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What Is Your Favorite Restaurant for Sushi?

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The Boston area has a lot of Japanese restaurants and sushi bars. Which one is your favorite spot for sushi? What is your favorite specific item there? Do they also serve entrees for folks who don't like sushi? [Go here to post a reply.]
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REPLIES (last updated ):

JQ wrote:
Genki at Legacy Place in Dedham

stevez wrote:
Fish market is the best

HM wrote:
O Ya for special occasions, JP Seafood Cafe in my neighborhood, and Samurai Kuang when I'm at work!

Chris wrote:
Sato II in Stoneham!

Polly wrote:

MC Slim JB wrote:
For traditional: Toraya in Arlington, Oga in Natick, Inaho in Yarmouth Port, Oishii in Chestnut Hill.
For high-end and creative: O Ya in Boston, Uni in Boston.

MO wrote:
Yoki in Medford

Carol Yelverton wrote:
Asai in Belmont. Yum!

PLP wrote:
Hana Sushi in North Cambridge

CheckMark2015 wrote:
Douzo, or their sister restaurant Basho by Fenway..
Just came back from Seattle though, and nothing out here can touch what they're doing at Umi out there..

Fiona Han wrote:
MINADO in Natick!!!

jt wrote:
Ginger Exchange in cambridge is the best. Reasonable prices and great selections of rolls. Happy hour is the best with great deals.

RJR wrote:

LD wrote:
shogun in newton, or sushi box in waltham

Drew wrote:
Seijo on Washington St in the South End!

EC wrote:
Yoshi's on College Ave is Somerville is great. It's low key, the staff is great and the food is delicious. I've never eaten anything I didn't like.

CF wrote:
Douzo or Zendo in Hingham!

ph wrote:
New Ginza in Watertown
Shiki in Brookline

JM wrote:
Toraya in Arlington!

QM wrote:
Toraya, Arlington.

matt wrote:
Sake in Saugus
Sea Lion in Danvers (Liberty Tree Mall...seriously)

em wrote:
Avana in Chinatown. Cheap as dirt and the rolls are absolutely packed with fish

Brodude wrote:
BlueFin in Porter Sq is solid.

Dana wrote:
All Seasons Table, Malden

MR wrote:
Toraya, O Ya, Oishii

GH wrote:
Super Fusion in Brookline, Watertown, and a couple others.

kc wrote:
Sushi corner in melrose

@Sarahhhhh_v wrote:
"The Q" on Washington Street next to the Chinatown T stop, and "Snappy Sushi" on Newbury Street.

JG wrote:
All Seasons in Malden!

kay b wrote:
Favorite: genki Ya (cambridge or boston)
Runner up: today a (Arlington)
Liked All Seasons in Malden too

lb wrote:
Fugakyu hands down! Best sushi

Real_Dheel wrote:
Fins in the Beacon Hill area of Boston by far has the best sushi! Very fresh and not overpriced!

t wrote:
Avana in Chinatown or Reading

gucci wrote:
You need to check out Joe at China Cuisine in North Reading. If the fish were any fresher, they'd be punished!

Spinypine wrote:
I miss Sushi Island!!!

cf wrote:
Asahi in Brighton, Douzo in Back Bay, shogun in Newton

Julie K. wrote:
Fusion Taste @ Stoneham .... excellent! !!

Maria P. S. wrote:
Cafe Sushi in Cambridge

Tricia R. wrote:
Cafe Sushi!

Julie B. wrote:
TORAYA.... hands down. Although it's technically in Arlington

Geoff W. wrote:
Fish Market

Will S. wrote:

@Jennifer5887052 wrote:
Takara in Wayland. Amazing ! Just got home in fact !

@wearenotmartha wrote:
I'm a big fan of Genki Ya, Duozo, and North End Fish Market.

@hungrytommy wrote:
Ginger Japanese Restaurant in Bedford is a great neighborhood sushi spot. #PTMYH

@a_q_k wrote:
still super fusion brookline. I don't really want anyone to know about it though, so this tweet is counterproductive. Shhh!

@heyitsamandajo wrote:
Douzo hands down!

JE wrote:
All Seasons Table, Malden.

s c wrote:
snappy sushi

CJRobichaud wrote:
Cafe Sushi in Cambridge

David S wrote:
Traditional: Samurai downtown
Creative: O ya or Gari

Eddie G. wrote:
Oishii, Osaka, JP Seafood.

Lori G. P. wrote:
Oishii in Chestnut Hill

Maggie wrote:
Hillstone at 60 state street

Franceska O. wrote:
Oyes in Reading

SunnyLikemyRainBoots wrote:
Toraya, Arlington. NO QUESTION. Spicy Tuna Maki is amazing, the best I have had. They do have options for the non-sushi people.

Rockwell wrote:
O Ya for special occasions / Douzo for everyday.

PGM wrote:
Edamame in Watertown. Great spot tucked into the corner of a tucked away strip mall. Delicious food. Beautiful fresh sushi. Creative, delicious maki. I found this place only because of a discount coupon. But I've been back several times and gladly paid full price.

JM wrote:
Toraya, Toraya, Toraya!

PL wrote:
Fugakyu all day

BMH wrote:
Symphony Sushi in Back Bay!

JBM wrote:
I'll give props to Takara in Canton.
Back in Boston my regular spots were Ginger Exchange, Samurai and Douzo.

KG wrote:
Ten-Ichi in Natick/Framingham
Super Fusion Too in Watertown
Fugakyu in Brookline

Jessica wrote:
Daikanyama in Lexington

Lori G. P. wrote:
Oishi in Chestnut Hill

Don H. wrote:
Not to be confused with Fuji 1591, or whatever it's called. They're across from the Dunkies in the Wollaston neighborhood of Quincy. The 'susi dinner for two' is great! Angelia runs a great restaurant!

William E. wrote:
Oishi and decor.

Marsha B. wrote:
Mai Pearl in Foxboro and sister restaurant Mai Place in Canton.
Inari Pillow appetizer is amazing, as well as Olympus Maki and Arizona Maki; salmon sashimi. Everything is so fresh and delicious! They also have a Chinese menu which is very good.

@ipickmynose wrote:
Avana! Cheap and good!

@cindy_simas wrote:
MaSoba, Cambridge st Boston

@Lissa3243 wrote:
all seasons in Malden! Fruit loop shots and its super affordable

@nickylibs wrote:
@RedLantern obviously! And @OsakaBrookline too!

@agirlandhermutt wrote:
super fusion in Watertown!

@une_avalanche wrote:
FuGaKyu isnt so bad.

Tommy M. wrote:
Thelonious Monkfish - Central Square in Cambridge 02139

Frederick W. wrote:
Osaka Lucky Garden, Winthrop. Upscale yet inexpensive, high quality. Superb chirashi style sashimi. Minimal use of mayo-based sauces. 

@cgooch113 wrote:
Junji's in Marblehead

mj wrote:
Yama Zakura, Northborough

dcd825 wrote:
Sei Bar- Medford/Wakefield/Everett

anonymous wrote:
Minado in natick. All u can eat good options

Maurice wrote:
Yama Zakura in Northborough!

PM wrote:
Douzo in Boston is great.
All Season's Table in Malden is worth the trip to the burbs. Two Words: Sushi Pizza

Sally M. wrote:
Oya is the best sushi if money is no object, for the special occasion. Otherwise, I like Fugakyu.

HFB wrote:

Loretta W. wrote:
Douzo right by Back Bay station.

Frederick W. wrote:
Love Basho by Fenway.

cs wrote:
Yoki of medford

Linda Clark Rosenstein wrote:
Junji's in Marblehead, MA Junji & his wife & staff, used to own & operate #SushiIsland in Wakefield, MA @spineyfield

CG wrote:
Oga's, Natick

stacey wrote:
YOKI station landing in medford is thre best!

Jill L wrote:
Bamboo Dedham Ma

J wrote:
Cafe Sushi in Cambridge. Specifically the omakase.

JH wrote:
Mr. Sushi in Brookline!

SH wrote:

SM wrote:
Avana Sushi in Chinatown, JP Seafood Cafe for nearby and the fact that you can bring non sushi eating friends because they have a big seafood menu, and Fish Market in Allston.

Rich D. wrote:
Cafe Sushi, in Cambridge. Always for omakase with Chef Imura.

Geoff W. wrote:
Fish Market in Allston

Diane M. H. wrote:
Blue Fuji, Medford Square

Sandra W. wrote:
Oga's in Natick

Brian K. M. wrote:
Kenji at Kendall

Roy W. wrote:
Avana Sushi in Chinatown!

@stewmatic wrote:
OGA'S Natick MA best sushi around!

@JJFarrell451 wrote:
Super Fusion in Watertown is very good/good value...Obviously Fugakyu in Brookline...

Christie L. B. wrote:
Red Lantern

Wendy S. wrote:
That's easy. Often in Chinatown. Go to: Avana Sushi. Delicious, fresh-tasting sushi. Lunch specials unbeatable for prices and choices. Great for take-out. Can get busy, so be prepared to be patient, especially with servers who speak little English.

NS wrote:
Super Fusion in Watertown and Brookline. I've never found a place to top it!


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