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Favorite Restaurant in Newton, MA?

(From Our Questions and Answers Feature)

What is your favorite dining spot in Newton, MA? Feel free to post your answer below, perhaps including a description and what you like at the restaurant. [Go here to post a reply.]


HDD wrote:
Aji in Newtonville Center. Best sushi in the area.
(Posted on 2/1/10)

Dennis wrote:
(Posted on 2/1/10)

Julie wrote:
Fiorella's 100%.
(Posted on 6/20/10)

LC wrote:
(Posted on 6/20/10)

SD wrote:
(Posted on 5/28/12)

eva wrote:
Cabot's forever and always, classic and fun for the whole fam!
(Posted on 5/28/12)

JJ wrote:
the Greek Place on Needham st. (Farm Grille)
(Posted on 5/28/12)

P wrote:
Dunn Gaherins
(Posted on 5/28/12)

Kristine M. wrote:
Fiorella's. Fresh, delicious food, warm ambiance, reasonable prices, and amazing marinara sauce! (Paddy's, Comella's, and Shogun all receive honorable mentions)
(Posted on 5/28/12)

Steph wrote:
(Posted on 5/28/12)


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