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Favorite Restaurant in North Conway, NH?

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What is your favorite dining spot in North Conway, NH? Feel free to post your answer below, perhaps including a description and what you like at the restaurant. [Go here to post a reply.]


bb wrote:
Delaney's Hole In The Wall is really good. Excellent steaks, prime rib, and sushi. Prices are reasonable. Also kid friendly - the tables are covered in paper and crayons are provided. I also recommend the Lobster Pound for good seafood...also kid friendly.
(Posted on 6/20/09)

sk wrote:
Not exactly in North Conway, but Katy's German Restaurant in teeny-tiny Tamworth is a huge hit. Excellent sausages and wienerschnitzel. Have driven there more than once from Boston just for dinner. And yes, they think we're crazy to do so ;^)
(Posted on 12/3/09)

Marlana wrote:
If you want Ok food in an Ok place, go for HorseFeathers, right on Rt 16. Wine Time is just north of there and is a lot better. For great food, go further North to White Mountain Cider Co in Bartlett. Yummy apple cider donuts and delicious gourmet food.
(Posted on 2/22/10)


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