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Rosie's Sub and Pizza Shop

305 Pond Street, Braintree, MA 02184
(781) 843-3168 Find location!

Photo of Rosie's Sub and Pizza Shop, Braintree, MA It is easy to believe that a sub shop is a sub shop is a sub shop, with one being pretty much the same as all of the others. And while many such places indeed tend to be similar in quality, every now and then you'll find one that excels in one area (or more), and this is certainly the case with Rosie's Sub and Pizza Shop in Braintree; this decades-old place features pizza that goes well beyond what you might find in a typical sub shop, with its pies being of the foldable thin-crust style that you often find in the neighborhoods of New York City. And as many pizza lovers will tell you, finding a good version of that kind of pie in the Greater Boston area isn't always the easiest thing to do.

About as inconspicuous a spot as you'll find, Rosie's Sub and Pizza Shop (also known as Rosie's Pizzeria) shares a rather plain-looking structure with a variety store on Pond Street, a residential road that cuts through South Braintree. The inside of the place looks like a thousand other pizza places and sub shops, with a counter in the back where workers make sandwiches and pies in plain sight, two rows of tables in front with hard plastic bench seats, and a black-and-white checkered floor. A parking lot with a few spaces is set off to the left and behind the shop, with more parking along the road out front.

Much like the shop's space, the menu at Rosie's looks like that of countless other takeout places, with salads, subs, wraps, pockets, calzones, grill items, pasta dishes, and pizza offered. Some of the non-pizza items are much better than average here, including the overstuffed steak and cheese, the messy but delicious eggplant parm, the equally good chicken parm, and the rather substantial meatball calzone. But it's the pizza that really stands out at Rosie's, with the pies being greasy and cheesy with plenty of rich sauce and, as hinted to earlier, the slices are wide, flexible, and have a thin crust so that they can easily be folded, much like the "street-food" pizzas found in the boroughs of the Big Apple. Pizzas at Rosie's come in three sizes, with the 12-inch being good for one or two people, the 16-inch being good for two to four folks, and the 20-inch being enough for a large group. Highlights include pies with "simple" toppings such as pepperoni, but combos are also good, including a mushroom burger pizza that may be the best of the lot. Prices for the pizzas--and everything else--are very reasonable, with most items being under $10.

Rosie's is proof that not all sub shops and pizzerias are created equal, as the place absolutely nails it when it comes to pizza, and its other items are very good as well. If you like New York-style pies, do yourself a favor and seek out this out-of-the-way spot that's away from most of the commercial areas in Braintree.