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Lawton's (CLOSED)

606 Canal Street, Lawrence, MA 01840
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Photo of Lawton's, Lawrence, MA It is interesting that Lawrence has more featured restaurants on Boston's Hidden Restaurants than so many other communities outside of Boston. But there is a reason for that, as many people still think of Lawrence as a place to avoid, which is a shame since this old mill city is coming back to life more and more. But it is still a place that is an unknown entity to many, and as a result, many great dining spots in Lawrence remain little-known. And one of these places--Lawton's--just happens to have been around for several generations without getting much fanfare outside of the city. Why has Lawton's been around for so long? Perhaps it has something to do with Lawton's cooking up some of the best hot dogs in all of eastern Massachusetts.

Lawton's doesn't look like much. In fact, it almost looks like it is ready to fall into the canal below. It is a tiny old hot dog stand on Canal Street that is located on the edge of Lawrence's historic district. The inside of Lawton's consists of a small, indoor ordering area (with an active fire hydrant in the middle of the area, no less), and a small kitchen where the workers do their magic. The hot dogs at Lawton's are deep-fried in a rectangular tin filled with oil, with secret ingredients added as the hot dogs are being fried up. The long, thin hot dogs are fried just about to the point where they rip open (hot dogs cooked this way are sometimes called rippers), and they are placed in a bun with chili, cheese, or other condiments and given to the customers, who happily eat the dogs on benches alongside the canal or in their cars.

It is difficult to use the term "culinary heaven" when it comes to hot dogs, but Lawton's certainly does come close. The quality of the dogs combined with the unique character of the place makes Lawton's one of the most interesting dining spots on our site. If you happen to be in the area and are a big fan of hot dogs, you certainly don't want to miss this unusual little place.