Boston's Hidden Restaurants

The Red Parrot

1 Hull Shore Drive, Hull, MA 02045
(781) 925-1115 Find location!

Photo of Red Parrot, Hull, MA Boston is a coastal city that sadly seems to have woefully few outdoor restaurants along the ocean, and even fewer that don't necessitate having to take out a bank loan to pay for dinner. Thankfully, there is a dining spot in Hull that has an upstairs deck overlooking the sea, a kitchen that serves up all kinds of decent food, and prices that don't put much of a dent on the wallet. Yes, The Red Parrot is sorely needed in the Boston area. What's rather odd is the fact that diners and restaurant reviewers alike don't seem to know about it.

Pull into the lot of The Red Parrot, and your eyes are instantly lured to the inviting outdoor deck. The views from the tables up there are spectacular; the coast of Cohasset looms in the distance, while in the foreground, Nantasket Beach offers a taste of beach life, east-coast style (when the tide is low, that is, since there IS no beach at high tide). The waiters and waitresses are about the friendliest of any place this writer has been to, and the atmosphere has a laid-back feel to it that only seaside restaurants seem to have perfected.

You can find just about any kind of food at The Red Parrot. The burgers are excellent; the steak tips are even better; all the seafood tastes like it came out of the sea that day (hopefully not out of Boston Harbor!); and the chicken pesto dish has The Red Parrot beating many of the top Italian restaurants on the South Shore at their own game. The wine and beer list is extensive, too, although when you're at the beach all day, all you really need is a Corona or a Red Stripe (they have both, of course).

Hull is a town on the way up. This beautiful peninsula south of Boston has been just waiting to be discovered. Most likely, The Red Parrot, as well as the incredible Mezzo Mare, which is across the street, will soon be discovered, too. Until then, however, it is nice to know that you can go to such a memorable restaurant as the Red Parrot on a Saturday night and have a good chance of not having to wait for a table. That alone is reason enough to go, but as you can see, there are many reasons to try The Red Parrot.