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Best Pastry Shop in the Boston Area?

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What do you think is the best pastry shop in the Boston area? What are some of your favorite treats from there? [Go here to post a reply.]
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Julie K. wrote:
Flour! and the macaroons from S&S yummy!

Janet W. wrote:
Konditor meister

Suzanne L. L. wrote:
Well, for Italian pastries - I'd say Modern Pastry. For pies - definitely Petsi's. Cookies - Lakota Bakery. Blueberry scones - Quebrada - sooo good. Other than that - don't go the bakeries too much.

Susan H. wrote:
Paul, an international French bakery chain that is beyond great! It's downtown at One Boston Place, 201 Washington St. and Cafe Madeleine, a small bakery on Columbus Ave. in the South End, also outstanding.

Jimmy C. wrote:
Flour, Eldo cake house in Chinatown, quebrada, Sofra, and the lady M green tea milli cake at gyu kaku

Beckie H. wrote:
Lyndell's in Somerville

Christopher F. R. wrote:
Spinelli's in Easty and Thinking Cup.

Geoff W. wrote:
Clear Flour has to get a mention

Everett H. wrote:
Danish Pastry House, by a long shot and I've been to almost every place within 95 that mixes up flour, sugar and butter then bakes it.

Barbara G. wrote:
The 4 Flour Bakeries in Boston area
Clear Flour Bakery in Brookline

Victoria K. wrote:
Athan's in Brighton and Brookline, Bova's in the North End, and Tatte in Brookline, Cambridge, and Beacon Hill.

Alexis M. wrote:
Quebrada Baking Company in Arlington, MA

Suzanne L. L. wrote:
Oh, for Italian bread - I vote for Parziale's in the North End! (although I haven't been to Bricco Pannetteria yet - people say it's really good)

cb wrote:
Modern Pastry!

WT wrote:
Blackers Bakeshop
Commonwealth Ave Newton
BEST around!!!!!!

GL wrote:
Clear flour bakery in Brookline.

Krista S wrote:
Fiore's and Ula in JP

cj wrote:
Joseph's - Southie
Green Hill's - Dot

Gina R wrote:
Cafe Madeleine in South End. The lemon tart is sublime.

Anne wrote:
Modern Pastry, especially their pignoli macaroons.

Meredith F. wrote:
Young Mike's Pastry !!! I sometimes drive downto Boston to shop at Mike's. Recently they opened a second Shop in Cambridge!

Scott L. wrote:
Modern pastry and Maria's.

Lynne H. wrote:
I Love Modern Pastry!

Katie F. wrote:
Konditor Meister

Gioia E. R. wrote:
Maria's in the North End. Wonderful!

Jeff Z. wrote:

William E. wrote:
Maria's is my favorite.... never pre-filled. If you get a box to go they'll give you a container of filling on the side....the way it's supposed to be done.

David P. wrote:
Maria's, hands down. Mike's and Modern are tourist traps.

Andrew Z. wrote:
Dessert Works are the best hands down

Ken O. wrote:
Lumberto's and Esposito's both in Revere,
Why, no ??

Annie D. V. wrote:
Canto 6 in Jamaica Plain! Forget Mike's forget Paul ( there canelis were terrible try the ones as Canto) condimeister for cakes

@jimmystagger wrote:
Bova's in the North End

@2kmwc wrote:
It's not even close, @lyndellsbakery

@NoraMatland wrote:
my french roommate swears that the best croissant is found at Broadway market near Harvard!

@james_levins wrote:
Joseph's Bakery in #Southie, Fiore's Bakery in #JP, Mike's in the #NorthEnd, & Green Hills in #dorchester

@CheralynF wrote:

chip crisostomo wrote:
number one in Boston is truly Clear Flour Brookline.

@ppalmer316 wrote:
Anything from Konditer Meister Braintree...

@travers_peggy wrote:
Mocha cakes from O'Briens in Quincy, or if you get there early in the morning a jelly doughnut!

@LiamTat7 wrote:
Greenhills Irish in Dorchester. Bova's mainly because it is always open

@mgnicosia wrote:
The ricotta pie at Torretta's in Revere is the best. @TheSagest has done extensive research.

Paradoox02459 wrote:
Antoine's in Newtonville


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