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Favorite Restaurant in Worcester, MA?

(From Our Questions and Answers Feature)

What is your favorite dining spot in Worcester, MA? Feel free to post your answer below, perhaps including a description and what you like at the restaurant. [Go here to post a reply.]


PJH wrote:
Texas Roadhouse.
Ya, ya, blah, blah, blah, I know it's a chain. But where else can you find handcut steaks, fresh cooked bread, and kick ass Margaritas at the ridiculously low price they offer? I can take family of five and eat there for about $50! And leave full and happy. Service is typically very, very good too. Never had a bad meal there!
(Posted on 5/28/09)

EM wrote:
Sole Proprietor.
(Posted on 5/28/09)

TMK wrote:
+1 on the Texas Roadhouse.
+1 on Sole Proprietor.
Also hear Tacara for Sushi and Martini's is great! And can't forget a burger at Wild Willys!
(Posted on 5/28/09)

Mike wrote:
I like Italian Mac's and Zia's do that fine. Via is a little too pricey but damn the gelato is awesome; food is great too. You get what you pay for there.
(Posted on 11/22/09)

kmm wrote:
Italian...Castelano's (now could be Canal)..Chinese - Red far!...
(Posted on 1/15/10)

KF wrote:
Bocado - tapas are delicious, also the Flying Rhino on Shrewsbury Street.
(Posted on 2/2/10)


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