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Focacceria (CLOSED)

87 Macdougal Street, New York, NY 10012
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Photo of Focacceria, Greenwich Village, NY What is a New York restaurant doing in a Boston restaurant Web site? Well, partly because it is one of this writer's personal favorite restaurants, and also because if ever there was a hidden gem of a restaurant, this is it. Focacceria is an intimate Italian restaurant on a tree-shaded side street in Greenwich Village. It is in one of the most picturesque parts of Manhattan; Toyota actually did a photo shoot for their Camry brochure in front of the restaurant. Hopefully the good people at Toyota had the sense to stop in for some pesto or pumpkin ravioli before leaving the area.

Focacceria has both indoor and outdoor dining, and you can't go wrong with either. On a warm summer night, sitting outside is preferable, especially if you like to watch a typical New York street scene. If you go, expect some very tasty food, such as the aforementioned pesto and pumpkin ravioli dishes, as well as any of the chicken or veal dinners. And don't forget to order wine, as they have some terrific reds and whites, depending on what you plan to eat. Finally, if you can save room for dessert, you won't regret it. Focacceria has a variety of mouth-watering goodies such as tiramisu, chocolate cake, and so on.

Why is a New York restaurant included on a Boston restaurant site? Well, in part because it's something special. Focacceria is, quite simply, an incredibly romantic dining spot in the most romantic of cities. It is a place to go on a rainy evening before heading off to an Off-Broadway show or lazily browsing the funky shops of the Village. Unlike so many places in New York, this is one spot where you might not have to wait for a table, even on a weekend night. Oddly enough, no information on Focacceria can be found in dining guides, the Internet, or anywhere else for that matter. As previously stated, it is the perfect hidden restaurant. (Just don't tell anyone about it.)