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Transcript of Online Panel Discussion, September 19, 2013

Topic: Road Trip-Worthy Restaurants in New England

Below is a transcript of a live online panel discussion on road trip-worthy restaurants in New England, which took place on Thursday, September 19. The chat included several panel members, with media people, restaurants folks, and food writers participating. The hour-long chat included talks with the panel about dining spots worth checking out while on foliage trips, doing apple picking, and taking any other fall-based drives through the region. [Note: The original discussion can be replayed at the following link: and please go to the restaurant discussions link to check out our other chats.]

Marc H. (hiddenboston): Hi, all! Welcome to another live online discussion, with this one being on road trip-worthy restaurants in New England. As always, there's a panel of people here who you might know, including media folks, people in the restaurant business, and food writers/bloggers. Let's start with some introductions; I'm Marc, the founder and owner of Boston's Hidden Restaurants, as well as the news-based blog Boston Restaurant Talk. (I'm also an occasional writer for Boston Magazine.)

MC Slim JB: MC Slim JB here. I review restaurants for The Improper Bostonian, blog about Boston food and drink at and am on Twitter at @mcslimjb.

Leah @bffoodie & @ohbabyboston: Hi. Leah here from Leah's Life: Pearls and Oysters ( I write about good food, family/parenthood and such.

Michelle Lahey: Hello, and thanks for having us, Marc! My name's Michelle, and I'm a local food writer and blogger ( based in Somerville.

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: I'm a contributing editor for Eater Boston, and I live in Boston as well

Marc H.: Hello, everyone! A couple more are on the way, so maybe we can wait a minute or two before starting. While we're waiting, anyone had anything good to eat lately?

Leah @bffoodie & @ohbabyboston: I live in Cambridge but go anywhere good food can be found.

MC Slim JB: The complimentary cheese and crackers platter that they pass around at the Quencher Tavern is delicious with a beer and the Pats game. A shame that place will be closing soon.

Marc H.: Yes.

Jennifer from 1840 Farm: Good morning from 1840 Farm in Dover, New Hampshire. I'm a writer and food blogger (among other things).

Patrick Maguire: Patrick Maguire, author of Server Not Servant blog, and PR/Promotions guy @ jm Curley. (

Leah @bffoodie & @ohbabyboston: Really good cider donuts and gingerbread molasses donuts at Parlee Farm in Tyngsboro.

Patrick Maguire: The complimentary whipped ricotta w/rhubarb, as part of bread service at Sportello, was incredible.

MC Slim JB: I also finally got to Bethlehem To Go, which obviously is a Korean place. Kimchi jigae, very nice. Family-run place, not much English, but tasty and cheap.

Marc H.: We have some guests and viewers as well today...I'll get to your posts in a bit, but let me mention what we'll be talking about first.

Marc H.: Today we'll be looking at restaurants that are perfect for the fall--that is, roadside spots in New England that are worth checking out while on foliage trips, doing apple picking, or perhaps just taking a drive to get away from the city and enjoy the cool, clear air. This chat will focus on casual and mostly inexpensive places, so roadside joints, diners, casual restaurants within country inns, and any "classic" New England spots that won't break the bank are fair game. And of course, I'd like to focus on lesser-known restaurants for the most part.

Marc H.: One more note: This is mainly just a panel chat, though there might be a few guests and readers here and there who will be posting.

MC Slim JB: I also ate the entire menu at Root, Allston's new vegan joint, for my Improper review: Quite like that place.

Marc H.: I'm a big meat eater, but Root does sound interesting!

Marc H.: So let's get started. How about first looking at Eastern MA from a line, say, east of Worcester that includes apple country, the Cape, the South Coast, and the North Shore, staying outside of Route 128? Any interesting eateries that are worth the ride from Boston?

RJ: Hi all. RJ from Gigi's here. I am a co-owner of Gigis Italian Food and Drink in York Beach, ME. A new restaurant, with fun, from-scratch Italian. Its a cool group of young, passionate restaurant folk.

Marc H.: Hi, RJ!

RJ: Hi

RJ: We have a new Fall menu coming out next Monday. Lots of stuff from my farm

Marc H.: We'll get to your question about Kittery in a bit. Great spots up there, by the way.

MC Slim JB: I don't know if I'd send you all the way to Dennis for it, but I had a lovely meal at Gina's by the Sea after a day at Mayflower Beach. Very old-school Cape feel, and food that might remind you a bit of the South End's Anchovies in slightly nicer atmosphere.

Leah @bffoodie & @ohbabyboston: On the Cape I highly recommend Pickle Jar Kitchen in Falmouth. Their plate of pickled vegetables is worth the trip.

Marc H.: The Cape is a great place to go during foliage season, especially along Route 6a. I'm hoping to return there in a few weeks.

Jennifer from 1840 Farm: A spot named the Pickle Jar makes me want to grab my keys and hop in the car!

MC Slim JB: I also think that Inaho, also in Dennis, is one of the better small Japanese restaurants in Eastern MA. Superb sushi joint, but also a broader menu for the raw-seafood averse.

Patrick Maguire: Blackfish in Truro is one of my favorite restaurants in Massachusetts. Their sourcing and execution is excellent, and I love the setting.

Leah @bffoodie & @ohbabyboston: Lines are annoying but this time of year is ok at PB Boulangerie in Wellfleet. Also in Wellfleet Mac's on the Pier has a delicious fisherman's soup. Perfect for a fall beach day.

Leah @bffoodie & @ohbabyboston: Don't forget the whole Cranberry Harvest thing on the Cape.

MC Slim JB: I often call Blackfish the best restaurant (almost) in Provincetown, Patrick.

Marc H.: One of my go-to spots is Grumpy's on Route 6a in East Dennis. It's a real local hangout and a great place to get a sandwich while looking at the leaves and beautiful homes along the road.

MC Slim JB: I had a really nice time at Westport River Vineyards for wine tasting, and its sibling Buzzards Bay Brewery nearby. Great local wines and beers. A lovely day trip from Boston to the South Coast.

Leah @bffoodie & @ohbabyboston: Also on the cape the vegetable home fries at the Lazy Lobster in Chatham makes you wish you were up early fishing that morning.

Marc H.: Westport River is gorgeous, MC. I really wanted to catch one of their evening events there but never got a chance.

Patrick Maguire: Gotta love a joint called Grumpy's.

Marc H.: Ha ha.

Jill @w2eboston: Love lazy lobster for bfast!

MC Slim JB: After wine and beer, we hit Handy Hill Creamery for ice cream, the kind of old-timey joint that made me really nostalgic. They don't make 'em like that anymore.

RJ: Their wines are good too

Marc H.: Yeah, for MA, the wines are really good there.

Leah @bffoodie & @ohbabyboston: My alma mater is having an outing to Westport Winery soon. I can't wait!

Leah @bffoodie & @ohbabyboston: I mean Westport River

MC Slim JB: We're longtime Westport River Vineyards subscribers, became aware of them when L'Espalier put their sparkling wine on its tasting menu with matched wines. Russell House Tavern carries their wines on tap, too.

Marc H.: How about spots west or north of Boston that are in MA (and east of Worcester)?

Leah @bffoodie & @ohbabyboston: Is Nashoba Valley part if this zone?

Marc H.: Oh yes. :-) Are you thinking of the winery and restaurant?

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: had to check a map, it is /just/ outside 128. Simply Khmer in Lowell. Wonderful Cambodian food. I want them to move next door to me.

Marc H.: I was in Lowell last night, Drew. There are SO MANY interesting-looking restaurants and cafes in that city.

Michelle Lahey: Blue Taleh in Lowell has awesome sushi, and a great atmosphere. Great martinis, too!

Leah @bffoodie & @ohbabyboston: Nashoba Valley Winery and Restaurant. Fun for unique wine tasting. They do a great Oktoberfest with German fare. It's a beautiful setting.

Marc H.: Nashoba Valley Winery and its restaurant (J's) are classic "road trip-worthy" spots, especially if you're apple picking. The restaurant is a bit expensive, but casual.

Jill @w2eboston: Armsby Abbey in Worcester - definitely worth the drive. Intensely committed to local, farm-to-table food, craft beer and spirits.

Marc H.: The Armsby is one of my favorite dining spots in all of New England. It's a great place to stop at while in apple country.

Patrick Maguire: It's been a few months, but I went to Naunkeag Ordinary in Salem, shortly after it opened. Matt Brady, former manager at CODA, is the owner. Really enjoyed the food/drink and atmosphere, and Matt's a great guy.

Marc H.: We were there earlier this month, Patrick. Nice space and really good food.

Marc H.: All right, moving on...

Marc H.: How about road trip-worthy spots west of Worcester in MA? That includes the Pioneer Valley and the Berkshires, of course.

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: Chef Wayne's Big Mamou. Louisianian food in Springfield, MA. If there's anything like it anywhere else in the state, I haven't heard of it.

Marc H.: Yes, I love Mamou. I can think of countless places out west, actually, including Berkshire Brewery in Great Barrington, Skip's in Gill, the People's Pint in Greenfield, and many, many more.

Leah @bffoodie & @ohbabyboston: Not sure if Concord is too close, but Sorrento's pizza is really really good! Then if you are a glutton for puniseny or just a glutton Bedford Farms I've cream is so good and a kids size us more than most adults can eat.

Marc H.: I love Bedford Farms. Perfect place to go on a day like today.

Michelle Lahey: I've never been, but family friends always rave about The Jenkins Inn & Restaurant in Barre, Mass.

Marc H.: I've been by that place a few times, Michelle. Never eaten there, but it looks nice.

Steve- Sorry I'm late and I haven't been there in years but I used to love me some Bub's BBQ in Sunderland

Steve- And hello too everyone

Marc H.: Bub's is a fun place. Great to go there and then hit the Montague Bookmill (and Mt. Sugarloaf).

Steve- I missed the Cape Cod chat part already, it will wait for another time :)

Marc H.: Nah, that's all right. What are some of your faves on the Cape?

Steve- Well it's only open until next month for the season, but Marconi Beach bbq on Rt6 is not bad for Q, but Yankee Mag said they have the best fried chicken around. It is good and all you can eat for $16

Leah @bffoodie & @ohbabyboston: Not exactly a dining spot but breakfast at the Porches Inn at MassMOCA is wonderful. Good coffee and a huge hunk if Vt. cheddar cheese is always by the toaster. They also bring you s'mores kits as you sit by the bonfire, popcorn to enjoy with a movie (there is a binder if DVDs at the front desk) and a great bar for an aperitif or digestif.

Marc H.: That sounds....incredible. Road trip, all?

Jennifer from 1840 Farm: I'm in! You had me with good coffee and VT cheddar.

Marc H.: You had me at MassMOCA!

Patrick Maguire: Sounds like a pajama party.

Marc H.: Ha ha ha

Dan: Thoughts on BT's Smokehouse in Sturbridge?

Marc H.: Never been but heard great things. Anyone?

Leah @bffoodie & @ohbabyboston: Also they have a heated outdoor pool year round. I like to dine and drink at Public Eat & Drink in North Adams when there.

Steve- And I will also add PB Boulangerie in Wellfleet for their incredible bakery. I waited gladly for 40 minutes at lunch time for their food

Marc H.: Are the lines there crazy in the fall as well?

Steve- maybe weekends

Patrick Maguire: So pissed I haven't been to BT's yet. Someone please tell me it's great.

Steve- I think Gary from has nice things to say about BT. The lines are not as bad in the fall, Marc

Marc H.: I was hoping to have Gary here today, but he had too much going on to be able to make it. I'll try to talk with him later about BT.

Leah @bffoodie & @ohbabyboston: There is also PB Boulangerie's sibling spot Maison Vilatte in Falmouth. no lines when we went.

Steve- There is also a PB Boulangerie in Falmouth now too

Marc H.: Great minds...

Leah @bffoodie & @ohbabyboston: Another road trip perhaps!

MC Slim JB: I know Gary thinks highly of BT's.

Marc H.: Any others in MA that are worth going to on a road trip? If not, let's head south (and west).

MC Slim JB: I feel bad if a chat goes by and I don't mention a Coney Island hot dog joint, like George's of Worcester.

Marc H.: I second that, MC. Apple picking, looking at leaves, then heading south into Worcester for a dog. Sounds perfect.

MC Slim JB: I have a packet of Olneyvill N.Y. System Hote Wiener Sauce Spice Mix I want to use now.

Steve- And I recommend Cafe Boulangerie in Hyannis, which is the restaurant associated with Pain D'Avignon. They give you each some free bread of some sort at the end of your meal, which is a good meal

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: worthy of a road trip is the Big E. The "New England State Fair" in West Springfield that is going on right now. The Avenue of the States is a collection of small scale replicas of the state houses, and each one houses a variety of vendors from the represented state

Marc H.: All right, how about road trip-worthy spots in RI and CT? Any classic old-school roadside places? Shady Glen in Manchester, CT always comes to mind, as does Commons Lunch in Little Compton, RI.

MC Slim JB: Commons Lunch does the only thin-style jonnycakes I can find anymore. It's a Mecca for me.

Marc H.: I make those at home, but I guess that doesn't help here. :-)

Michelle Lahey: I went to school in Hamden, CT and lived at Side Street Grille. I still go everytime I visit my alma mater. Good food, cheap, and a comfy/casual atmosphere.

Marc H.: that where....oh, what is that place called. There's an old-school burger and dog spot there that I went to years ago. Help me out here!

MC Slim JB: I was very sorry to see Pat's Kountry Kitchen close: first and only place I've ever had clam hash.

MC Slim JB: Pat's was the best reason to stop in Old Saybrook. *sniff*

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: of course the pizza places in New Haven, but those are well documented. My favorite spot in New Haven isn't pizza related, but it's Caseus, a restaurant that focuses on cheese. Could be a gimmick, but isn't.

Michelle Lahey: Glenwood Drive, Marc?

Marc H.: Yes, thanks!

Leah @bffoodie & @ohbabyboston: I was told I had to go to Noank, CT for lobster rolls at Abbott's.

Marc H.: I know folks who rave about that place, Leah.

Michelle Lahey: No problem!

Leah @bffoodie & @ohbabyboston: Rein's is always an option.

Marc H.: I'm not a huge fan of the food at Rein's, but it's so welcoming while driving home from NYC to Boston at night.

Michelle Lahey: Geronimo's in New Haven has great Mexican food and margaritas, and BAR apparently has fantastic was just a shady bar when I lived down there, though. ;)

Steve- And I would be remiss if I didn't mention that Kennedy Plaza in PVD has a great food truck set up of 6 or so trucks a day

MC Slim JB: Are you talking about Louis' Lunch, Marc?

Marc H.: No, Michelle just mentioned it--the Glenwood in Hamden. Have you been to Louis'?

Leah @bffoodie & @ohbabyboston: Got to say goodbye for now. Have a lunch meeting at my fave close spot for a burger and house pickle Kitchen on Common in Belmont of all places.

Marc H.: Have a good one, Leah! Thanks for all the great suggestions!

MC Slim JB: A worthwhile burger stop in New Haven, not Hamden.

Marc H.: Leah had one more post about MA, by the way...

Leah @bffoodie & @ohbabyboston: Newburyport has a few little funky spots but I have not been in ages so I don't know if they are still there.

Jennifer from 1840 Farm: There's still plenty of funky in Newburyport.

RJ: Park Lunch for fried clams is awesome

Michelle Lahey: Ray & Mike's Deli in Hamden is also fantastic for take-out sandwiches.

Marc H.: Anything in the hills of western CT? There doesn't seem to be a whole lot out there, though there are some really charming towns and villages.

Marc H.: I went to a roadside burger and hot dog joint in Canaan ages ago, but can't remember much about it.

Marc H.: We have about 15 minutes left, so any other spots in RI or CT? If not, let's move on...

Marc H.: How about looking at Maine for a few minutes? RJ, I'll put up your post on that right now...

RJ: Has anyone been up the coast to Kittery Maine? Friends have a great place, The Black Birch?

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: Rhode Island.. also not that hidden anymore since Devra First reviewed them, but holy hell is North amazing. Like Strip T's / Ribelle, run by momofuku alums. Creative, playful, interesting, delicious food

Jennifer from 1840 Farm: You already know this, RJ, but I LOVE The Black Birch. Great food, fun atmosphere and a fantastic beer selection.

RJ: If anyone is heading up our way, for a drive up the Maine Coast, please send me a note. Alums from No 9 Park, Black Trumpet in Portsmouth... Love to have you all or if you are in NH, you can come out to the farm and pick some

Marc H.: Another New England favorite of mine is When Pigs Fly Pizzeria in Kittery. They make their own coppa in the basement. 'Nuff said...

Michelle Lahey: RJ, I am a huge fan of Black Trumpet! Had some amazing meals there.

Michelle Lahey: Pepperland Cafe in South Berwick, ME is great, but sadly, I think it's closing soon (if it hasn't already). But Early Bird Cafe a few doors down from it has great breakfast sandwiches!

MC Slim JB: Had a great meal at Slates Restaurant & Bakery in Hallowell. Place has been around forever, and is still terrific, a bit of a hippy vibe to it.

Marc H.: Hallowell is a really neat town. Great place to go if you're into antiques.

MC Slim JB: I always hit Pai Men Miyake anytime I'm in Portland, and did again a few weeks ago. Stellar ramen and pork belly bao.

MC Slim JB: Took my moms to Duck Fat as well. Nobody can resist duckfat frites.

RJ: Pepperland closed in August- so sad

Jennifer from 1840 Farm: Pepperland is sadly closed.

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: Portland has a ton of great, well-known places. The one I don't see in tourist guides but every restaurant worker recommended to us is a place called Boda. Thai food. Best woon sen pad thai I've ever had. And they do this quail egg dish where they drop quail eggs in a hot takoyaki pan and barely season them. I can eat them by the dozen

Michelle Lahey: Pepperland Novare Res Bier Cafe in Portland has an amazing beer selection.

Marc H.: Ugh, now I want to go to When Pigs Fly. :-)

Jennifer from 1840 Farm: I was there last Friday night. The Coppa is back on the menu and they have the famous Even More Jesus on tap.

Marc H.: Some great places up on Mount Desert Island--I wish it weren't so far away. Lompoc Cafe in Bar Harbor is a total hippie place that I love.

Michelle Lahey: Scratch Baking Co. in Portland...amazing. I'm still dreaming about their bagels.

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: Lion's Pride Pub in Brunswick, ME is another place that reminds me of Novare Res. Casual, comfortable, with a beer list to make a beer nerd cry

Michelle Lahey: Oooh, I'll have to check that place out, Drew! Sounds right up my alley. ;)

Jennifer from 1840 Farm: Love the thought of a spot to make a beer nerd cry (into their beer of course. Will have to check it out.

MC Slim JB: Standard Baking Co. in Portland is also lovely.

Marc H.: How about moving over to NH for a few minutes? What are some of your faves? Any in the White Mountains?

Michelle Lahey: Well, I'm bias because I just got married there, but Mountain View Resort in Whitefield, NH has spectacular views, and you can dine there without having to book a room.

Marc H.: Yes, it's such a nice spot. And congrats again!

MC Slim JB: I had the most astonishing Thai food in Laconia recently, a new place called Lanna Thai. Owners from Chiang Mai, so they do some Northern dishes like khao soy. If you lobby them hard, they will go very traditional. Such a nice find.

Michelle Lahey: Thanks, Marc!

Michelle Lahey: We also love Woodstock Inn & Brewery, although it's gone downhill a bit in recent years. Still worth it for an affordable meal and beer, though!

Marc H.: I stayed there once, Michelle. The dance floor was quite the scene. :-b

Steve- Thanks everyone, back to work for me :). Happy eating!

Marc H.: Thanks, Steve!

Michelle Lahey: Hahaha, I bet!

MC Slim JB: I'm also enamored of the new La Corona in Rochester. Owners from Guadalajara, and doing much more traditional Mexican food than I am used to seeing in New Hampshire. Great chilaquiles and huevos machaca for breakfast (they're near a hotel so do three meals.)

Marc H.: I always love going to Parker's Maple Barn in Mason. Only an hour from the Boston area, but you feel like you're a million miles away.

Michelle Lahey: Gypsy Cafe in Lincoln, NH is also really good, and has great cocktails.

Michelle Lahey: I love Parker's!

Marc H.: OK, we're running out of time, so how about road trip spots in VT? There are a lot of them...

Marc H.: And I'll start with a place I wish I could live at--American Flatbread in Waitsfield, VT. Great pizza, scenery, friendly folks, you name it.

RJ: Tell u what- was just at a wedding in Woodstock, VT(just over the border from White River Jct) Mon Vert Cafe- very nice. All local ingredients, breakfast and lunch...

Marc H.: (MC has one final one for NH.)

MC Slim JB: I also quite enjoy the vibe at the Ellacoya Barn & Grill in Gilford. Newly expanded, still a great place for a casual meal and the game or some live music in the bar. Very good pizza.

RJ: Mon Vert Cafe in Woodstock! Locally sourced breakfast and lunch- amazing

Marc H.: I need to remember that one, RJ, thanks. (I get to Woodstock pretty often.)

Michelle Lahey: Trout River in Burke, VT - great pizza, better beer.

Michelle Lahey: Sorry, Lyndonville - but near Burke. ;)

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: Marc, is it not the same American Flatbread that we've got at Saco's?

Marc H.: No, that's Flatbread Co. They kind of broke away from AF.

MC Slim JB: So sorry I have not been to the Green Mountain State this year. Such a lovely part of New England.

Marc H.: It is. I'll be up there soon--so many places to choose from up there.

Jennifer from 1840 Farm: I know that it's in NH, but if you're n the way to VT and need a coffee, stop at the Dirt Cowboy Cafe in Hanover. Their selection will blow your mind.

Marc H.: Great name!

MC Slim JB: But I do have a connection who keeps bringing me Heady Topper from The Alchemist, so that's something.

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: north conway nh has a lot of great places. The Cider Company (I'm missing a word) has some really great fine dining. The 1785 Inn is this gorgeously maintained old inn with a menu that feels dated when you read it, but the ingredients are so carefully sourced and prepared that it's the best damn duck a l'orange you could have. Great dessert too

Marc H.: I love the White Mountain Cider Co.

RJ: Cornerstone Pub and Kitchen in Barre, VT My friend Keith opened it- smart beer and food menus

Michelle Lahey: Oooh, Heady Topper - so good.

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: The Mad Taco in Montpelier. Pretty good tacos, and you can ALWAYS get Heady Topper to drink with them

Jennifer from 1840 Farm: I have been trying to schedule a road trip to visit and get The Alchemist. We haven't made it, but I'm still trying.

MC Slim JB: I need to make the pilgrimage to Farmstead Brewery at some point.

Marc H.: One of my favorite farm-to-table spots is 158 Main in Jeffersonville (near Stowe). I always love walking in and seeing 100 loaves of fresh bread on the wooden table to the left.

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: Hill Farmstead is worth the trip. Gotta be careful w/ Alchemist. They are usually sold out by the weekend

Jennifer from 1840 Farm: Farmstead Brewery is on that same list along with stopping off at Jasper Hill for my favorite blue cheese.

Marc H.: Wait, whoa. Tell me more about this Farmstead Brewery place.

Michelle Lahey: All right, I must head out - thanks for the great chat, all!

Marc H.: See you, Michelle! Thanks for participating!

RJ: Have to have the Harbison at Jasper

Michelle Lahey: Anytime!

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: Hill Farmstead. "best brewery in the world" according to most of the lists right now. Northern Vermont, dude named Shaun Hill brewing on his family's farmstead

Marc H.: What town is it in?

Jennifer from 1840 Farm: Yes, love the Harbison. Bayley Hazen is one of my favorite cheeses.

Jennifer from 1840 Farm:

MC Slim JB: Check this story on Farmstead, Marc:

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: Greensboro Bend

Marc H.: Greensboro Bend? Where in God's name is that? :-D

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: right next to Greensboro, Duh!

Marc H.: It just *sounds* far away.

Jennifer from 1840 Farm: Think Canada and then move one small step South.

MC Slim JB: It's in Communicado, a stone's throw from Cognito.

Patrick Maguire: To hell with the deadline, let's talk about food and drink all day!!!!!!

Marc H.: Yeah!

Marc H.: Actually...

Marc H.: We have to go. :-(

Jennifer from 1840 Farm: Let's, but only if we can hop in a car and head north for beer, cheese, and food!

Marc H.: But one last question...

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: yeah, it's about 3/4 of the way to canada

Marc H.: If you could go to any restaurant in New England on this beautiful almost-fall day, what would it be?

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: montreal, I meant

Marc H.: I'll go with....the Thompson House Eatery in Jackson, NH, mainly because it's just so beautiful up there (and the food is great).

MC Slim JB: Back Eddy in Westport for some stuffies while it's still a bit warm.

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: any no name lobster and clam shock in Maine. Leave Red's to the tourists, and just eat a 3 lobster clambake on the Damariscotta

Marc H.: Drew, I like the way you think. That was my second choice.

Jennifer from 1840 Farm: On a day this beautiful, I feel the beach calling. If I'm at the beach, then RJ and GiGi's warm donuts covered in cinnamon sugar wouldn't be far behind. Seems like a porch/deck dining day to me!

Patrick Maguire: I'll ride shotgun with Drew. Sounds awesome.

Marc H.: Now I want to shut down and head out somewhere.

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: meet ya at Belle Isle?

Marc H.: All right, gang. This was a lot of fun. Thanks for coming by, and enjoy the day.

MC Slim JB: Thanks as always, Marc, great fun! I feel like I need to get out beyond Rt 128 a bit more now. So much good food out there. And dragons, I am told.

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: hmm, never had dragon before. Bet Brian Poe could come up with something to do with it

RJ: Amen to the ricotta donuts at Gigis- there will be a handsome owner on the bar in a matter of hours...

Patrick Maguire: Great content. Thanks, everyone.

Drew Starr @TheDrewStarr: Thanks, Marc and all!

Jennifer from 1840 Farm: A handsome owner behind the bar never hurts...