Boston's Hidden Restaurants

Readers' Restaurant Posts, January-February, 2016

Each week we ask our readers (via social media) what restaurants they have been to recently, with some of these posts being shown here. The ones below are from January and February of 2016. (Please go to the main page of this section to see posts from other months.)

Posts from February 25, 2016:

Jennifer C.
Max and Leo's for pizza in Newton. Delicious! Very small, but super busy!

Rick P.

Aron L.
Cheesecake in Burlington. I am not proud.

Kristen N.
Friendly Toast, Baldwin Bar and Soall Bistro in Marblehead.

Dawn C. A.
We went to Gyu-Kaku in Harvard Square. Fun spot, with dollar drafts!

Mari P.
Judies in Amherst, MA, (known for their giant popovers)- we go often, daughter goes to UMASS, and Federal Hill, Providence, RI Roma Gourmet, best italian grinder*(full service Italian market) they open up the rest, so you can order a meal go eat in the rest, (closed during the day) opens later on at night for dinner on weekends. Ciro's, Woonoscket, RI steak sandwhich, best around!

Marsha B.
Sweet Basil in Needham. The meat eater in the family said the steak was as good as anywhere we've eaten, including many of the steakhouses in the Boston area! Dave Becker, the owner, was schmoozing with everyone and came outside to pass around crostini to everyone who was waiting without complaint (no reservations for less than six people) on a slammed Saturday night! Spectacular! The other food was delicious as usual, and portions were huge!
Go early (1hr. wait at 6:30) or plan to put your name in and get a drink in the neighborhood. They'll call you when your table is about ready.
Also, Daily Catch in the North End. Homemade squid ink aglio olio with ground calamari was fabulous! Almost made me not mind drinking a decent Sangiovese from a plastic cup... almost.

Jessica C. M.
Went to the soft opening of Shanti in Cambridge last night. Nice space and the food was excellent.

Louis G.
Branch Line in Watertown. Great decor (with space for outside dining), excellent Mediterranean cuisine.

Dawn B.
I'm a little late, but on Presidents' Day we went to Shun Ju in North Andover and had the most amazing food (as usual!) Tuna avocado ball, salmon and eel roll, mongolian lamb... to die for.

Jack C.
Went to Common Ground in Arlington for a beer and some always excellent food. Particularly enjoyed the Cuban.

Zachary A.
we had a killer block party with the guys from Bambolina in Salem. Those guys are doing great things with more to come!

Heather W. G.
Flo's in Cape Neddick, ME - I grew up on these hot dogs, so they run through my veins and Warren's in Kittery for fried shrimp!! Oh, and a great meatball sub from City Slickers in Somerville

Suzanne L. L.
Went to Common Ground with two girlfriends to celebrate our all turning 50 within a month of each other - we got caught up in trivia night. Then went to The Abbey in Cambridge with my husband - it's our new go-to place for a nice weekend dinner (and I had the most delicious 1/2 chicken on smoky lentils!).

Judie B.
Vee Vee in JP. Made a good meal from some of the apps. Do wish they would shake up their entrees - same old for too long. Speaking of change, we found a new menu at Alta Strada in Wellesley this week. A few favs are gone (fedelini with clams for one). But, hooray, they still have the spicy spaghettini with oil, garlic and pomodoro. IMHO, this is one of the best pasta dishes around.

Sandie B. S.
Went to Temazcal's for my birthday. Great food but a little on the pricey side. Love the huge bar!

Julie N.
I went to 12 Hours in Oak Square last night. I had the kimchi fried rice with tofu and veggies & the shumai and both were very tasty! The tofu was not spongy (I hate that) and the shumai was crispy but not greasy...almost like it was toasted. I'll go back again. The atmosphere is very Allston-esque with modern music and chalkboards and a young vibe. The service was good but be prepared to clean up after yourself, which results in tipping being optional. I am so glad to see something like this in Oak Square. We need some life out there! I hope they survive!

Jimmy C.
Shabu & Mein, Moody's (the Katz), fiorellas (baby clams), superfusion. Branchline, and cook.

Posts from February 18, 2016:

Kimberly A.
Port Bistro in Kingston & Driftwood Publick House in Plymouth

Victor C.
Our old standby, Chang An.

Mark R.
South Garden Quincy MA

Jeff L.
L'Espalier for dinner on Friday. They prepared an amazing six course vegan degustation menu. Cost more than a car payment but service and food was worth every penny.

Carol Y.
Arturo's in Westborough. Totally legitimate meatballs.

Charity S.
Mostly we stayed home and cooked for ourselves, but Thursday night we had an impromptu date night at Bronwyn, excellent as usual.

Dien H.
Tiger Mama. The rumors are true. It is amazing. The duck is the best I have had on this side of the Pacific. Lord.

Jimmy C.
Sorellina, branchline (chicken!) flat patties, tiger mama, Chang sho (Peking duck!) max & Leo's

Kate S.
We had a delicious brunch at Fairstead Kitchen in Brookline on Saturday morning, and amazing soup and pork belly at Seoul Soulongtang in Allston on Saturday night. Last night we did an inventive and delicious 4-course V-day dinner and oysters at Tres Gatos in JP. Highly recommend all three!

Robin C.
Real Gusto in Medford. Delicious chicken Marsala and tasty salmon with lemon dish. Warm and friendly and looking forward to going back to try the pizza. They have quite an oven!

Neal Z.
Bastille Kitchen in Boston. Great food and service

Warren S.
We went to Flank. The food was great, but the service was very inconsistent.

Jessica C. M.
Tried the Sea Level Oyster Bar in Salem on Saturday. Thought it was pretty good and not too pricy.

Jeremy K.
Shabu Restaurant in Quincy, Double Chin in Boston's Chinatown and Armsby Abbey in Worcester

Dan L.
Twelve Hours in Oak Square section of Brighton. I have not had a dinner for two for under $25 in years! Excellent, low-frills, low-pressure and creative noodle dishes. Wondering what you think, Marc, about the trend for (over)simplifying the ordering process with menus that include "Step 1 choose a noodle, Step 2 choose a meat, etc"

Dave M.
I had the ramen at Strip Ts for lunch Sat and a burger at Highland Kitchen for dinner. Both were great as usual.

Frank C.
Two trips to Santouka Hokkaido Ramen in Harvard Square in as many weeks. Perfect for a 20 below evening. Wish they had an alcohol license but Grafton Pub next door served us well pre and post. Also had an epic meal at Tiger Mama before the Big Air event at Fenway. Amazing flavor explosion !

Robert T.
Fuloon for home style eggplant and Mapo tofu! Great stuff.

Posts from February 12, 2016:

Richard A.
Returned for another visit to The Porch in Wakefield. They continue to improve and their Gumbo was quite tasty. Went to the OISA Ramen pop-up at Snappy Sushi on Newbury. Superb Ramen (of which I review tomorrow). Red's Best at Boston Public Market for a good plate of fried clams.

Bobby O.
Gyu-Kaku in Brookline had a great sale during the superbowl, which coincided with another deal they have going for all of February. $2 kirins and like, $3 yakiniku meats. We got some filet mignon chunks to grill at our table for $5. it was awesome, had a huge lunch for two for like $30
Also went to Live Noodles on comm ave today which was a huuuuuuge disappointment unfortunately

Frank C.
Barcelona on Tremont - Absolutely horrible, arrogant service for a birthday get-together for 10. I've never been in a restaurant that made it so difficult to spend money on food and drink. Did I say horrible ?? On the other hand I'd give a VERY strong endorsement to Hokkaido Ramen Santouka in Harvard Square. Arguably the richest broth I've ever had (enlarge photo)..Perfect for a snow day. Great price:performance ratio at $12.00

Daniel S.
Cafe Luna in Central Square. Fantastic as usual

Paul S.
Bergamot. Everything was perfect.
Walburger - meh

Dori W.
Back to Cuchi Cuchi after a long while and I apologetically can only comment on the cocktails, which were simply DIVINE...really delicious, reasonably priced and made by a lovely bartendar. Plus, no college kids anywhere in sight. Date there later in the month for drinks and food again.

Toby R.
Shan-a-Punjab in Brookline. We had to wait a very long time for the tandoori chicken to be ready. The other diners were served at least 30 minutes before we were. It was very good, but we shouldn't have had to wait so long.

Geoff W.
Gave myself a mega-burrito food coma at Burrito Bowl V. Had tasty food and got to see how much our local chefs love each other. The entire event was a great time, even if Villa Mexico Cafe didn't repeat. smile emoticon On a non-eating side note but still related, I attended Intro to Boston's Culinary Community, in which Brian Moy, Irene Li, Jamie Bissonnette, and Rachel Leah Blumenthal all spoke. My main takeaways were how tight our local chefs are, always willing to help each other out, and how they do not see that nearly as much in other cities, and how much they try to treat their staffs well. Went to Crudo for sushi in the North End. Pretty solid. Ceviche was tasty but lacking in substance for the price. Maki rolls were really good. Had Dragon, One Night Stand and Shogun, in order from top to bottom in my photo.

Heather W. G.
Started with a burger at Sally O'Brien's - good beer and food. Highland Kitchen for the grilled cheese and tomato soup (yum!). Finally made it to Banyan - outstanding cocktails, pig tails...

Carol Y.
La Casa de Pedro food is always lively. And, ia cool place to hang out.

John H.
The Townshend in Quincy Center. Amazing cocktail program and a fantastic meal. Meat & Cheese Board, Gnochi with wild mushrooms & Squash, Hanger Steak on Mashed. Oh yeah.. Almost forgot the pork belly appetizer.. Beyond awesome. The place would be right at home in the city but it is eye popping great in the burbs.

Jimmy C.
Live noodles - agree with Bobby it is a huge disappointment. Moody's Backroom (again- can't get enough)

Walter N.
Cafe Escadrille in Burlington. the menu selection and quality of the food says a return visit will happen sooner then later. Enjoyed appetizers of crab-stuffed deviled eggs and candied- thick sliced bacon with bluecheese, fig jam and blueberries...and this was just the beginning of a very satisfying meal.

Greg P.
Your recent reminder about Irish Pubs sent me off to The Merchant. One of my fav's in Boston

Marco C.
Yvonne's is definitely worth a check out.

Paul B.
Tasty Burger in Fenway - Ok fast food burger, hot dog served barely warm. The bar seating is terribly uncomfortable. Max & Leo's at Game On was much more satisfying. Beautiful Bbq Chicken calzone.

Leah K.
Tried Banyan- want to go back and try more, at Curio right now with a waffle and coffee (perfect snowy day spot with free wifi) and went to Bobby Flay Burger Palace with the kids on the snow day - it's solid- really enjoyed the vegas burger
Playska for lunch- so good and so different.

Sandie B. S.
My all time fave... Uno's in Swampscott! I know it's a chain restaurant but can't beat the service and good food at this location.

Posts from February 5, 2016:

Mark R.
Denly Gardens Weymouth ma

Joe G.
Marliave / LX

Aaron G.
Super Fusion take-out on Friday. Whole Heart Provisions and Roxy's Grilled Cheese for lunch, Audubon and Drink for drinks to support agave, Townsman for drinks with family, and Hei La Moon for a 10-course meal to close out the old year on Saturday. Worden Hall for lunch and Drink for drinks on Sunday.

Gary G.
CK Pearl in Essex and the Porch in Wakefield. CK Pearl's clam chowder lived up to your billing, and not just for presentation.

Jimmy C.
Eastern standard, island creek oyster bar, bison county, super fusion, China pearl dim sum

Anne L. M. B.
Went to a new Chinese place in Billerica, The Purple Bamboo.... My friend and I were the only ones in the place at 5:30pm on Thursday night.... (what does that tell you) Food was just ok...

Christina H.
Lucky's for Sinatra Brunch. So delicious and great atmosphere!

Judie B.
Glenville Stops in Allston, Noodle Barn in JP and Fireplace in Brookline.

Kate S.
Delicious Indian food delivery from Shan-A-Punjab on Friday for date night, excellent breakfast pastries from Clear Flour Bakery, and yummy sushi at Genkiya on Saturday evening - Brookline food weekend!

Robert T.
Ducali for a burger, English muffin was the bun. Hadn't seen that since NYC and I am a fan.
Crudo for some sushi and Gruner Veltliner.
Both local spots for me in the North End.

Paul B.
Bob's Muffins in Weymouth. Delicious breakfast, and the Danish muffins are not to be missed.
Russell House Tavern, always illustrative of why it's a mistake to order a burger anywhere else in the Square.

Christopher F. R.
Had a surprisingly good bisquits and sausage gravy at Alicia's Diner in Pelham, NH. Also had the hand-pulled noodles with cumin lamb at Gene's Chinese Flatbread in Woburn. Very good day on the old stomach!

Heather W. G.
Myer's and Chang for Dim Sum Brunch and finished the night with a burrito from Anna's

Robert T.
Was able to get to Villa Mexico last week as well. Really enjoyed the food but not too sure about the salsa!

Janet W.

Tyler C.
When Pigs Fly (Kittery) - The pizza was WELL worth the trip.

Donna P. P.
Harvard Garden for Sunday Brunch. My friend had huevos rancheros and I had bacon, eggs and hash browns. Nice, good, basic brunch.

Nancy M.
Hojoko in the Verb hotel. Great vibe and staff. Food is really fresh and interesting. Fabulous sake menu!

Candice C.
Barlow's for brunch. Great menu and Bloody Mary bar. My favorite bar staff.

Aron L.
I had one great meal, one good meal, and one meh meal.
Sauce Wings out in Andover is incredible. Go there. Go there now. The ouzo and Mediterranean spice sauce is DIVINE.
Brunch at Tavern in the Square, Burlington is always a fantastic deal. One gigantic spread for $18, and probably the best brunch buffet omelets I've ever had.
Paparazzi Metro in Burlington continues to underwhelm. The food is alright, but the service leaves much to be desired. My mom's fig salad was yummy, though.

Toby R.
Lala Rokh, but it is pretty well known. Delicious Persian cuisine.

Susan H.
Bobby Flay's Bar American, Jersey Mike's

Leah K.
Harvest for the Super Hunger Brunch, Shepard (finally- so good!), Little Big Diner

Geoff W.
I had a string of great meals. Casa Romero hidiing on Gloucester Street, or more accurately hiding in the Public Alley around the corner from Gloucester Street, on Thursday night. Fantastic Mexican food with top notch service. Ferry Street Food & Drink in Malden on Friday night. Was ready for typical pub fare and got elevated comfort food. Sunday night, went to The Villa Restaurant. I won't bore you yet again with my praise for them.

Linda R.
Conrad's and Frank Pepe's. Went to Pepe's for the white clam, of course. And of course they were out of clams. Out of clams?!?!?!?

Marian F.
Went to Conley's Pub & Grille in Watertown. I was surprised by how good the food was and how much we got! The baked haddock was very good, as were the fries (often not the case) and there was also a hot cherry pepper on the plate! Got a Greek side salad (slight upcharge) and I was really surprised at how good it was and at the size of a side salad. I just had another meal from the portion of the meal I couldn't finish last night.

Diane M. C.
I went to Mast on Province St in Boston for a pre-show nosh. We had a great Margherita pizza and the tagliere antipasti... ending with cappuccino & nutella lava cake with hazelnut gelatto... delizioso!!!

Carol Y.
Branch Line in Watertown has great rotisserie chicken and the brocillini was superb.

Kristine M.
Sandwich Works in Newton Centre for a breakfast sandwich and iced tea yesterday. Yum!

Posts from January 28, 2016:

Chris T.
Shojo and backbar.

Zach B.
Had quite the feast at Tiger Mama during the storm on Saturday night.

Victor C.
King's Fish House, Calabasas CA
Also in Calabasas, lunch at Marmalade, featuring a cheeseburger as big as my head topped with heavenly bacon.
And last but not least, dinner with my son and his girlfriend at a very nice Cuban place on LaCienega called Versailles. Feels like a mom & pop joint, but it's actually a mini-chain. Garlic chicken & great sangria.

Mary S.
Armando's delivered

Kevin M.
Rosebud in Somerville , great meal. Country fried steak with warm potato bacon and baby spinach salad.

Aron L.
I went to Del Frisco's Double Eagle (amazing steak; WAY TOO LOUD), and Longhorn Steakhouse (lovely atmosphere; very poor food!).

Aaron G.
We went to Fairsted Kitchen and Ribelle on Friday night. I can't believe the Foie Gras Torchon at FK is only $6. I hadn't been to Ribelle in a while, and it wasn't nearly as busy as it was in its early days; I'm not yet completely sold on the recently implemented prix fixe-only menu. We had a rare brunch outing at The Gallows followed by stops at Eastern Standard and Chef Chang's on Back Bay on Saturday.

Heather W. G.
Walked to Giulia in the snow after snagging a last minute resi - best chicken liver mousse ever! And that hamachi crudo...

Kristen N.
Wild Rice, the new vegan cafe in H2Otown, by the owners of Red Lentil. I am neither veg or vegan, but always happy to find GF breakfast options and their hash brown waffle was pretty tasty. Also had dinner at Branch Line, the lamb skewers and the grilled Branzino were both excellent.

Joyce G. R.

Beckie H.
All Seasons Table in Malden continues to impress. Their seafood scallion pancake is a delight!

Joel P.
Hit Townsman finally. Was most impressed by many elements of their presentation, including the bread and butter. Their Deviled Eggs were different, but awesome. Apart from the food though, I have to say their men's bathroom had one of the weirdest/space-wasting layouts I've seen in a long time.

Bos B.
Moody's Delicatessen & Provisions' The Backroom...charcuterie & wine to escape the snow

Nina F.
red raven in acton - sat right by the fireplace on a snowy saturday night and had a good meal!

Kristine M.
Hei La Moon for dim sum yesterday and afterwards Eldo Cake House to bring home some treats!
I just tried The Bagel Place (next to the Chipotle on Needham Street in Newton) for an early lunch. Today is its grand opening and I heard good things about their Burlington, VT location. I only had a bagel with scallion cream cheese but I thought it was pretty good. Not really NY style which is generally my preference but it had a nice chewiness to it.

Janet W.
Earl's at assembly

Bobby O.
checked out the new Little Big Diner in Newton Centre on Saturday. Awesome ramen and great service - we ordered some (tremendous) pork and broccoli dumplings that came out later than they expected, so they comped them for us. Really great. Plus singapore slings! An awesome joint all around

Leah K.
All Star Pizza Bar and Clover. I now really want to try jerk roasted jack fruit (its on one of the pizzas). Clover didn't have my hot honey ginger concoction so that was sad, but I guess it's just the push I need to make my own.

Jennifer C.
Hit Red Lantern on Saturday night, a party of 8. Not too crowded, delicious as usual!

Dori W.
Liquid Art. Disappointed all around after such high expectations. But it did have great service!

Judy M.
Ciao pizza and pasta ...fabulous !!

Anne H.
Courthouse Seafood for fabulous fish & chips! Hot, fresh, crisp.

Alison S. D.
Elephant Walk in Cambridge--excellent meal and service (plus walkable from my house!). Pho Pasteur on Saturday night--as always, fast and affordable, plus a great pre-show spot when heading to the Wilbur in the snow. Also grabbed a coffee at the new(ish) Jaho Coffee & Tea on Washington St. Very nice, excellent service, and a comfy spot to watch the storm!

Jim O.
The Rising in Inman Sq. Cambridge, had a bunch of apps. Meatballs, mussels, baked mac & cheese, sausages and they all good.

Katie M.
Snappy Patty in West Medford

Susan H.
Ironsides Grill, Warren Tavern, Pier 6, The Brewer's Fork

Posts from January 22, 2016:

Frank C.
Yard House at Fenway for Steelers-Bronco's. I was at first a doubter about the food but pleasantly surprised. Of special note the garlic shitake noodles and the lamb burger. Incredible beer list.. Highlight was the Belgian Petrus. Also, not a restaurant, but the tray of eggplant parm from Dom's in Waltham again was like crack for guests we had for Pat's game.

Allan T.
We went to Wai Wai Ice Cream Shoppe.

Connie W.
Our go-to dbar on Friday night - pumpkin-cheese soup garnished with bacon and a great burger. Sunday - Del Frisco's - ate in the bar and took in the Steelers-Broncos - and that amazing view. Good wedge salad, rib eye and a could of sides - and vino

Annabelle B.
Finally made it to Yvonne's.

Gary G.
West End Lounge, Lincoln Tavern, Hooters, Sichuan Palace, Hojoko, Baseball Tavern, White Horse Tavern. In a wings state of mind.

Janet W.
Magouns for baconpalooza

Patrick S.
Grassfields in Waltham best baked scallops metro west. Sister restaurant to Jimmys in Arlington. Both Been operating for 30+ years

Tommy G.
Going to Pinxto Pincho tonight. Update to follow

Jimmy C.
We fulfilled our monthly Sunday visit to Toro and it was amazing as always.
Cha yen Thai Cookery
Strip T's for their 30th anniversary. Everything was priced as if it was 1986. Steak sandwich with bernaise was simple and delicious.
Flour Back Bay - Roast beef sandwich never disappoints
Joe's American bar and grill - warmed up with some chowdah in a bread bowl

Richard A.
Ate at the Birch Bar in the Westin Waterfront. Good sweet chile wings and burger with candied bacon. Real treat though was Brunch at Puritan & Co. Everything was very good, from pancakes to patty melt, and several pastries like an Indian Pudding Donut & Lemon/Poppyseed Monkey Bread. Also had tasty dim sum at Winsor Dim Sum Cafe in Chinatown. Lots of variety, inexpensive and very satisfying.

Maureen D.
Carmelina's in the North End - fabulous pistachio encrusted lamb lollipops and Duck Confit with gnocchi
Also Pollo Cardinal for my hubby

Beckie H.
Lobster popover at Loyal Nine's Sunday brunch. Dish of my dreams and a perfect Bloody Mary.

Jessica C. M.
Went to BISq for the Friday night suckling pig special. The pig was great but I found the other dishes hit or miss.

Walter N.
Franks Steakhouse, had the panned-brick half chicken that was golden, crisp and moist---no complaints here! tasty, well prepared bird!

Kate S.
We had a delicious dinner at The Frogmore in Jamaica Plain on Saturday night - highly recommend the rabbit stew! And then Matt Murphy's in Brookline yesterday for a solid Irish breakfast and amazing bloody mary...

Kristine M.
Felipe's in Harvard Square. I hadn't been to the new location but I thought it was really cozy inside on a cold day! I also loved the chipotle pickled onions. Mmm!

Posts from January 15, 2016:

Gary F.
Amuleto in Waltham. Great Mexican dinner, with an excellent mezcal and tequilla list. Thanks to the Globe's list of 50 New Boston Area Restaurants.

Maribeth M.
Fireside drinks at Bondir Cambridge. "Seven minutes in heaven" cocktails in the closet at Backbar.

Sean H.
Jack's Abby in Framingham. Awesome Charcuterie, so-so Mussels and excellent beer.

Dan S.
The Brandeis Faculty Club....

Adrian W.
Bistro du Midi - they're having the Fete du Citron (citrus meaning lots of blood oranges, grapefruit, lemons) festival 3 course tasting for $45 which did not disappoint. Went for the Hake entree.

Jessica C. M.
We tried Sousaku Bistro in Malden. The sushi was good and the tapas even better. Foie Gras Risotto and the shrimp toast stood out.

Paul B.
Villa Mexico was very impressive.

Matthew D.
The Barrel House in Beverly. Great bar/bartender, excellent bourbon list. Be sure to try the "Bacon and Eggs", a big hunk of pork belly, slow-cooked, covered with a fried egg. The poutine was also a hit.

Anne L. M. B.
Strombolis in Billerica. Love the food and the staff is wonderful!!

Ron L.
Lucky's Lounge. Bourbon Bloody Mary. Yes, I know that's not food.

Jimmy C.
Moody's Backroom! Can't get enough! Third time back and each time it gets better. Cookin their duck confit and meatballs for dinner this week. Below is the shrimp angioletti, bacon and eggs, and scallops and bacon.
Also saint amour in Quebec City last Sunday. Pics of seared foie gras to come...

Leah K.
Breakfast Club, my daughter and I share the Basket Case (pause for snickers), their homemade hash is so good!

Geoff W.
I am at Villa Mexico this very moment!

Kristen N.
Junji in Marblehead for excellent sushi. Ordered the Nigiri Omakase, and ended up trying urchin for the 1st time. Had a great lunch at the bar at Halibut Point in Gloucester, and finally got to Amano, Tony Bettencourt's new resto in the old 62 space. Good meal and the place was packed!

Kristine M.
Brooklyn Water Bagels in Framingham for a quick bagel and cream cheese on Saturday plus some extras to take home!

Susan H.
Pier 6 for the excellent mussels again and an eggplant parm pasta.

Dawn C. A.
L'Espalier. The amuse was a beautiful little bowl of crab, grapefruit, and buttermilk foam. And of course, we had a lovely cheese plate.

Frank C.
Not the best of luck.
The Glenville Stops in Allston. Average and uninspired even for a neighborhood gastropub. Tasted like day old mussels. Ribs slimy and gelatinous.
Had the signature Qishan spicy hand pulled noodle soup at Shaanxi. New place in Natick on Best of Boston list that " specializes in fiery Northern Chinese cuisine from Xi'an'. Not great and no clue how it made the list. Stick with Sichuan Gourmet.

Loretta C.
Had a great meal at Little Asia here in Eastie. They also serve Sushi.

Peter M.
Ginger in Bedford Center. California Rolls, fried tofu, firecracker salmon, vegetable rice. All good. On the way to contra dancing in Carlisle.

Bos B.
Best sandwiches in the Boston area at Domenic's Deli in Waltham

Posts from January 7, 2016:

Pam A.
Sweet Chili's Arlington!! - YUM!!

Kate S.
We tried Ganko Ittesu Ramen in Brookline last night and agreed on a rating of 3.5 (out of 5) stars - ambiance and service was great, portion size and taste was good.

Chris T.
Let's start off this song and dance again: Glenville Stops and Izakaya Ittoku.

Frank C.
Amuleto mexican in Waltham for New Years' eve dinner and Backroom bar after to ring in 2016. Both excellent. Also went to Rosebud Diner in Somerville for brunch on saturday where the thin slices of their famous baconator meat loaf were like shoe leather on their eggs benedict. Disappointed.

Kristen N.
Had an excellent meal at 5 Corners Kitchen in Marblehead.

Chris C.
Fengs Wakefield the latest from the same group that has Oye's Restaurant & Bar very solid formula and consistent with the other locations

Patrick S.
Pleasantly surprising brunch experience at Copper House Tavern in Waltham. Blueberry smashed French Toast was interesting. And a 10 on the 1-10 being the best scale for a clearly made to order Veggie Burger.
Stockyard in Brighton. Tenderloin sandwich that melted with each bite. Fantastic drinks and a animated but not in your face barkeep

Jared W.
Reds kitchen in Danvers. They rarely disappoint.

Greg P.
I went to the Aegean, in Watertown... and stood outside sobbing...

Susan H.
Pier 6 for an excellent New Year's Day brunch, and then lots of cooking at home which turned out to be very nice too! Plus baking bread and making guacamole if those count

Anne L. M. B.
Went to Bonefish Grille/Burlington on NYE...While the food was exceptional...I was very disappointed to have made reservations and to be seated at a high top in the bar...

Penny C.
A friend joined us for a lovely New Year's Day Brunch at Island Creek Oyster Bar. The meals were up to their usual standard but the desserts were really outstanding this visit.

Bos B.
Chipotle in Waltham, which post E coli/Norovirus scare always seems to be deserted.

Mary S.
Had a great NYE early dinner (with toddler) at the Summer Shack. All the kids there really enjoyed the early countdown and balloon release. We had a great dinner and took desserts to go. Sunday brunch at Johnny D's.

Robin C.
Minado in Natick was very good and a perfect place for a larger group.

Dawn C. A.
La Casa de Pedro. Good food, good times.

Marian F.
John Brewer's in Waltham. I had their delicious macaroni and cheese with chicken. I've had that many times, and the plate is so big I get another nice meal from it the next day!

Jennifer W.
New Year's Day brunch at the Biltmore in Newton. It was yummy!

John C.
birthday tour which included tupelo in inman square, neptune oyster on salem street and row 34 - which featured a sea bass head! can't wait for next year

Ann T.
MASSIMO'S Ristorante..Wakefield Mass

Paul B.
Farmer's Daughter in Easton. Beautiful plating and tasty breakfast. The hashbrown waffle was a highlight.

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