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Armando's Pizza

163 Huron Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 354-8275 Find location!

Photo of Armando's Pizza, in Cambridge, MA The Huron Village neighborhood in Cambridge is home to one of the best pizza places in the Boston area that few have ever heard of. Indeed, Armando's has been around for many years, yet except for residents of Huron Village and a handful of pizza lovers who have done their homework, Armando's is pretty much a totally unknown place. A shame, since Armando's may just have one of the tastiest pizzas in Cambridge, and isn't all that far behind the big boys (Santarpio's and Pizzeria Regina) in quality.

To the residents of Huron Village, Armando's is more than just a pizza joint; the owner and the people behind the counter are truly good folks. They give free cookies to children, support local little league teams, and are just plain kind and friendly to locals as well as newcomers. Because of their great reputation in the neighborhood, Armando's is a place where you will see everyone from police officers to construction workers to university professors to homemakers stopping by for a slice or a sandwich.

Armando's has two types of pizza: A traditional thin-crust that tastes like something you might find in New York City, and a slightly thicker Sicilian style that has the familiar rectangular shape to it. Both styles are worth trying, though it seems that most people go for the thin-crust pizza, and for good reason; the cheese is delicious, with a hint of Romano that imparts a zesty flavor, a homemade sauce that is hearty and just slightly sweet, and a fresh crust that is dry and cracker-like. The toppings are what really make these pizza special, however, as the pepperoni is delicious, and the thin strips of fried eggplant make the eggplant pizza every bit as tasty as the pepperoni. For those who decide to opt for the Sicilian slices here, it is also excellent, with lots of cheese on top and a similarly sweet sauce underneath.

Armando's is well worth checking out, not just for their great pizza, but also for the congeniality of the owner and the other folks who work at this tiny spot. If you like pizza (and who doesn't?) and are frustrated by the relative lack of decent pizza joints in Cambridge, take a drive over to Huron Village and get yourself a slice or a pie. And if you have children, you may just get some free cookies while you're at it.