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729 Hope Cafe (CLOSED)

729 Hope Street, Providence, RI 02906
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Photo of 729 Hope Cafe, Providence, RIThe East Side of Providence, which includes the neighborhoods of Fox Point, Mount Hope, Blackstone, College Hill, and Wayland Square, has a number of interesting restaurants ranging from Italian places to Mexican spots to diners to upscale bistros and much more. And included among these restaurants is a terrific little dining spot on Hope Street called the 729 Hope Cafe. This bustling place might not be all that well known outside of the Blackstone, Mount Hope, and College Hill areas, but it is certainly worth seeking out, since it is pretty much everything a great cafe should be.

Situated in a block of shops on Hope Street, 729 Hope Cafe is an attractive place with sparkly lights on its huge front windows. The interior includes two sections; on the left is an area with two counters where people order, and to the right is a side room with tables where people can read or boot up their laptops while dining. The general feel of 729 Hope Cafe is that of a college cafe, which makes sense since Brown University is close by. But the cafe also attracts locals from Blackstone and Mount Hope, which perhaps gives 729 Hope Cafe a more diverse clientele than some of the dining spots closer to Brown.

Breakfast items at 729 Hope Cafe include muffins, croissants, danish, and bagels, while lunch and (early) dinner items include all kinds of sandwiches (including a wonderful Syrian roll-up with hummus, tabbouleh, veggies, and tzatziki sauce), as well as a few more substantial entrees and specials, such as a tantalizing spinach tortellini that is served lasagna-like in squares from a pan. Desserts include fabulous linzer heart cookies, deliciously chewy s'mores cookies, fresh pastry squares, and several kinds of brownies. And for those of you who like coffee and other hot drinks, 729 Hope Cafe has quite a selection, with espresso drinks, flavored coffees, hot chocolate, and a variety of teas.

Providence has become a world-class city of sorts when it comes to restaurants, with such landmark places as Al Forno and Pot au Feu receiving many accolades for their extraordinary cuisine. But Providence also has some great eating places that cater more to locals than business travelers and tourists, and 729 Hope Cafe is surely one that fits this category. Do yourself a favor and drive up the steep hills east of downtown Providence to check out the wonderful 729 Hope Cafe; you will soon see why both college students and neighborhood folks love this place so much.