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Boston Restaurant Blog -- September, 2008

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Burgers, Dogs, and Roast Beef at Banjos, Weymouth

The roast beef kick that I've been on continued a short time back with a trip to Banjos Restaurant on Route 3A near the Hingham border. We had noticed this place for awhile now, but were always going to another restaurant while in the area, but we finally did get to try it. The consensus? Not bad, though I was a bit disappointed in the roast beef.

photo of Banjos Restaurant, Weymouth, MA Banjos looks a lot like a fast-food joint, and for good reason; it was a Burger King in a previous life. The outside still looks a bit generic, as does the interior, but it did seem clean and was well-lit. We had a bit of trouble deciding what to order, so we ended up ordering a variety of items to see what stood out. It definitely was not the roast beef, which was rather bland and came with sauce that had no real taste to it. (After my near-religious experience at Nick's Famous in Beverly, it was certainly a letdown.) The griddled burger was better, as it was juicy, seasoned just right, and very tasty. The fries were just ok, while the onion rings were better than average and seemed to be handcut. But it was the foot-long hot dog that stood high above everything else, as it was an all-beef Hebrew National that was juicy, greasy, salty, and absolutely perfect. It was squeezed into a bun that just as long as the hot dog, and was grilled to perfection.

I liked the hot dog and onion rings enough to give Banjos a positive review, but would like to try some of their other dishes before making a more final decision on whether I want to make this a regular stop. The menu had some interesting items on it, including a Louisiana meatloaf, a pig-roast pizza, a slow-roasted turkey, and a splitter (hot dog with Carolina bean mash), so perhaps I'll try one of those the next time I am there. But I will probably not be getting the roast beef again anytime soon, which is a bit ironic, since Banjos seems to be positioning themselves as more of a roast beef joint than anything.

If you would like the address for Banjos, here it is: Banjos Restaurant, 655 Bridge Street, Weymouth, MA, 02191. Phone: (781) 337-7700.

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MM said:
This place is awful! Twice I ordered a well done burger and twice I got raw in the middle burgers.
The kid that took my money at the drive through also was the one to pack up my order without gloves on. Lovely. I'll never go back.
Posted on 11/24/08
JM said:
The Board of Health should be there to check out all the bad food.
Posted on 12/16/08
Jenny said:
They haven't worn gloves since they opened.
Posted on 2/3/09
Paul said:
Looks like it bit the dust. CLOSED. Doesn't surprise me because there were rarely any cars in the parking lot.
Posted on 2/28/09
MH said:
The Patriot Ledger has confirmed the fact that Banjo's in Weymouth has closed. According to the article, the one in Cambridge is still on track for opening, however.
Posted on 3/27/09

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