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Back Bay Bagel Company

1280 Belmont Street (Route 123), Brockton, MA 02301
(508) 580-6565 Find location!

Photo of the Back Bay Bagel Company, Brockton, MA It has often been said that Boston isn't exactly the greatest city in the country for bagels. but there are several spots that make decent ones, including shops in places near Boston that have--or used to have--high Jewish populations (for example, Kupel's Bakery in Brookline, Rosenfeld Bagel Company in Newton Centre, and Katz Bagel Bakery in Chelsea) as well as others that are also close to Boston but perhaps aren't such obvious choices (Iggy's Bread of the World in Cambridge, Bagel Rising in Allston). Then there are those bagel places that are further away from the city and tend to be more under the radar, such as the Back Bay Bagel Company in Brockton. And while Back Bay Bagel may not quite be at the level of Rosenfeld's or Katz's, their bagels are quite good and they have more to offer than some of the more bare-bones bagel shops in and around Boston.

Located in a rather generic strip mall near the Brockton/Easton line, Back Bay Bagel Company is not exactly eye-catching from the outside, but the inside is relatively pleasant in a dark, industrial sort of way. A number of tables are set up in the front section of the place, and the counter area where people order is toward the back. Behind the counter are bins of bagels, with such familiar types as plain, poppy seed, rye, egg, onion, sesame, and pumpernickel. A number of other less common bagels can also be found in the bins (depending on the day), including banana nut, French toast, jalapeno and cheese, cinnamon sugar, and garlic. The bagels are baked fresh daily and have the crispy exterior and chewy, airy interior that are so important when it comes to quality bagels. In addition to bagels, Back Bay Bagel also has other baked goods that vary from day to day, and they have soups (including clam chowder) and sandwiches (roast beef, ham, hummus, turkey, salmon, and more) for those who come to this place for lunch. Beverages include fresh coffee (including a sweet and spicy snickerdoodle), tea, hot chocolate, and smoothies.

The Back Bay Bagel Company is a pretty popular spot among those who live around Brockton, Easton, Stoughton, Bridgewater, and other nearby communities, but it seems to be virtually invisible to those who live closer to Beantown. And yes, their bagels might not be the best in the Boston area, but they may just be the best south of Boston. And with easy parking, a decent amount of seating, and options beside bagels, Back Bay Bagel does indeed have some advantages over some of the other bagel spots in and around the city.