. There was none and they were very dry.
The steak was good, but it didn't seem to have been marinated for longer than 5 minutes or so. The steak was good though. We purchased 3 different prepared types. med rare. med. med well. they all came out the same.
From what little of the marinade we could taste, there was no salad dressing or anything with vinegar. Coke and ketchup, well if any, very little. Now that I see Rifters recipe, I would say that would be it minus the soy. Maybe coke for soy. For the $13.99 a dinner they were not bad but not the Newbridge I grew up with.
Place was packed with locals which makes it a nice place to eat at.
(Posted on 1/10/09)

joe pizza wrote:
Halfway has my vote also but Floramo's in Chelsea is right there also...
(Posted on 1/27/09)

Paula wrote:
I got a receipe for New Bridge years ago and didn't have soda or Italian dressing in it.
I got this:
Lemon Juice
Black Pepper.
It tastes right.
(Posted on 2/12/09)

Fruitcake wrote:
Still waiting for that recipe from Jello....I use Coke, brown sugar and Ken's Golden Italian dressing but I need to thicken it up a bit. Going to add some ketchup today and see what happens. Maybe ketchup and some bbq sauce.
(Posted on 2/22/09)

K wrote:
We got the recipe from neighbors with some connection - they told us it was equal parts ketchup and Coke with garlic powder and onion powder added. We've tried it - it comes VERY close. Also tried it with fresh garlic and onion instead - also a great result. Think simple folks - the folks in any restaurant kitchen will use cheap ingredients they already have on hand!
(Posted on 3/1/09)

LDS wrote:
I heard 1 cup coke, 1 cup ketchup, 1 cup Wishbone Italian dressing, 1-3 tablespoons brown sugar, 5 lbs tips, marinate for 24 hours.
(Posted on 3/23/09)

SS wrote:
The owners of New Bridge were on Phantom Gourmet recently and Danny mentioned that there was a rumor about Coke in the recipe, and they said that there wasn't any Coke in it, unless they wanted to throw people off, lol
(Posted on 3/26/09)

Fitz wrote:
I recently went to New Bridge with my friend Chuck and was told by the bartender that coke and Italian dressing were part of the recipe, but would not give any more information. Heck I am just going to call and ask them.
(Posted on 3/30/09)

Jim wrote:
Last time I was there, for what little I could taste of a marinade, there wasn't any taste of salad dressing or coke.
I marinade a lot of food in salad dressing and it has a distinct taste.
I doubt they soak it for 24 hrs. I would but I doubt they do.
(Posted on 3/31/09)

JJS wrote:
After eating the tips at NewBridge one day, I ran into one of the cooks in the (tiny) parking lot. After begging him for the secret he said that he would tell me only that the main ingredient was ketchup. After much experimentation, I have decided that it does not contain either coke or salad dressing.
(Posted on 4/18/09)

Jim wrote:
I agree, JJS.
The last 2 times I was there it wasn't as great as I remember. As I stated I didn't taste any marinade.
I remember the fries soaking up all the marinade; the fries were dry. The steak was dry with very little marinade.
Chasing a ghost. I think there are some good ones in here; I'll try some and come up with my own.
(Posted on 4/23/09)

KH wrote:
I was just talking with someone about this yesterday, and he said someone had given him the recipe years it is:
1 small chopped onion
2 chopped gloves of garlic
1 cup ketchup
1/4 cup of water
1/4 cup of wine vinegar
3 tablespoons Brown Sugar
1 tablespoon White Sugar
2-3 drops hot sauce (Franks or Tabasco)
Brown onion (5-8 minutes)
Add garlic cook 1 minute
Add remaining ingredients
Pour over Steak Tips - Marinate 12-24 hours
(Posted on 4/28/09)

Jim wrote:
I have moved to NY, and they have never heard of steak tips here. I was wondering if anyone knows what cut of steak is used for steak tips. I do miss all the good food in New England.
(Posted on 5/2/09)

MC Slim JB wrote:
Though commonly advertised as "sirloin," many more taverns and bar/restaurants use flap steak for steak tips. It's the belly end of the short loin, a coarse-fibered cut that benefits from marinating and high-heat grilling. It's the same cut that French butchers call "bavette," a much tonier-sounding name, non?
(Posted on 5/2/09)

Jim wrote:
Thanks, MC Slim.
(Posted on 5/6/09)

SHowell wrote:
I tried equal parts coke, cranberry juice, Ken's Italian dressing and ketchup. It tasted exactly like Newbridge. I think cranberry is the secret ingredient.
(Posted on 6/12/09)

arod wrote:
Coke, onion, salt and pepper.
(Posted on 6/19/09)

joe w. wrote:
12 oz. coke
12 oz. ketchup
12 oz. Italian dressing
3 tbl. brown sugar
marinate 3-5 days
(Posted on 6/22/09)

Babs Cz wrote:
Thanks for all the different ways to do this one recipes... I'm having my husband try them. One helpful hint... have the meat at room temperature before grilling...
(Posted on 6/26/09)

B wrote:
You people are insane.
(Posted on 7/14/09)

east boston wrote:
Cranberry is the real secret along with equal parts of ketchup, "their" italian dressing, and coke.....also on the roast beef sandwiches it's james river BBQ sauce...hard to find in stores...have to buy it by the gallon at restaurant depot.
(Posted on 7/15/09)

Jim wrote:
I found James River BBQ sauce at a butcher shop in Salem, New Hampshire. The shop is called McKinnons, located on route 28 in Salem, N.H.
You can buy it in small jars for about 3 dollars.
(Posted on 7/21/09)

J Dice 3 wrote:
I grew up on Floramo's and Newbridge. Recently awaken to Dom's. The package of tips at Dom's (original) is natural looking. No brown coloring that the usual Italian dressing, coke mixture gets you. But they are sweet and savory when grilled. I live in California now and I have to make my own tips, out here they don't do BBQ like us Boston area cats.
(Posted on 7/24/09)

Southofboston wrote:
Tried the recipe of equal parts coke, dressing, ketchup and added the cranberry juice and some brown sugar. Found it too watery and far less red then the real thing. Has anyone had better luck with a different mix suggested above or otherwise?
(Posted on 7/29/09)

Southofboston wrote:
To correct/add to the prior post, which reflected on the result of a 24 hour marinade with the above mentioned ingredients. Same product was much closer after 48 hours and even better at 72. Much closer to Newbridge with the added marinade time. The tips did not get mushy either. Will be trying it next with tenderloin tips. Might add molasses.
(Posted on 7/31/09)

Jim wrote:
I have tried several of the recipes in here and I don't think any come close; they are ok but not Newbridge good.
I wouldn't doubt if Newbridge is posting in here to throw us off.
I also agree with one person who said Doms sausage in Malden is great. We also get fresh bread from Panadosies and make steak subs.
I'm living in NY and we go back to Boston every six months to stock up on steak tips, they never heard of it here.
Mckinnons and Doms are the best.
(Posted on 8/2/09)

n d from boston wrote:
It's funny 'cause I just ate there today, haven't been there in years but for the first time there wasn't a line. I'm telling you they haven't changed since I was a teen; the recipe, whatever it is, is the best! Anyway I've always heard the coke and salad dressing thing. As far as that goes it's good but not the same. However I've tried using msg sugar and garlic powder and it's quite the same; try it on your salad its awesome!
(Posted on 8/4/09)

johnnybeantown wrote:
I moved out to Colorado in 2002; nobody has heard of steak tips outside of New England. I called the Hilltop butcher shop on rt. 1 in Saugus and found out that it is flap steak. Having my grocer out here order it for me and we'll see if it's as good as home. I'm going to try a few different recipes.
(Posted on 8/13/09)

Maccmedia wrote:
Steak tip marinade - A meat cutter in Lynn gave me this one - coke and garlic for 3 days. then Ah-so and Katchup for 3 days. I was scared to do it for so long. I did 2 days each, it was GREAT! I'm workimg my way up to the full 6
(Posted on 8/13/09)

MD wrote:
So this is the recipe that I have used for some time...
- 1 cheap beer (Bud Light)
- soy sauce
- kosher salt
- garlic powder
- black pepper
- Jack Daniel's grilling sauce(any bbq sauce will do) Dont forget to pat them dry before putting on the grill. For some reason this makes them better.
(Posted on 8/18/09)

SOXFAN99 wrote:
(Posted on 8/19/09)

mtm7654 wrote:
I think your collective legs have been pulled with the Coke bit. Good one Soxfan99!
(Posted on 8/20/09)

J-Dog wrote:
OK - I asked and rec'd the recipe back in '96 when I was living in Charlestown. This is what I was told and have reliably made delicious tips for years now.
4,3,2,1 is the secret. 4 oz. of BBQ (I use Sweet Baby Rays), 3 oz. of Italian dressing (doesn't seem to matter), 2 oz. Coke for each pound of tips.
That's my story and I'm sticking to it cause it is delish.
(Posted on 8/25/09)

CLT@PBD wrote:
A few comments:
-I'd heard a loooong time ago that the "coke" in the recipe was really just the coke syrup, which they would have at the bar (it's mixed with the soda as they pour).
-Their salad dressing recipe is oil, red wine vinegar, sugar, black pepper and maybe some Italian seasoning
-So, is their steak marinade recipe their dressing, coke syrup and ketchup? Hmmmm....
(Posted on 8/30/09)

JZZX wrote:
Anyone have Giovanni's chicken kabob recipe?
(Posted on 8/30/09)

Rome wrote:
8 ounces Italian dressing
8 ounces cranberry juice
6 ounces Coca-Cola
10 ounces ketchup
Marinate over night. This makes 5 pounds of New Bridge steak tips.
(Posted on 9/18/09)

Goody wrote:
J-Dog, your 4-3-2-1 recipe is missing the "1 oz" ingredient.
(Posted on 10/5/09)

LittleD wrote:
Jello, please post that recipe mentioned. I'm hungry.
(Posted on 10/29/09)

newbridge wrote:
The recipe is ....1 package of good seasons italian dressing mix, 1 bottle of open pit bbq sauce, 1 can of coke.
(Posted on 11/13/09)

Jellatio wrote:
BBQ sauce
Teriyaki sauce
italian dressing
grape jelly
spot of hot sauce
(Posted on 11/17/09)

LT Mac wrote:
I love champions and dad owned a meat market for 20 years so we have tried everything...I think Champions uses the coke, but Newbridge I am not sure...champions in Peabody are sweeter.
James River BBQ can be found everywhere - all small butcher shops sell it - We had some really good marinades on our meats made in house.
Italian Tips:
1 bottle of Italian Dressing
1/2 onion cut small
1 tsp Garlic
Salt and pepper
1 bottle of ketchup
Marinate meat for 24 hours
Steak House Tips:
Equal parts Teriyaki and BBQ sauce
Pub Style:
1 cup Ketchup
2 teaspoons Brown Sugar
1/2 can coke Coke
Flap meat for tips...I buy it now at BJ's and Costco - cut the ends of it into tips and the center portion is cut into long strips. Cut diagonally across grain for best results.
(Posted on 12/7/09)

jsa wrote:
Anyone ever had the tips at Conrads in Norwood. They are outstanding! I think they give the New Bridge a run for their money.
(Posted on 12/15/09)

mlb wrote:
I went to New Bridge and was underwhelmed. I was told to try the Four Winds in Lynn. I love the tips there. Def going back...try it.
(Posted on 1/22/10)

sdd wrote:
My best marinade recipe is equal parts Open Pit BBq sauce and Wishbone Italian dressing with 1/2 part maple syrup. Marinade tips 24 hours. Also great for wings. Sometimes I leave out the dressing for chicken. The syrup gives a nice glaze.
(Posted on 2/2/10)

tim in nh wrote:
I would love the one for The Clubhouse in Chelsea, MA.
(Posted on 2/26/10)

al wrote:
Will Jello please post the Newbridge Cafe's steak tip recipe?
(Posted on 2/27/10)

Winthrop Warrior wrote:
I agree with B's post from 7/14/ people are insane, but fun. This rant has been going on for almost 2 years now. Jello was just a tease and probably connected to New Bridge. I like thew idea of making the salad dressing first and using it to make the tips marinade. Keep this crazy train on the tracks!
(Posted on 3/3/10)

RWM wrote:
I promise you that this will taste exactly like the Newbridge Cafe's steak tips..... I think the Coke and Italian dressing ingredients are interesting, but I use neither of them. It's actually a mixture of ketchup, lemon juice, salt, pepper, garlic powder and olive oil. There's little to no need to marinate for very long because the acidity from the lemon juice gets everything into the meat quickly. The secret is to cook on high heat to blacken things up nicely and then close the grill cover for the last 5 minutes to cook to a nice medium. If you like them rare instead, then just blacken and remove from the grill.
I'd love the dressing recipe if anyone knows for sure. (As opposed to guessing like most of us do.) I promise my recipe will taste like the Newbridge and would love an equivalent recipe for the dressing.
(Posted on 3/7/10)

pmatson wrote:
Was given this recipe from a lady in MA for Newbridge Cafe marinade....
2 lbs steak tips
2 TBSP olive oil
1 clove garlic chopped
1 cup ketchup
3 TBSP worcestershire sauce
1 stick melted butter
1 tsp lemon juice
1/2 tsp salt
dash pepper
Melt butter with garlic and other ingredients. Marinate steak tips for as long as you dare! Best if done for 3-4 days....
Grill steak tips to desired doneness.
Hope this helps.
I'm actually cooking them tomorrow.
(Posted on 3/11/10)

Formerchef wrote:
I cooked with a guy named Dave DiGiantimaso in Somerville when I was a kid. He always used Coca-cola syrup to make his marinade. The syrup gives texture and savoriness more than anything else. I don't think it really matters too much what your seasonings are as long as they stay near traditional ideas of Barbque ie garlic, ketchup, worcestershire, onion etc.
I'm inclined to believe NMBR1Chef when he says he worked there for years and it was equal parts Coke syrup, ketchup and dressing.
The key thing is you have to use coke syrup, not cans of coca-cola. The soda is just too thin to produce the results you remember from Newbridge. The real problem is that Coke syrup is hard to find. You used to be able to buy it at a mark-up from drug stores which had a soda fountain. You can also use Dr Pepper syrup believe it or not. Look online for coke syrup if you are serious. Good luck and God bless.
(Posted on 4/2/10)

cathouse teri wrote:
This was very fun to read. I found y'all because we heard coke is a good marinade and we tried it tonight. Very good. So thought I'd see if it's really part of a real real recipe! Keep up the good search! It's been a pleasure. :)
(Posted on 4/3/10)

Boston Todd wrote:
The Newbridge Cafe Tips---I live in Florida now but here is my own opinion...You need to marinate the steak tips for 2 whole days...You MUST use. HEINZ ketchup and COKE CLASSIC and any ITALIAN dressing.....equal need time for the steak to absorb the flavor and medium rare is the way to eat them...and nobody has mentioned the rolls...of course they are the Pienadosi (sp) rolls...can't get roll like that down here.
(Posted on 4/14/10)

Okay - So... The New Bridge had declined a little. Wanna try a spin off - that is in its prime?? Try the Salem Wood Cafe in Malden.. AWESOME STEAK TIPS. Cooked Perfect - Every time! And if you really want to fall of your seat - get the surf and turf with baked haddock... Melts in your mouth. They have coupons on line for 25% off your dinner... Promise you will not be disappointed! (Ohh they are closed on Mondays - made that mistake before)
(Posted on 4/19/10)

moved to NH wrote:
This it too funny. My family has been making the 1 can coke, 2 cups ketchup, and 1 cup Italian dressing 1/2 cup brown sugar for years (for 3 lbs. tips). We call it the 3 day marinade. You must leave it for 3 days. Any less you will not get the full flavor.
(Posted on 4/28/10)

steakman wrote:
People, all you have to do is marinade meat for 3 to 6 hours; the meat doesn't absorb any more marinade in 3 days than 3 hours.
(Posted on 5/9/10)

know it all wrote:
1/3 sweet baby rays
1/3 wishbone italian dressing
1/3 coke
trying it tonight for my sisters b-day after marinating for 22 hours.
Hope she likes it!!!
(Posted on 5/12/10)

seefoodeatit wrote:
I read all the above recipes and the one thing they all have in common is the one I'm going to try. The common theme is to go to Newbridge Cafe. Now all I need is where it is located. Gotta try those tips.
(Posted on 5/30/10)

ndb wrote:
Don't forget to get one of those Jaccard meat tenderizers....I think they use those too!
(Posted on 6/12/10)

Ray from Maine wrote:
I love the steak tips from the Newbridge but does anyone have the recipe for the marinade for Butcher Boy Marinated Steak Tips??? Please!!!
(Posted on 6/13/10)

sue wrote:
The recipe I was told for 5lbs of stk. tips is:
8oz Ital dressing
8oz Ketchup
4oz Brown Sugar
8oz Ah-So sauce
6oz Coke
(Posted on 7/1/10)

Ray from Maine wrote:
Sue, thank you very much for the recipe, I'll try it in the next few weeks. Can you tell me which Ah-So sauce you use? I'm guessing it's the Chinese Style BBQ Sauce type?
Thanks again,
(Posted on 7/10/10)

Ray from Maine wrote:
Sorry, I mean Smokey Chinese BBQ Sauce...
(Posted on 7/13/10)

The Recipe is wrote:
The one that has been repeated two times in this post. Try it. Cranberry is without a doubt the 'secret' you can't identify ingredient.
8 ounces Italian dressing
8 ounces cranberry juice
6 ounces Coca-Cola
10 ounces ketchup
Marinate over night. This makes 5 pounds of New Bridge steak tips.
(Posted on 7/21/10)

L (former bostonian) wrote:
Reading this makes me miss Mass :)
(Posted on 8/14/10)

Butch from NH wrote:
I am a marinade fanatic. But after reading this thread it looks like I'm not alone!!! I just took coke and reduced it over high heat. Made a dressing of red cooking wine, oil and herbs. Equal part katchup. Don't have much time to soak so added lemon juice to speed up things. Will let u know :)
(Posted on 9/12/10)

jbt33 wrote:
I just ran across this thread. In the 50s and 60s there was a Middle Eastern restaurant in Lawrence named BISHOPS [the owners were named Bishara]. They had great steak tips but the item that I have vivid wonderful memories of was their French Fries. They had a wonderful distinctive,different flavor that I've never had since. Folks would come up from Boston just to dig into the mounds of French Fries. Would anyone out there know how these fries were deep fried and what kind of oil was used? I sure would like to know!!
(Posted on 9/30/10)

Pit Boss wrote:
There is a new sauce out on the market from MS called Wild n Mild. I got a hold of some of this stuff and it makes for a very good marinade for steak. Actually it has been good on everything we have tried it on. Their website is Got to try it!
(Posted on 10/23/10)

Butch from NH wrote:
OK these were very good!! But tried another veriation, one with Newman's own-balsamic vinaigrette, coke straight up and ketchup, this kicked butt!!! I cooked them on a nondirect heat smoker grill. The whole group I cooked for fell head over heels for this one.
(Posted on 10/26/10)

AM wrote:
Does anyone have a recipe for the steak tips at Kelleys Pub in East Boston? I love their sauce they include with it ...I think it's some kind of honey bbq but it's not thick like bbq sauce. It's soo good...any ideas?
(Posted on 11/8/10)

DHW wrote:
An offshoot of the New Bridge operated in Salem NH during the '80's. Same recipes. My brother was the kitchen manager. The recipe is a secret, it is in the "family" if you know what I mean?
The stories about salad dressing and ketchup as well as herbs are there to throw off the truth. I don't know exactly the ratios but here it is:
-coke, base liquid
-brown sugar, not much or it will burn
-soy sauce, for the salt not color
-A-1 steak sauce, the primary flavor
-worcestershire, use a tiny amount only
-wine or vodka, wine usually, to blend flavor
The meat is called beef butt, it is triple needled and marinated at least 24 hours. Boil down some reserved marinade to use as a glaze during the cooking process. This is what makes the meat crusty. An excellent use for the marinade is for Italian sausages too.
(Posted on 12/8/10)

mo wrote:
Five years ago I was relocated from North Andover to North Carolina and desperately miss the Butcher Boy steak tips! Can anyone share that recipe?
(Posted on 1/18/11)

Steak-Lover wrote:
I went to Lynn Meatland in Lynn, MA & had the greatest steak tips ever!!! They have 15 different flavors- my two favorite are "Steakhouse" & "Horseradish Molasses." The second sounds a bit funky but trust me they are sweet not spicy.
(Posted on 4/12/11)

J C wrote:
Try 1 stick of butter to 1 cup Browned sugar cook to make a caramel sauce then add 2 GARLIC CLOVES 1/2 TEASPOON EACH OF SALT AND WHITE PEPPER good season dressing mix only with apple cider vinager 1/3 cup and 1/3 cup peanut oil (tip) I worked at both the new bridge and The Club House before it was Floramos WAY BACK WHEN BOTH WHERE GOOD JUST A CLUEEEE
(Posted on 4/26/11)

vss wrote:
I loved the ribs at Flamaros and the zinfindal dressing. Does anyone have these recipes? I live in Maine and traveled there for lunch.
(Posted on 5/12/11)

tammy wrote:
Trying to duplicate the flavor of the steak tips at I-Hop. Any ideas?
(Posted on 5/13/11)

emmett wrote:
The recipe is
20 oz ketchup, 12 oz Kens Italian dressing, 10 oz of flat coke. You can make smaller batches. this is it.
(Posted on 6/1/11)

Malden guy wrote:
The steak tips at Dom's in Malden are way better tham New Bridge. Original and Zesty Teriaki are the best.
(Posted on 6/9/11)

skinney wrote:
I heard the New Bridge use equal part Kens Italian salad dressing bulls eye barbeque sauce and coke. I have used it, really good.
(Posted on 6/23/11)

boston greek wrote:
Why would anyone put steak sauce on perfectly good meat. For all you pathetic wanna be's, just coat in olive oil, light sea salt, and a little honey for lite taste and to form a glaze to hold taste. Let sit for an hour or less, doesn't matter. That's it. Cook slowly low heat and keep coating with extra rub/oil mix until you have a nice glaze going, pull out of flame and enjoy. Meat doesn't have to rest or any other rituals performed. By the time you sit down to eat it will have "rested." Keep it simple folks or just go to Applebees and just say how awesome they were because you probably have no idea of what cooking is about.
(Posted on 6/25/11)

assman wrote:
thanks for adding nothing to discussion
(Posted on 6/29/11)

psycolady wrote:
equal parts ketchup..coke..and Kens steakhouse Italian dressing
(Posted on 7/3/11)

rwg1377 wrote:
Just made a marinade based on all the info here. Equal parts ketchup (heinz), Kens italian dressing (b/c thats what I had, actually like wishbone much more) Coca-cola & Cranberry. Also added a 1 1/2 tbs of Liquid Smoke. Gonna let marinade for a few days and cook em up this weekend.
(Posted on 7/6/11)

BBQ Gary wrote:
Why do some people feel the need to post stuff to say it sounds good and going to try it later. Please ... get a life, and wait until you have tried and tasted something, than tell us if you like it or not. Je-sum Crow.
(Posted on 7/12/11)

mc wrote:
Anyone have a recipe close to the butcher boy original marinade?? :)
(Posted on 7/14/11)

rwg1377 wrote:
Tried my marinade posted on 7/6, turned out really good. After a couple more days it was more sweet. Next time will bump up the liquid smoke. Don't know if it's like Newbridge. Haven't gotten there yet....
(Posted on 7/19/11)

chargriller wrote:
I cannot believe that Newbridge will not post the recipe for their customers, especially after some posts say that the tips they remember just aren't the same now. I wouldn't go back again if I were a loyal customer. I will scratch this off of my "must try" places.
Jim, have you ever had tri tip? It is a cut that most stores in New England grind into burger meat. It is on every corner of Santa Monica and it is great, and when cooked properly, beats steak tips hands down. There are only 2 tri tips per animal. Flap meat is the most popular cut of "sirloin tips".
I make it here in New England, and everyone that tries it, can't get enough. LMK if you would like to try it.
Maybe Newbridge feeds their cows a diet of coke, Catsup, and Italian Dressing?
(Posted on 7/30/11)

jello wrote:
Tried to post recipe...from work...Feds were waiting... Hard Drive missing... Days in a foreign black prison... No food... No water... Rats... If you posted here... Black helicopters... Coming for you too... Must feed cows Italian dressing... Catsup... Coke a Cola... Equal parts.... Oh No... Not again....
(Posted on 8/1/11)

banditdempc wrote:
Love all the recipe tips. Have been to New Bridge and Floramos and nothing on the South Shore compares.
(Posted on 8/2/11)

p1 wrote:
Newbridge cafe in chelsea tip recipe is coke and mustard that's it marinade for 24 hours done dliish!!
(Posted on 8/19/11)

Seamus wrote:
The most interesting aspect of this site's quest for the perfect Newbridge recipe ingredients is that it has been going for 3 years now!
My wife worked in restaurants and her bosses always recommended the Newbridge cafe for steak tips.
When we first went I must say that I was totally unimpressed with their tips and couldn't understand why they received such high praise. I'm a foreigner so that could be part of the reason.
Came across this site tonight 'cos I bought tips for the first time in decades. So far no one has come up with the definitive recipe and much to the dismay of the poster who criticized those who had not yet marinated the tips but continued to post, I'm afraid that that is exactly what I'm going to do. :-) I will try a combination of some of the above and report back after the tips have been suitably marinated for the prerequisite 5 weeks and let you all know how they tasted.
I'm quite excited by this lively discussion and will bookmark this page to see what other comments come up.
Meanwhile I'm off to make the marinade!
Will Pepsi work?
(Posted on 8/25/11)

Seamus wrote:
OK in case I forget:
1.42 lbs of sirloin steak tips.
1/2 cup Coca Cola.
1/2 cup Ken's Italian dressing and Marinade.
1/2 cup Heinz's Ketchup.
Tasted good but then I added 1/4 cup of Market Basket BBQ with Honey sauce.
Whisked to perfection and currently residing in the refrigerator covered with plastic wrap.
I'll resurrect it in a day or two and post as to its taste and texture.
(Posted on 8/25/11)

The Cloud wrote:
I have tried almost all of these recipes. The one that turned out the best and impressed was the equal parts of Ketchup, Coke, and BBQ Sauce. For my BBQ I used Jack Daniels Original. If you want that sweet glaze brush a mixture of honey and brown sugar on the tips on high heat at the beginning of cooking on the grill. The high heat also gives you that nice slightly crispy outside of the tips.
On another note, I have been trying to figure out the recipe for Champions in Peabody for months now. By far the best steak tips I have ever eaten and pretty much all I eat are steak tips. For months I have been working on figuring out how they make them so sweet. They honestly taste like candy when I eat them and I could eat them for every meal. I bring all of my friends there and order for them. Steak tips with onion rings with an Italian salad is the greatest meal I have ever eaten hands down.
If anyone has that recipe or any ideas on what may be in it please let me know. I have 5 new marinades I will be trying in the next week or so and I will post my findings as well.
Happy Grilling!
(Posted on 8/27/11)

dt0527 wrote:
The Brickyard in Lynn has the best steak tips I have ever had.
Happy Grilling!
(Posted on 9/27/11)

ST wrote:
Ahh I miss all of the Mass food! Move to Maine and you will appreciate any of these restaurants. I'm listening to the kid that used to work there, I'm trying the ketchup, wishbone and coca cola, I do know they use coca cola at Floramos
(Posted on 10/12/11)

Davio wrote:
The only thing I know is, I started reading the first pass on this page and it was dated 4/23/08 and I'm at the end and 3 years has gone by and I have learned nothing. You have all flunked detective school and none of you will ever be a reporter either. Come on get out there and shake some people down!!
(Posted on 10/14/11)

Slipit1 wrote:
Jello - owns the best post here! Here for all the same reasons above. It seems equal parts is the winner in this blog, going to go for it......Let u no on the flip side!
(Posted on 11/8/11)

HPNative wrote:
Wow! so glad I found this post. I love Steak Tips I moved from MA. 6 years ago to GA, you can't find Steak Tips, I miss Piantedosi bread, The Steak and Cheese subs are a joke, thank god at least a Legals opened here a few years ago. NOw I know it is flap steak I can start grilling my own had tried sirloin tips and cut them up, wasn't at all the same. Gonna see if I can order Piantedosi online also, thanks for all the great posts.
(Posted on 11/16/11)

dennis wrote:
The new bridge tips are kens italian dressing ketchup coke an brown sugar 1 cup each let sit in that for 24 hours an have fun
(Posted on 12/30/11)

Food Hacker! wrote:
I think Jim needs to give us the recipe. He finally got it from Vinny after trying for over a year on here. However, Vinny is "Family" if you know what I mean, so Jim stopped posting :(
I'm the Food Hacker and I can't get Jim to talk about this recipe again!!!
Can you!?!
(Posted on 1/21/12)

lw wrote:
Okay so I was thinking ...for many years I've been told coke, ketchup, Italian dressing. I bet most people don't realize newbridge has the most amazing homemade very sweet Italian dressing and that is the stuff they use to make the marinade. It definitely has sugar in it too! If one of us can duplicate their marinade, till we get the secret salad dressing marinade! Champions is the same as brickyard and four wins and is ...equal parts coke, brown sugar and ketchup...who can get the salad dressing recipe
(Posted on 1/30/12)

MissChelsea's wrote:
I do wish someone had that recipe. I live in Colorado now and I miss those steak tips and that salad dressing. I agree with Iw...we need that salad dressing recipe and I agree that there is sugar in it. What about Paul Newman's Italian dressing with sugar added?
(Posted on 2/8/12)

kf wrote: now I have many variations of the same recipe- but how do I cook the meat? Many say "grill"- but I have these 2" pieces of meat marinating...I can't "grill" them (or should I not have vut them up????
(Posted on 3/7/12)

Jackie wrote:
Totally agree that their dressing is the key. It's sweet with a bit of a 'hot' taste. Love the way it drifts to the tip side of the plate. Not going to duplicate it without their dressing. ) : We went there a couple of years ago and it wasn't so great, but went again about a month ago and the steak tips I remember were back! Soooo good!!!
(Posted on 3/20/12)

Missing Newbridge wrote:
Moved to Maine. Miss Newbridge. When I visited beef country (Nebraska) I had steak that before it was marinated in pineapple juice, cola, garlic powder, worcestershire and ketchup, it was rolled in dry Tang powder. It was the best darned steak I ever had.
(Posted on 5/3/12)

p.s. wrote:
Newbridge tips have a red hue to them. I'm thinking that Chinese rib sauce may do the trick (think ah-so or butcher block original chinese rib sauce)
(Posted on 5/5/12)

louie wrote:
i have had steak tips all over. Once I found Champions Pub in Peabody I won't have them anywhere else. Tender, mouth watering and a big plate. Great staff also. Newbridge not even close to Champs.
(Posted on 5/7/12)

Ellen wrote:
Does anyone have the recipe for the steak tips that were served in Tims Tavern in the Back Bay that went out of business in 2006 would greatly appreciate any help
(Posted on 5/9/12)

jim26 wrote:
I mixed up a tasty marinade this week using all these ideas. Here goes, 4oz coke 4oz Kens steakhouse Italian dressing 4oz Heinz ketchup 3oz Sweet Baby Rays, onion powder, garlic powder,sea salt lemon juice and 2 lbs of tri tips. I let it sit for 2 days,and then grilled them.The marinade was great, the tri tips were like chewing superballs. Do not use tri tips!!
(Posted on 5/26/12)

jeff wrote:
Made the marinade with 3 cups of coke, 3 cups of ketchup, and two packets of Italian dressing seasoning, not the dressing, but the spice pack you use to make the dressing. Holy crap are these tips awesome!!! Enough marinade for 5 lbs of tips. Enjoy.
(Posted on 6/2/12)

Desperate for MA's cuisine wrote:
HPNative (if you're still following this thread)is there a Publix near you? I've been stuck in Alabama for the last six years, desperatly searching for decent pizza, chinese food, and a cut of meat comparable to steak tips. Every butcher in the Mobile/Pensacola area has emphatically told me that I would not find flap meat south of CT. I had given up, until the other day at my local Publix where I reached for a flank steak and realized that it was flap meat. I nearly kissed the butcher when she came out with a 14 lb. vacuum sealed bag of flap. She told me that once Publix shows that they are capable of getting a product in they are all but obligated to get it for a customer if they ask for it again. It may be worth your while to ask your butcher. I understand your missing bread from home, again until Publix opened I had not had one slice of decent bread down here. Their Chicago style Italian, is close enough to home and the bakery manager at my local shop is from MA and he's made scali bread and portuguese rolls for me on request. Good Luck! Oh yeah, and Piantedosi's ships their bread so there's always that option.
As far as the marinade, my aunt who knew owners of the Newbridge, taught me 2 parts ketchup, 2 parts italian dressing, and 1 part coke. Of course they're not EXACTLY Newbridge tips, but they're pretty darn good. I cannot believe this has been going on for over four years! I'll be checking back for Champion's recipe, even as a broke student at Salem State I could always schrounge up enough for their tips!
(Posted on 6/24/12)

Cynder wrote:
Has anyone ever considered their rootbeer may be part of it?
I'm out in Vegas now, its been several years since I've been to Newbridge, but its hot and I want to grill. I would love the recipe too.
(Posted on 6/25/12)

Matt in Syracuse wrote:
Just marinaded steak in the 4-3-2-1 formula with Sweet Baby Rays BBQ, Kens Italian Dressing and Coke.....24 marinade in fridge ....cooked to medium rare (pink inside)....and I'm eating them right now......PRETTY DAMN CLOSE!!! going back for seconds
(Posted on 6/26/12)

1sweetteacher wrote:
I just sat and read each and every thread. It was so entertaining!!! Thanks!
(Posted on 8/20/12)

george originally from beantown wrote:
This thread has to continue so that this mystery(s) can be solved for the good of all you steak tip connoisseurs.
(Posted on 9/29/12)

KC EB wrote:
This blog made me hungry for Newbridge tips. I'm on my way!
(Posted on 10/10/12)

A3wu wrote:
These responses are sooo funny. Great ideas. Ive neva tried tips from newbridge or champions will def have to try but from experience I believe if your looking for red tint n almost like a thick candy flavor glaze its ah-soy sauce maybe thats the missing ing. or even possibly grape jelly n soy or ketchup just a possibility. Anyways thnx for the great places to try tips at.
(Posted on 10/14/12)

redzo wrote:
Try this
8oz Italian dressing
8oz ketchup
4oz brown sugar
8oz au so sauce
6oz coke
8oz cranberry juice
8oz BBQ sauce any kind
Very good and flavorful and marinate for 3-5 hrs
Ingredients are for 5lbs. Tips enjoy
(Posted on 11/15/12)

TMD wrote:
Oh I miss Boston food so much!!!! I will have to try some of these crazy recipes, anything close will do!
What I was really searching for is Greek Dressing on the oh so famous "Kabob Salads". All the recipes online are olive oil and red wine vinegar but that didn't result in the same looking dressing (I'm looking for the separated oil/white mixture).
(Posted on 12/17/12)

Squeaky104 wrote:
How about the tips at the Happy Haddock in Medford... anyone have any idea how to make those?
(Posted on 12/18/12)

In FL miss Mass food wrote:
I have moved from Mass to FL 13 years ago. I cannot tell you how many times I have tried to duplicate the marinade for the marinated steak tips from Jimmy's steak house in Arlington with no success. That is the best marinade I have ever tasted! The 99's tips have a very similar taste. I have tried the recipe on this post with the coke, ketchup and Italian dressing to see if that was it, unfortunately it was not. I can deal with the horrible Chinese food here and that there are no good bakeries here in Florida like in Mass, but I need my steak tips lol. If anyone has any ideas how to make the marinade like either Jimmy's or the 99's tips, please post the recipe. I would greatly appreciate any help. Happy New Year to all!
(Posted on 12/27/12)

MES wrote:
Newbridge uses Coke cola in the dressing for the antipasto - not the tips - ! Ketchup for the tips!
(Posted on 1/14/13)

Winthrop Warrier wrote:
I chimed in almost 3 years ago and hoped this crazy train would keep going. This must be the longest running forum I've ever seen.
I tried many variations but live in Houston where we could not find steak tips. We have now found them at Trader Joe's that just opened up.
Here's what we are going with:
1c Ketchup
1c coke
1/2c olive oil
1/2c red wine vinegar
1/2c A-1 Thick & Hearty
I'll post results after this weekend.
BTW, Jello, I'm glad you were released from the foreign prison but, you are still a total nut job!!!
(Posted on 1/17/13)

bjp wrote:
I am going to try cranberry sauce instead of cranberry juice.
(Posted on 2/9/13)

caj915 wrote:
You're all crazy!
(Posted on 2/27/13)

Jay wrote:
The best Steak Tip Marinade: Newton House of Pizza in Newton highlands. my g-d the steak comes out purple it's so good. Has anyone else tried?
(Posted on 2/28/13)

homesick in FL wrote:
Looking to duplicate the chicken marinade (Lemon Pepper) from Butcher Boy in No. Andover. Anybody know?
(Posted on 3/23/13)

tdd wrote:
Anyone know LaCasias marinated steak tip recipe?
(Posted on 3/26/13)

JC wrote:
There was a sub shop in Watertown, Mass named JG"S Steak that had the best steak & cheese subs ever made. Has anyone ever been there and do you know what they put on the steak to give it the flavor.
(Posted on 4/9/13)

stuck in NY wrote:
Can't get any flap steak here so I just picked up 2lbs of sirloin strips and 2.5lbs of flank steak. Gonna try a couple of the recipes this weekend. My wife is from here, but she was treated to steak tips in MA years ago and now wants me to make them for her for Mother's Day. Hope you guys are close on your tastes. For what it's worth, my uncle in canton uses just kens Italian with garlic powder and lawrey's salt and that are great!
(Posted on 5/7/13)

alaina in florida wrote:
I know what the sirloin tips are, they are flap meat, but what is the tenderloin tips? A butcher up in Salem once told me that they really aren't tenderloin but I can't for the life of me remember where he said they come from.
(Posted on 5/7/13)

bs wrote:
coke, ketchup and italian dressing i believe is the New Bridge recipe
(Posted on 7/2/13)

boston john wrote:
Im stuck here in Maryland. I really miss Danvers Butchery steakhouse tips..Any one know how to get some of the marinade?? or make it?? Thanks
(Posted on 7/2/13)

boston john wrote:
Alaina, Tender tips can be cut from the tenderloin. However an expensive move. Butchers remove a piece from the whole tenderloin called the "chain" it is a piece of the tenderloin with plenty of "silver skin". We will cut around this skin and make tender tips out of that. Were i work it most likely gets used for staff meal. Like tenderloin.. Needs some flavoring but none the less delish.. Sorry but im a strip steak fan.More natural flavor...
(Posted on 7/2/13)

Alaina wrote:
Thanks Boston john, I get it now.
(Posted on 7/14/13)

Andria wrote:
Why would Newbridge use Kens salad dressing when they have their own fabulous house dressing. U dinks. Figure out the darn recipe and SUBMIT!
(Posted on 9/18/13)

GlennG wrote:
Does anybody know the recipe for Dom's Original marinade? Those tips are delicious! PLEASE???
(Posted on 11/21/13)

NORTH5250 wrote:
Wow.. old bar tender said it was coke, ketchup = parts is all i know..
(Posted on 11/23/13)

FastEddy wrote:
Man... this thread is killing me! Down in FL I have none of this stuff... every time I go home its straight kabobs, tips, and roast beef all week long!
(Posted on 5/13/14)

RJB wrote:
Has anyone tried prevites bourbon marinade. I'd love that recipe for myself
(Posted on 5/22/14)

nana sally wrote:
new bridge steak tip marinade is 1 bottle terriaki glaze, 1 can coke,1cup ketchup, 2 tab. Dijon, 2 chop garlic,2 tab.a-1 steak sauce. makes 7lbs. drum roll please!
(Posted on 5/22/14)

RJB sally wrote:
I went to Sudbury farms in wayland mass. I got the bourbon marinaded steak tips. I asked the man at the counter what the recipe was and he told me it was from prevites. What a marinade! Wow!! Very impressive
(Posted on 5/22/14)

Chelsea girl wrote:
I grew up in Chelsea and was told the recipe many years ago from someone who worked there.
1 jar ah so sauce
1 can coke
2 Tblsp brown sugar
per pound of steak tips.....
Unless they changed it???
(Posted on 7/3/14)

jkc wrote:
giovannis pizza roast beef .recipe for chicken kabob. for 80 pounds chicken tenders 1 10 ounce cup mustard. 1 4ounce cup oregano 1 4ounce cup salt 1 4ounce cup black pepper 1 4ounce cup garlic 1 4ounce cup m.s.g..they love the stuff they use it in everything..1 10 ounce cup worcestershire sauce and 2 garlic spread container full of oil blend everything together to make marinade nice if u want any other recipe let me know
(Posted on 4/28/15)

jkc wrote:
someone asked for giovannis pizza roast beef chicken kabob receipe. 4 ounces oregano.4 ounces garlic.4 ounces salt.4 ounces black pepper.10 ounces yellow mustard. 10 ouncea worcestershire sauce.2 garic spread containers oil. blend all ingredients together makes nice thick marinade for 80 pounds chicken tenders...oh and dont forget 4 ouces m.s.g. giovannis loves$s m.s.g.
(Posted on 4/28/15)

jkc wrote:
giovannis pizza roast beef saugus ma. pizza dough receipe for half batches one five gallon bucket white flour make sure its over the top. 1 16 ounce cup wheat flour. 1 4 ounce cup salt.2 4 ounce cups sugar. 3 1/2 ounces yeast 3 eggs .. fill oil until nipple add yeast add eggs add 2 1/4 water pizza sauce containers of water add salt & sugar mix well.after mixed add both flours and mix until dough is complete around 20 minutes. and let sit to rise that is giovvannis pizza roast beef famous pizza dough. next week will be sauce..thank you
(Posted on 5/10/15)

ES wrote:
This has got to be one of the most entertaining longstanding post I have ever read - this like reading the goonies for grilling with everyone claiming they have the key to this one eyed willie recipe. I think after reviewing all of them this is the one I'm going to try:
12 ounce bottle Wishbone Italian Dressing
12 Ounce bottle Coca-Cola
12 Ounce bottle Heinz chili sauce
1 1/2 Cubs cranberry juice
5 pounds of beef tips
I'll report back how they come out - grilling on sunday and I want to give them 2 days to marinate to see if the consistency is right. Can't we just find someone at MIT to sample these things to and do a chemical compound makeup of these things already and reverse engineer?
(Posted on 5/20/15)

jg wrote:
does anyone have giovannis roast beef & pizza house dressing recipe but you will have to leave out the m.s.g. They love that stuff.
(Posted on 5/20/15)

Paul wrote:
To Jim. The sauce on all roast beef sandwiches is called James River bbq sauce. You can get it at restaurant suppliers and small bottles at the epicurean shoppe on 114 in peabody
(Posted on 6/20/15)

jim wrote:
champs tips rock ! plus the salad reminds me of the salad from the hilltop, not as big but real good.
(Posted on 7/10/15)

CGL wrote:
I ran hotel kitchens in the Boston area for years. Loved going to the Newbridge and having a small anti and steak tips. Could not figure out the ingredients in the antipasto dressing. Tried many times. Something green in there. This forum is making me hungry for the Newbridge again.
(Posted on 7/27/15)

EJR wrote:
equal parts:
Brown sugar
(a little fresh chopped garlic too)
(Posted on 7/30/15)


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