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Best Pulled Pork in New England?

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What restaurant or BBQ joint has the best pulled pork in New England? Are there any favorites outside of the Boston area? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated 4/24/14):

George wrote:
Blue Ribbon in Newton is #1.
Pulled pork, pulled beef, pulled chicken and great sides!

Dana wrote:
Pulled pork nachos at the Fat Cat in Quincy are unreal!

ali wrote:
Blue ribbon in Arlington hands down amazing

B wrote:
Pit Stop in Dorchester, they make the best southern style BBQ I've had up north.

@shimetsu /Alex wrote:
B.T's Smokehouse in Sturbridge, MA. The quality of their pork is top notch and the best within a 100 mile radius. This coming from someone who has been to a lot of great BBQ places in southern new England. I gladly take the 1 hour trek up to B.T's once a month.

rt wrote:
BT's smokehouse, Sturbridge

Andrea wrote:
I prefer Blue Ribbon BBQ to Redbones. Orinoco has a good shredded beef dish called Pabellon Criollo that is similar to pulled pork (though not traditional barbecue).

lb wrote:
IMHO, Soulfire is the best around!

Mike wrote:
Firefly's is great. And I was surprised by the pork at Kinsale. Very good.

@rossheiney wrote:
BT's Smokehouse in Sturbridge is competition barbecue at reasonable prices.

dt wrote:
Firefly is the best by far

Nancy R. wrote:
My go-to spot for pulled pork is Blue Ribbon Barbeque in Arlington. And everything else they serve is tops as well. Best ribs north of the Mason-Dixon Line.

masea wrote:
BT's the best pulled pork ever got to try the brisket; so mouthwatering

dp wrote:
Hands down Roundabout Diner in Portsmouth- original owners of Muddy River Smokehouse.

DG wrote:
Pulled pork nachos at The Farm in Essex....also, Sweet Cheeks on Boylston....

JC wrote:
Blue Ribbon in Newton.

LStaff wrote:
Sweet Cheeks is best I've had in the area lately.

rfsb wrote:
Buck's Naked Barbecue in Freeport ME should be on the short list. Also for their brisket. Neither needs any sauce.

Vanessa wrote:
Sweet Cheeks in Fenway! Delicious!

HT wrote:
Big fan of Bison County in Waltham.

DC who was once from NC wrote:
Blue ribbon all the way. Best place since I lived in NC.

JD wrote:
Tennessee's in Framingham; vastly underrated and always awesome!

AK wrote:
Blue Ribbon is the best BBQ I've had in NE and I lived in Texas so my standards are high.

BB wrote:
Goody Coles in Nh has great pulled pork and brisket, anything
Boston area is blue ribbon then sweet cheeks

KL wrote:
Bub's BBQ in Sunderland, MA!

Frederick W. wrote:
For nearly all BBQ, I prefer Blackstrap in Winthrop but specifically for pulled pork, I think Blue Ribbon wins out - we use them for catering at the office and they always get rave reviews on their pulled pork. I've only had it once at Sweet Cheeks and it was excellent but I need repeated visits.

deborah m wrote:
BT's Smokehouse is da bomb! I first heard about them on some bar-b-que show on the Travel Channel. Stopped on my way home from CT and was hooked. There is nothing they make that isn't awesome - oh yeah, and they make these balls of deliciousness that I can't remember what they are called but they are basically Mac-n-cheese and pulled pork mushed together, breaded and fried. Heaven.

kt wrote:
Tennessee bbq in braintree


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