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Boston Restaurant Blog -- October, 2006

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Thursday, October 5, 2006

Cambridge Has Another Winner with the All Star Sandwich Bar

We went over to Inman Square last night to see what all the fuss is about the All Star Sandwich Bar, a restaurant that is being talked about all over Cambridge as well as the entire Boston area, and for good reason; Chris Schlesinger, the person who heads up the wildly popular East Coast Grill, is also the brains behind the All Star Sandwich Bar (which is next door to the East Coast Grill, by the way).

photo of the All Star Sandwich Bar, Cambridge, Massachusetts I had expected the All Star Sandwich Bar to be crowded, and it was, though not overly so. We waited about 5 minutes to get one of the 10 or so tables in the restaurant. Once we did, we ordered a couple of beers (Smuttynose and some kind of Oktoberfest beer) and checked out the rather extensive menu. I had my heart set on beef on weck, which is an upstate New York specialty that has roast beef, au jus, and horseradish, all on a Kimmelwick bun, but alas, they were sold out. So we ordered three other dishes instead: The hot pastrami, a ripper (deep-fried hot dog), and a hot corned beef with swiss cheese (not on the menu, by the way, but they were kind enough to make it).

The verdict? Well, the corned beef and pastrami sandwiches were wonderful; both had just enough fat to give it a great taste, and the grilled bread was fantastic. The ripper was good, but my expectations may have been a bit too high, as it didn't really stand out all that much.

Overall, I'd say that the All Star Sandwich Bar shows much promise. The other dishes we saw there looked delicious, and the waitstaff, though still getting up to speed (this IS a new restaurant), is friendly and accommodating. But when you come down to it, the All Star Sandwich Bar is simply a sandwich joint, so perhaps there may have been too much hype for a simple, unpretentious place like this. Indeed, there is only so much you can do with a sandwich, though the All Star Sandwich Bar does it very, very well.

If you would like the address and phone number to the All Star Sandwich Bar, here it is: All Star Sandwich Bar, 1245 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA 02139; the phone number is (617) 868-3065.

All Star Sandwich Bar on Urbanspoon

All Star Sandwich Bar

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