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Favorite Restaurant in Waltham, MA?

(From Our Questions and Answers Feature)

What is your favorite dining spot in Waltham, MA? Feel free to post your answer below, perhaps including a description and what you like at the restaurant. [Go here to post a reply.]


TONY wrote:
Carl's. Eat it at home. Chateau is always fun, for some reason. I wish there were MORE places in North Waltham (Lex/Trap area). Grassfields?
(Posted on 1/14/10)

M wrote:
I love la Campania, too.
The cafe on the common has great scones and pastries.
(Posted on 1/18/10)

ERN wrote:
Taqueria Mexico (24 Charles Street) is some of the best Mexican food I have had on the east coast and cheap! The lunch buffet at Little India is also good ($10 all you can eat) and for coffee/bagels Cafe on the Common.
(Posted on 3/14/10)

SJM wrote:
Little India, Elephant Walk, Erawan of Siam, Watch City Brewing Company.
(Posted on 3/14/10)

SJM wrote:
And of course, how could I forget Carl's (order a Large Misteak ;)
(Posted on 3/14/10)

VV wrote:
Tempo has great appetizers and martinis. Carls has the BEST burritos around - hands down. Chateau's food is great but the place is very geriatric. Bombay Mahal has great naan and Indian fare!
(Posted on 3/15/10)

BBatch wrote:
La Campania - awesome homemade pastas and great authentic feel!
(Posted on 3/15/10)

CK wrote:
Biagio is my fave!
(Posted on 3/15/10)

Charlie wrote:
Erawan of Siam offers one of the best PAD THAI in Metro West. I also love its Thai Iced Tea. Very attentive service and great ambiance.
(Posted on 4/12/10)

Frank Mc wrote:
Bison County. Great BBQ. Awesome South Carolina wings and Sweet Potato fries.
(Posted on 5/17/12)

JR wrote:
Il Capriccio for a special meal. Elephant Walk.
(Posted on 5/17/12)

SM wrote:
Taqueria el Amigo - best Mexican ever
(Posted on 5/17/12)

DD wrote:
Habaneros, Sadies, The Gaff, Bison County, Taqueria Mexico, il capriccio, tempo, waltham's restaurant row
(Posted on 5/17/12)

TK wrote:
For family dining it's The Chateau - the take out line is on my speed dial. Tom Can Cook for Asian, Marcellino's for Italian, and Watch City for some great brews.
(Posted on 5/17/12)

sctop wrote:
Il Capriccio is the special occasion restaurant in Waltham. Bison Country, John Brewer's, Habanero's[beware slow service] & Watch City Brewery are all casual places with at least decent food.
(Posted on 5/17/12)

Dave B. wrote:
The eggplant parm at Dom's because it's as close to my great aunt's as I've found.
Taqueria Mexico. Sangria, cheap but tasty food, and outdoor patio.
Tree Top Thai. Mango curry, crab rangoons, thai iced tea.
(Posted on 5/17/12)

geoffpm wrote:
Tacqueria Mexico and the Ugandan rest Karibu
(Posted on 5/18/12)

RD wrote:
Sadies saloon, best steak tips in boston!
(Posted on 5/18/12)

KO wrote:
NakedFish for yummy, creative seafood and killer apps & cocktails
(Posted on 5/24/12)

F wrote:
New Mother India
Ristorante Marcellino
(Posted on 5/30/12)


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