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Mountaintop Restaurants in New England?

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I was doing a search a few weeks ago, looking to see if there were any restaurants in New England that were located on top of a mountain or hill, with sweeping views from either an outdoor deck or from the windows of the place. With fall coming around, I was hoping to find a dining spot or two that might have such views, but haven't really found anything to this point. I do remember that there was a restaurant near the top of a mountain on Route 9 in Wilmington, VT, that had amazing views, but I believe it closed awhile ago. Any ideas? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted on 8/29/08 by hiddenboston)


MikeE wrote:
That restaurant in Wilmington (actually in Marlboro, but) at the top of Hogback Mountain did close several years ago. The property is now owned by someone else, however, and he'd like to lease the building to someone who would run it as a restaurant again. [Anyone who's interested can contact me at esquangle (AT) gmail (dot) com.]
There is a summit restaurant on a peak south of Northampton, I believe. I can see it from I-91. Not much help, I haven't been along that stretch for months.
Also, there is the Golden Eagle Restaurant on the hairpin turn on Route 2 in Clarksburg, MA. It's not at the summit, but high enough to provide a nice vista of the valley and surrounding mountains. Dine inside or, if it's warm enough, out on the second-floor veranda. Typical fish/beef/chicken menu.
(Posted on 8/29/08)

MH wrote:
Mike, the restaurant you mention along Route 91 - is that Tavern on the Hill? I had posted that awhile back as an "unevaluated" restaurant on our site and then totally forgot about it. Thanks for the suggestions!
(Posted on 8/30/08)

JS wrote:
Do any of the NH/VT/ME ski areas have their mountaintop cafes open during the summer?
(Posted on 7/30/09)


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