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Somethin's Brewin' Book Cafe

241 Main Street, Lakeville, MA 02347
(508) 946-5055 Find location!

Photo of Somethin's Brewin' Book Cafe, Lakeville, MA To many folks, it seems like food and books go hand-in-hand, which is probably why bookstore cafes seem to be so popular these. And while chains such as Barnes and Noble and independent places such as Trident Booksellers in the Back Bay of Boston are decent spots that attract constant crowds, there is a place south of Boston that perhaps takes the concept of bookstore cafe a bit too literally. We aren't exactly complaining about Somethin' Brewin' Book Cafe in Lakeville, however; indeed, having a cafe within the cozy confines of a former public library is a terrific idea, and quite a unique one at that.

With the building of a new library in the tiny center of Lakeville, the historic old stone building that was built around the beginning of World War I was now free to become something else, with the end result being a friendly little breakfast and lunch spot that feels like a real centerpiece of this rural town. The comfy dining room to the right of the cozy, homey entrance area still feels like a library reading room, with bookcases along the walls (full of used books for sale), hard wooden bench seats, chairs, and tables, a well-worn wooden floor, and a big old couch toward the back. To the left is a counter and kitchen area where customers order meals, drinks, and desserts.

Breakfast at Somethin' Brewin' Book Cafe consists of items such as scones, croissants, coffee cake, and turnovers. Lunch items include mostly soups, salads, and sandwiches, with soups changing on a day-to-day basis (Italian wedding, cream of broccoli, and chicken and dumplings are a few of the soups offered). Salads are fresh and wholesome, with the cafe salad having the option of tuna or chicken added. Entrees are mostly sandwiches, with the cranberry walnut chicken salad sandwich being a terrific mix of sweet and savory flavors, while the grilled chicken and bacon ranch wrap comes with a ranch dressing that is bursting with flavor. All kinds of drinks are offered at Somethin' Brewin' Book Cafe, with hot and cold drinks from the espresso bar leading the way. But if you don't want coffee, you can opt for anything from Italian soda (the pomegranate and vanilla both have a nice, rich taste) to white hot chocolate to a variety of smoothies. Diners should definitely save room for dessert, as there are some good ones here; the lemon burst cake, for instance, has an amazing array of flavors coming from the cream in the middle and the frosting on top. One note: While this is primarily a breakfast and lunch spot, Somethin' Brewin' Book Cafe is open late on Friday nights, with entertainment featured on those nights as well as other days and evenings here and there.

Lakeville might seem a bit out of the way for some (especially those on the North Shore and in Metrowest), but its uniqueness makes it worthy of a stop, especially if you are heading to or from New Bedford or Cape Cod. The charm of the old library building itself is worth a look alone, but the food is quite good as well, and priced fairly reasonably. If you like bookstore cafes, Somethin' Brewin' Book Cafe is one place that should probably be on your radar.