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Where Do You Like to Go in New England for Mussels?

(From Our Questions and Answers Feature)

What restaurants in New England have the best mussels? How are they prepared? Are there any good spots in the Boston area for them? Any outdoor spots along the ocean anywhere? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)


Dann Russo wrote:
James's Gate in JP has good ones, but the ones at J's Oysters in Portland, ME are to die for. In fact, every food there is.
(Posted on 6/1/11)

MRB wrote:
Townsend's in HP specializes in them and has great ones...with superb craft-beer pairings.
(Posted on 6/1/11)

melinda g wrote:
Eastern Standard in Kenmore and Green Street in Central.
(Posted on 6/1/11)

Buddy P wrote:
The Bookstore in Wellfleet has really amazing Mussels - total hidden gem if anyone gets down that end of the Cape.
(Posted on 6/1/11)

Tyler wrote:
Anchovies in the South End.
(Posted on 6/1/11)

Britt wrote:
The Portsmouth Brewery's ale house mussels are always worth the drive from Boston.
(Posted on 6/1/11)

Andrew G wrote:
The Mussels Roberto are to die for at The Village Fish in Needham!
(Posted on 6/1/11)

@Meeps2002 wrote:
Sonoma Station - Richmond, VT
Very Romantic, Delicious, and Scenic
(Posted on 6/1/11)

rumcity wrote:
The raw bar at the Beachcomber in Wellfleet has the best mussels; plump, and in a great garlic butter.
(Posted on 6/7/11)

N. Young wrote:
My two favorite places for mussels are on the same street: Salem Street in Boston's North End.
Antico Forno: where the Chef really knows how to serve up mussels with just the right amount of tomato and hot pepper to make your tastebuds dance!
Benevento's: where the mussels come with a garlicky sauce.... so yummy!
(Posted on 6/16/11)

j ryan wrote:
Trattoria has my favorite mussels dish - it's in a pesto cream broth and there's a ton of them!
(Posted on 6/24/11)

Chef Cazz wrote:
There is no question for me! in Cambridge, MA on the corner of Cambridge Street & Seventh
Get a pile of fresh P.E.I. mussels sauteed in a chipotle garlic cream sauce, garlic & oil or Fra Diavolo served with a basket of hot bread for dipping and then ask for more bread; because the sauce is addictive..ask for Chris or Chuckie and you will feel like you're with friend.
(Posted on 7/3/11) wrote:
The best mussels in town are without a doubt at Stella in the South End- saffron cream, roasted peppers, white wine and garlic...Fantastic!
(Posted on 7/11/11)

M. Williams wrote:
Mission Grill, Boston (Mission Hill)
(Posted on 7/19/11)

anonymous wrote:
Highland Kitchen in Somerville
(Posted on 7/22/11)

jb wrote:
east coast grill. inman square, cambridge. best mussels in town try it out. ya dig?
(Posted on 2/15/12)

Joe S wrote:
Aquitaine in Chestnut Hill! They are to die for!
(Posted on 2/15/12)

anonymous wrote:
Brasserie Jo in Back Bay:
(Posted on 2/15/12)

mc wrote:
Belle's Bistro in Westford
(Posted on 2/15/12)

Julie wrote:
Franklin Cafe in the South End.
(Posted on 2/15/12)

MAS wrote:
the Bridgwaye in Hummarock has the best mussels, especially the broth...YUM!
(Posted on 2/16/12)

Cindy wrote:
Turner's Seafood Grill & Market in Melrose has great PEI mussels. I like their Fra Diavolo style, the best, but they have Mussels Marina, and Mussels with a white wine/garlic scampi-style sauce, too.
(Posted on 2/16/12)

Colleen wrote:
Moules au Vin Blanc - Fresh mussels, sauteed with Alsatian riesling, Marcona almonds & grilled baguette @PainDavignon. Shameless shout out but the absolute best on Cape Cod!!
(Posted on 2/16/12)

Ryan wrote:
Publick House in Brookline. Always have 4 types available all made with delicious beers. My favorite is the red curry!
(Posted on 2/16/12)

Casey wrote:
Devlin's in Brighton
(Posted on 2/16/12)

andrew wrote:
Waterfront grille in new Bedford has the best mussels. As fresh as they get with a home made spicy broth... Its amazing!
(Posted on 2/16/12)

Lucy wrote:
I haven't been in a few months, but the Beehive used to have amazing mussels with Sam Adams and Old Bay (and it could just be a bias as I am a Maryland girl in Boston)
(Posted on 2/16/12)

ZR wrote:
Sweet Basil in Needham you actually get a whole kilo and they are delicious in a tomato garlic broth mmmmm want some now!
(Posted on 8/25/12)

elb wrote:
Cambridge Common in Cambridge has the best! Perfect summer dish :)
(Posted on 8/25/12)

karla wrote:
Cognac Bistro in Brookline!
(Posted on 8/25/12)

RN wrote:
Aka bistro in Lincoln and Sonsie's in Boston.
(Posted on 8/26/12)

Chris wrote:
Al Dente - North End
(Posted on 4/8/13)

KLM wrote:
The Fireplace on Washington Square in Brookline
(Posted on 4/8/13)

hj wrote:
Stellina in Watertown & Il Capricio in Waltham! Both of their mussel dishes are fantastic. You won't be disappointed.
(Posted on 4/8/13)

FoodiePilgrim wrote:
Bubala's by the Bay does them withh cream and fennel sausage - divine!
(Posted on 4/8/13)

RN wrote:
Fore Street in Portland
(Posted on 4/9/13)

MH wrote:
The Village Tavern on Essex Street in Salem has amazing beer-steamed mussels.
(Posted on 4/9/13)

MLK wrote:
Mussels at the Lobster Pot in Wareham, MA are the freshest (and tastiest) by far.
(Posted on 4/9/13)

AM wrote:
75 chestnut
(Posted on 4/9/13)


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