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Louie's Pizza

118 Main Street, Woburn, MA 01801
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Photo of Louie's Pizza, Woburn, MA Partly because of the sheer number of pizza places and sub shops in the Greater Boston area, it is pretty easy to lump them all together as places to get pies that simply fill your stomach, but that's really about it. Hidden away among the scores of Greek pizza joints and generic takeout shops are some real gems, however, including one a few miles north of the city that is a real favorite among those in the know. And yet for all the love that Louie's Pizza gets from people who live near this shoebox-sized pizza spot in Woburn, the place continues to remain utterly unknown to the vast majority of folks in and around Boston.

There really isn't much to Louie's Pizza; located on the ground floor of a residential structure a few blocks north of the Winchester line, Louie's consists of a counter area for ordering, three tables with red-and-white tablecloths, and, well, that's about it. The miniscule dining area isn't exactly a place to take a date, with its wood paneling and hanging lights that look like they should be above pool tables. No, this is strictly a takeout place, and one that isn't especially easy to do takeout at, since the parking situation along the street can range from frustrating to downright dangerous (the latter of which applies if there is a lot of snow on the ground, for instance). But for all of the aggravations that can come with getting a pie from Louie's Pizza, the pizza itself more than makes up for all of it.

Based on the look of the place alone, it would be a fair assumption to think that Louie's Pizza is just another spot to get a thick and greasy Greek-style pie, but this is simply not the case. The pizza at Louie's is closer to the classic Neapolitan variety, with a thin crust that is dusted with cornmeal on the bottom, a relatively hearty and thick sauce that isn't so rich as to overwhelm the rest of the ingredients, a golden brown cheese on top that is slightly oily with bubbles in spots, and tasty toppings such as pepperoni, hamburger, hot peppers, mushrooms, garlic, and anchovies. The pizzas at Louie's aren't exactly cheap, with the medium-sized pies starting a good amount north of the $10 mark, but the extra money is worth it considering the quality of the pizzas here.

Louie's Pizza will never win any awards for atmosphere, and the parking situation can sometimes be worse for one's blood pressure than the pizza itself, but these are minor gripes. The pies at this Woburn pizza place are simply delicious, and that's really all that should matter, especially considering how many similar-looking pizza joints serve sub-par pies. And considering that this spot may indeed be more of a hidden gem than many other places within our site, it is one of those places that you can brag to your friends about discovering, since chances are, they've never heard of the place. (Please note that the hours at Louie's can vary--they basically close when they run out of dough for the day--and it is cash-only.)