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Favorite Roast Beef Joint?

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Who do you think makes the best roast beef sandwich in the Boston area? Any outside of the North Shore worth mentioning? [Go here to post a reply.]
(Posted by hiddenboston)

REPLIES (last updated ):

Ken M wrote:
Mike's Roast Beef on 99 in Everett

Mike wrote:
went to college in beverly... nicks roast beef is and always will be the best.

DRubin wrote:
Bill and Bob's in Woburn and Malden/Saugus? A lot of these places have essentially the same offerings. Mike's, Nick's, Liberty Bell but the details make some better than others. I like a well grilled, crispy bun which I gotta eat before the sauce get it too soggy. James River is the best bbq sauce served at a lot of these places

DAS wrote:
Harrison's in North Andover. Perfection.

GP wrote:
The original Kelly's in Revere.

@dcm520 wrote:
Roast Beast in Packard's Corner is definitely the best, with their secret beast sauce.

kev wrote:
American Provisions in South Boston. It's called the "Boursin & the Beast"

RCL wrote:
Nick's in Beverly da best! I miss Reilly's though. Double deluxe suicide.

TBE wrote:
Roast Beast by Packard's... the blissful plight of countless BU student's diets.

sirois65 wrote:
billy's roast beef wakefield

eh wrote:
Roast Beast is the best. onion roll, horseradish sauce, vermont cheddar.

KM wrote:
Billy's in Wakefield or Harrison's North Andover

SBS wrote:
Kelly's in Revere hands down!

RW wrote:
But you gotta get to Chicago and have an Italian Beef....

Tunse wrote:
Roast beef sandwich sliced right at the bar at the Mount Vernon Somerville, just over the C Town line.

nc wrote:
Billy's in Wakefield

WB wrote:
I've always been a Mike's in Everett, guy, but I've always heard good things about Nick's. The place in Eastie, Royal, is a sleeper....

pete wrote:
Jillian's in Lowell, MA

SB wrote:
Nick's Beverly, Billy's Wakefield, Harrison's North Andover.... In that order

RJL wrote:
Roast Beast on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston is in a league of its own. It owns Roast Beef sandwiches.

PnyLn wrote:
As far as Cambridge goes, Skampa on Cambridge St is pretty great!

RCL wrote:
Nick's up in Beverly. Period.

Randy L. wrote:
Nick's up in Beverly. Period.

Josh T. wrote:
Nick's. Done.

Steve S. wrote:
billy's melrose

@jsilva982 wrote:
@nicksbeverly without a doubt. I lived in DC for 5 years and Nick's would be my first stop after touching down at Logan.

George P. wrote:

DC wrote:
Harrison's North Andover

jeanc wrote:
Beachmont roast beef..under Beachmont T station. BETTER than Kelly's!

@jibbajabba99 wrote:
@cuttys roast beef 1000! Can't be beat...

@MartyMcCabe wrote:
Cuttys in Brookline. @cuttys. A thousand times Cuttys.

Pat M. wrote:
Royal east boston. Nothing else comes close

@JosephVictor81 wrote:
Peter's Roast Beef in Revere

@camozzi_joe wrote:
Prime Roast Beef and Seafood in Lexington. Large on an onion roll with a little horseradish. Perfection.
Cutty's is fantastic too! The Roast Beef 1000 is terrific. I can have two favorite places, right?

Frederick W. wrote:
No question: Royal Roast Beef on Bennington for traditional.
Roast Beast for yupscale.
Kelly's for tourists.

Bryan wrote:
King's Roast Beef in Salem MA! Awesome !!

miket wrote:
Used to be Royals in eastie but they've been slacking a little lately so the original kellys on revere beach is my new fave

Chantel wrote:
Roastbeast in Allston MA

Rich D. wrote:
Royal house in Methuen has a good sandwich

Karen K wrote:
Harrison's North Andover

PigTrip BBQ wrote:
Different style, but Cutty's in Brookline.

Lynne H. wrote:
Mount Vernon has an amazing Roast beef sandwich...its in a lightly buttered and grilled roll...nice medium rare roast beef..then they give you a cup of au jus to dip it in...Amazing!!! Also im not sure if it was only that day but it was 8.95 with fries and a draft beer!!! So so good!!

William E. wrote:
Beefmaster in Billerica....hottest horseradish sauce I've had. Super w/ cheese, hot horseradish and BBQ sauce is my standard order.

Christina M. D. wrote:
Georgio's in Brockton

Stacia D. wrote:
Mimi's in Malden!

Lisa C. wrote:
Mike's in Everett

@BC_Husker wrote:
kings in Salem is pretty amazing. Non-north shore entry is Simard's in Wilmington. Very serviceable.

@Bfklin wrote:
royale roast beef Eastie

@STWatkins78 wrote:
Roast Beast on Commonwealth and Naples...SAM V ftw

@TownsmanJordan wrote:
Roast Beast in Allston is tops.

@Life_As_KG wrote:
gaveston's cafe in marina bay, Quincy! Best Vietnamese food in mass!

@Jason_Has_Ideas wrote:
Best in Boston is Roast Beast in Allston, but best in Mass is Serio's in Northampton, get the El Toro:

@Sherridacherry wrote:
Kelly's in Revere will always be my favorite!

@itisbenjamin wrote:
@cuttys roast beef is the best I've ever had. I wish it was twice as big.

@PFEskeets wrote:
Billy's in Wakefield. The best hands down.

@k8droste wrote:
definitely @cuttys

@mcm743 wrote:
roast beast near BU is amazing

@Chase79Chris wrote:
Billy's in Wakefield, Harrison's in N Andover and Nicks in Beverly are all on par with each other and have the BEST

JMB wrote:
Royals Roast beef #1 stoneham
mikes Everett #2
Meme #3 Malden
Alamos #4 Medford

k8droste wrote:
definitely cuttys

k8droste wrote:
Beachmont, the King of all Beef...

Wile E. wrote:
definitely cuttys

JMH wrote:

mike b wrote:
Roast Beast. Those guys are awesome.

Doodle M wrote:
Blue House Roast Beef in Salem, NH. Their sandwiches are delicious as well as gigantic.

Paul J. wrote:
Royall Roast Beef in East Boston!!!

Patrick D. wrote:
Don't forget Kellys or Nicks roast beef as well!

Zachary A. wrote:
Kings and Nicks are a tie. I will put Kings fingers up against Nicks any day.

Dan M. wrote:
Cambridge. Tender, flavorful, cheap.

Lynne H. wrote:
Mount Vernon has an amazing special on the bar side...8.95. A big roast beef sandwich with au jus to dip in...served w fries or rings and a beer!!!!! I go at least once a week...bring friends that dont drink so you can drink their beer!!

Daniel G. wrote:
Kelly's ain't what it used to be. Royal in East Boston and Beachmont Roast Beef in Revere still offer up a quality sandwich.

Monique A. wrote:
Royal Roast Beef!!

Kevin M. wrote:
Mike's Roast Beef in Everett paired with waffle fries and nacho cheese

Samantha M. wrote:
BeefMaster roast beef and seafood up in Billerica! To die for!

Chris R. wrote:
Nick's Roast Beef - North Beverly

Ellen N. H. wrote:
Roast Beast in Allston

Lisa C. wrote:
Mike's in Everett

Buster M. wrote:
Love Kelly's!!!

@James13rown wrote:
Mike's Place, Saugus. The best.

@katerinahillios wrote:
NICKS ROAST BEEF @nicksbeverly

@joeyballs825 wrote:
no question Kellys!

Trems ‏@_Trems_ wrote:
Land and Sea in Peabody

Neil wrote:
Nicks in Beverly, Harrisons in North Andover and Nikos in Salisbury.

SZ Donut Boy wrote:
Billy's in Wakefield

Land N' Sea - PEABODY

matt c wrote:
No love for Land and Sea in South Peabody. Place is the best!

J.C. wrote:
Get the Old North Church at My Cousin's Place in the North End. Best roast beef sandwich in Boston.

bill wrote:
Kipos roast beef in Wakefield. Def a must have!!

lm wrote:
Land & Sea Peabody Ma Best roast beef & Seafood in North Shore by far everything always fresh and good service too

TEH wrote:
Nick's in Beverly!

Strauss wrote:
Mike's in Everett without a doubt. The ideal sandwich. Better than Kelly's, Skampa, Nick's, Cutty's, Roast Beast, Billy's, all of them, no question.


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