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Readers' Restaurant Posts, November-December, 2016

Each week we ask our readers (via social media) what restaurants they have been to recently, with some of these posts being shown here. The ones below are from November and December of 2016. (Please go to the main page of this section to see posts from other months.)

Posts from December 31, 2016:

Patrick M.
Viale in Central Square in Cambridge. Pic is Jonah Crab soup w/lobster scallion fritters. #Tremendous

Jennifer W.
I was in North Carolina and had the kind of amazing barbecue that just doesn't seem possible up here. Bonus points for amazing craft beer.

Craig C.
Aladdin Grill

Marian F.
Tango in Arlington on Christmas Eve. It was very good. Enjoyed the stuffed peppers--actually I only enjoyed one, because being too full, I had to take the other one home! Apps were dates wrapped in bacon with provolone cheese and a beet, orange and gorgonzola cheese salad. And the chocolate mousse cake and chocolate martini--wow!

Judie B.
Brassica in Jamaica Plain. This place has a lot going for it - funky-hip vibe, terrific service and delicious food (small plates). Especially enjoyed the brussel sprouts, grilled salad and eggplant toasts.

Kirsten B.
$$$Lumiere in Newton a couple of weeks ago for our anniversary. Relaxed atmosphere, not stuffy or snobbish. The waiter was attentive, but not overbearing. The food was better than expected given the mixed reviews. If we hit the lottery, we will go back.

Alison S. D.
Bergamot in Somerville for Xmas Eve. Fixed price, three courses, everything outstanding. Lately, I've found at many "fine-dining" places that the apps outshine the entrees, but all our dishes from start to finish were excellent.

Amy H.
Bamboo in Dedham. The buffet never disappoints and they make a great cocktail.

Posts from December 18, 2016:

Anthony D.
IHOP, Texas Roadhouse and my company cafeteria...

Ron L.
Oak & Rowan

Joyce G. R.
The Hot Stove

Kim S.
Cipriani's on Wall Street in NYC. Beef Cheek's special. Pay a lot of money for good food and incredible NYC ambiance.
Penn Station: Don Pepi's Deli. Incredible. Liked it more than Ciprianis.

Aron L.
Buffalo Wild Wings Burlington.
Just no.

Jay V.
Zahav in Philly... omg!

Ingrid S.
Bob's in Medford (Meffa). The Deluxe Imported Italian sub is terrific. We stopped at Arthur's Pastry for dessert. Very fresh and tasty cookies and the guy who helped us was charming!

Jennifer W.
Went to Bernard's in Newton, it was nice. I guess I prefer the Chinatown places, or Taiwanese places. But the scallion pancakes were super thin and crispy! I could have eaten a hundred of them!

Fran J.
Good Thymes in Lowell: the steak tips were tender & tasty, seafood casserole was delicious, sweet potato fries were Perfect; then we topped it off with yummy chocolate pecan pie!

Marian F.
I had a delicious sandwich at Lilly's Cafe and Bakery in Watertown: turkey and cheddar cheese with lettuce and tomato on ciabatta bread.

Rich C.
Dave's World Famous in Woburn for some of their excellent chicken noodle soup.
Thana Thai Kitchen in Arlington for Kang Jeud soup and Pad Thai (the pad thai was interesting -- noticeably less sweet than in typical Thai restaurants)
Jim's Kebob Express in Lawrence. Yummy stuffed grape leaves and mini meat pies.

Paul C.
Ohana in Gloucester none better

Candice C.
Pastoral...the burata...the pasta. So yummy.
Flatbread pizza at Sacco's Bowling.
Scali for an eggplant Parmesan sub.

Alison S. D.
Spring, in London's Somerset House. Lovely space, attentive but not overbearing service, and beef tartare to die for.

Joe G.
Worden Hall....

Refael A.
The Automatic Food & Drink Talented food selection with a great vibe. (cocktails were a bit weak thu)
Joe's American Bar & Grill Newbury Street simple fun for Sunday brunch (Was a beautiful day)

Frank C.
Babbo in the seaport - Highly recommend - Ziti with swordfish; roasted beets with pistachio; Octopus all'Arrabiata; Maple Coppetta; Meyer Lemon Panna Cotta

Dawn C. A.
Daikanyama in Lexington, Sichuan Garden II in Woburn, Southern Kin in Assembly Row. All very good.

Linda P.
I was in NYC last weekend and ate at Mother Burger. Had a hamburger stuffed grilled cheese & bacon sandwich. Drinks were also fabulous. (that's a pink lemonade with champagne)

Posts from December 7, 2016:

Amy H.
Myers & Chang--fantastic as always!

Ann M. S.
Smoke Shop in Kendall. Slightly disappointed.

Kate S.
We had a delicious dinner Tuesday night at Metropolis in the South End. Siracha brussel sprouts with homemade ranch were likely the best my wife and I had ever had. Shrimp and pork belly risotto with salsa verde was also amazing. We'll be back!

Chris T.
At the automatic right now. Did bar mezanna on Sunday.

Aron L.
I had a hot dog and a slice of pizza at Costco for lunch

Judie B.
Myers + Chang with a small group. Stand-outs: whole grilled fish, grilled octopus, prawns, charred udon noodles and the always fabulous sweet and sour brussel sprouts.

Lynne B.
Snagged a seat at the bar for Il Pesce - octopus was well-prepared if a hair spicier than I wanted, mackerel crudo delicious and not overwhelmingly fishy but still definitely mackerel. Contributing to the pokepocalypse tonight at Pokeworks, even if I end up having a sushirito instead.

Jennifer C.
Went to Piperi Mediterranean for lunch today - pretty good!

Walter N.
Had the stuffed squid with jumbo shrimp over tagliatelle pasta. Two good-sized bodies stuffed with a puree of eggplant-peppers served with 1 jumbo head-on shrimp. I asked to kick-up the marinara and they did...just right! at Charcoal Guidos

Lyndon F.
Tuna salad roll Steamship Authority

Posts from November 30, 2016:

Chris T.
Hojoko, izakaya ittoku, Backbar, the independent, Hawthorne.

Geoff W.
Darbar in Brighton for my favorites, Chat Papri and Magaz Masala.
Happy Thanksgiving Eve Eve to everyone as well!

Ann M. S.
Redstone's in Burlington. Very good.

Jennifer C.
Just tried Shiki in Brookline! It was pretty tasty! And I ordered something that I had no idea what it was, and I really enjoyed it! (it was salmon, and noodles, and some veggies!)

Mary S.
Full Moon, Armando's and Fiorella's Express

Paul B.
Fred's Seafood in Randolph. Hearty fish chowder and generous sole and chips

Cynthia W.
The Lobster Bar, Newport, RI for lunch Saturday. Expensive but location, location, location. Fish and chips were very good.

Frank C.
Second trip to Hojoko in as many weeks...When your friends ask you to suggest a "really fun" restaurant with excellent food, this is the place. Great Japanese roadhouse vibe. Where else can you get sake bombs and "scrape your own" tuna ribs to make sushi rolls ?

Patrick S.
Il Capriccio Waltham last night. Fantastic all around. Tuna Tartare with avocado, chicken schnitzel and a baked portofino app.

Mary Anne L.
Sabatino's Wakefield

Kristine M.
DePasquale's in Newton! Tasty stuff!

Aron L.
Went to BISq the other night for some sherry. What an extraordinary wine bar!

Jennifer W.
Deep Ellum for craft beer, poutine with duck gravy, and a charcuterie plate, excellent all around! Oh and a stop a Fomu next door for a ridiculously good chocolate/hazelnut "ice cream" with chocolate covered smoked honey combs. Seriously, this stuff is better than a lot dairy ice creams out there!

Posts from November 20, 2016:

Geoff W.
I went to more places than I realized until now, plus one I didn't mention the previous week. Crave - Mad For Chicken in Chinatown: Great Korean Fried Wings but didn't like the Wonton Mozzarella Sticks. The wonton wrapper was too thick and the cheesy wasn't melty. Mi Pueblito in East Boston: Great pupusas, Chilaquiles were good. McMeiMei pop-up at Mei Mei Street Kitchen: Great take on McDonald's food, especially the apple pie. I was lovin' it! They called it the inaugural event so I hope to go again in the future. Lastly, Sullivan's at Castle Island for hopefully not the last time of the season: Got half priced hot dogs and a cheeseburger, plus a Razzle, which is basically a DQ Blizzard.
I forgot to mention that I discovered Banh Mi Ba Le in Dorchester on a trip to the JFK Library and Museum with a friend. It was a smallish place that packs in the food counter, a small market and a drink spot. For drinks, we ordered Fresh Sugar Cane Juice and a French Cappuccino, which was a Vietnamese iced coffee all blended up for a texture that was smooth and slushy at the same time. For food, there weren't any signs so we ordered by pointing and asking questions so my descriptions will be lacking. I had a chicken dish that tasted like it had curry with another type of sauce. My friend ordered a mish mash of snack things that included the Vietnamese egg roll, which I recognized from Saigon Sandwich. I highly recommend Banh Mi Ba Le.

Mike G.
Fasika, Ethiopian restaurant in Somerville. Three Amigos, down-home Mexican, Stoneham. Gaucho, Brazilian BBQ/cafeteria, Somerville. William's restaurant, Gardner, old-school American. Getting outside the pull of Boston, but finally made it out to Honest Weight Brewing, Orange MA

Sue E.
We tried Sura BBQ in Medford Square, where Chung Ki Wa used to be. It was very good! It's Korean barbecue and other Korean dishes. They have an all-you-can-eat option, but we did not partake (yet).

Jeff V. M. S.
Matt Murphy's Pub in Brookline Village. Great service, great beer, and the sandwich I had was terrific.

Paul B.
Floramo's "Where the meat falls off the bones" great classic American Italian family restaurant. And Shojo ramen with extra noodles

Ron L.
Oak & Rowan. The food is pretty good but service has a lot of wrinkles. They seem to think they a serving the elite of Newburyport instead of the more sensitive folks of Boston.

Walter N.
ate at Crave-the Mad Chicken...chicken was crisp and tasty..the uni on rice roll was fresh and the crunchy-crab /octopus rice balls were inventive and tasty...Lychee martini and Suffering Bastard cocktails were good accompaniments..pretty extensive menu

Frank C.
Little Donkey. Good but nowhere near the hyped expectations. Chinese sausage filled Parker house Roll was memorable.

Roy K.
Phuket for Crazy Noodles in West Roxbury on Wednesday... a great little restaurant, especially if you like your Thai food a little on the sweet side. And The Rox, also in West Roxbury, today for a late breakfast... one of the best.

Carina D.
The Fat Cat ... a friend had duck which i tried and was one of the best but unfortunately I ordered my usual the tuna steak which was more 'done' than it should be. The creme brule was as always, just perfect!

Dawn C. A.
Royal India Bistro in Lexington center. Outstanding as always.

Jennifer C.
BLR in Chinatown - pretty good, but limited menu. Also Redbones last night - tasty of course.

Sandie B. S.
Texas Roadhouse! Best food and service EVAH!!! Kudos to Chris the bartender.

Justin P.
Doms sausage in Malden. That is my go to for tips and sausage

Posts from November 10, 2016:

Leah K.
Just went to Babbo - figured it might be good to try it before Italy opens. I had some delicious olives and the pizza was good but I think there is some tough competition for better pizza around. I had a bite of carbonara that was pretty fabulous though! Henry says order the fried potatoes with rosemary and sea salt.

Chris T.
Backbar. I miss their ramen, but the tacos were decent.

Geoff W.
I don't do vegan very often but when I do, I hit up my favorite, The Loving Hut in Worcester. Also went to Gourmet China House in Chinatown.

Heather W. G.
Got a Garden Veggie pizza from Veggie Crust in Somerville - my favorite veggie pizza by far. Crust is fantastic.

Cathy K.
I tried the new restaurant Cornish Pasty in the Back Bay. I went with a friend who is from London (vast experience with the pasty) and he is also a foodie. He gave it two BIG thumbs up. I, personally found it to be a refreshing addition to the neighborhood. The food was tasty, fresh ingredients, a laid-back atmosphere with a bit of an edgy vibe. I don't love heavy foods so I wouldn't eat there often, but definitely will be back. The owner and the staff are very friendly.

Catherine G.
Excited to try Little Donkey tonight

Susan H.
Ma Maison, Pier 6, Marliave (tonight)

Patrick S.
Trying the new Belmont restaurant Shines tonight...
Quite pleased. Pan fried pork and vegetable dumplings are not to be missed with a sweet chili soy dipping sauce. Fantastic menu spanning Korean, Vietnamese, traditional Chinese/Japanese, noodles, and sushi. Prices reasonable and very friendly staff. Went simple with Pad Tai and delicious sesame chicken super thin and crispy outside with all white meat chicken. Will return for more out of the ordinary options.

Frank S.
We are in West Palm Beach was at Taboo's last night . French tonight.

Sanaz R.
SRV, Porto, Toro ...

John H.
Thai Noodle Bar in Quincy is a winner!!

Jessica C. M.
Tried Dumpling Kingdom in Allston dumplings were just ok but the mala spicy beef and twice cooked pork were great.

Walter N.
at the bar of Ostra for a tomato-oyster martini and their preparation of Spanish octopus with capers and vidalia onions with herbed oil--the char was perfect for the tender-sliced tentacles

Frank C.
Birthday dinner at Bar Mezzana. Excellent extensive crudo menu. Pasta highlight was the PACCHERI with lobster, green onion, tomato.

Amanda W.
The Brook Kitchen and Tap in Holbrook. Food was really good, huge portions.

Stewart M.
Spent an hour or so in Blue Bag Records on Mass Ave near the Arlington line this afternoon, so we went across the street to Greek Corner for the first time. I had been thinking gyros or souvlaki, but when we sat down, I thought "This is exactly the kind of Greek place that has a better cheeseburger than you'd expect." And indeed, the Cheeseburger Deluxe Plate was a fine example of the form.

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