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Boston Restaurant Blog -- November, 2008

Friday, November 7, 2008

Excellent Burger at Cappy's Tavern, Readville

So for many of you, even before reading this blog entry, the first thing you're wondering is, "Where exactly is Readville?" That's a good question, as many folks who have lived in the Boston area for their entire lives have never even heard of this little Boston neighborhood. And indeed, Readville feels in some ways like it is at the end of the Earth, as it is about as far from downtown Boston as you can be and still BE in Boston. And the fact that it is surrounded by parklands, factories, and water makes it a bit cut off from the rest of the city. But yes, Readville does actually exist, as does one of the only dining and drinking options in the area--a gritty working-class bar called Cappy's Tavern.

photo of Cappy's Tavern, Readville, MA Located just off the main drag in the center of Readville, Cappy's Tavern is easy to miss. From the outside, the place looks a bit tired and old (and it is indeed the latter, as it has been around since 1938), but the interior has loads of character, feeling like a mix of an Elks Lodge and a townie bar with a lot of history mixed in. From the plexiglass partition between the bar and the dining area to the old phone booth in the corner to the high wooden tables and chairs to the historic pictures on the walls to the classic old bar complete with stools and a mirror in the back, the atmosphere at Cappy's Tavern is old Boston at its best.

When we arrived at Cappy's, the only people in the place were locals who were drinking at the bar or hanging around the front of the place, so we were the only ones in the dining area. The bartender (who was gruff, funny, and very nice to us) brought menus over, even though the standard procedure is to order at the bar. We grabbed a couple of beers, then ordered potstickers for an appetizer. They were a bit hard and crunchy, and the duck sauce that came with them was something I mostly avoided, but the taste of the potstickers wasn't too bad, overall. For our meals, we had a hot pastrami sandwich and a double burger. The pastrami was fatty and greasy, but the char-grilled burgers were actually among the best I have tasted in the Boston area. The high fat content had a lot to do with it, but the combination of a perfectly seared exterior and a deliciously juicy interior also helped made these burgers just about perfect.

So should Bostonians flock to Cappy's Tavern to see what it's all about? Well, it depends; if you like burgers and don't mind hanging out in a slightly tough, old-school bar with a lot of locals, it is definitely worth a trip. But if you want food other than burgers and are looking to drink microbrewed beers, you might want to look elsewhere. Personally, I have spent a lot of time in places like Cappy's, so it feels comfortable to me, but my guess is, not everyone would feel that way. So in short, I would give Cappy's a mixed grade from an objective point of view, but personally, I can easily see myself returning to this comfy old salt-of-the-Earth place whenever I'm in or near Readville.

If you need the address for Cappy's Tavern in Readville, here it is: Cappy's Tavern, 11 Wolcott Court, Readville, MA, 02136. Phone: (617) 364-9292.

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R.A.B. said:
But go back and have the Chicken Parm Sandwich. Or if you like fish on Friday go and have their fried haddock or scallops; either one are good.
Posted on 1/2/09
Richie M said:
Best fried clam plate in Boston.
Do as "The Lad" suggests and order it with a light but sassy Chardonnay!
Posted on 8/11/09
JH said:
I think if you are looking for dynamite fish it is Cappys. The Fish Fridays are incredible, the helpings and the price can't be beat. Oh yea and on Fridays FREE homemade pizza dough from H.P. own BC Bakery the pizza flows out of the kirchen for about 2 hours it is awesome. Between 5-7pm.
Posted on 8/13/09
Denise from Derry said:
I love the place! A hidden gem! Good food, fun and friendly folks.
Posted on 8/18/09
BL said:
My father used to go in there years ago when it was Paul and Cappy's. A great working class bar where guys would come from the car shops and Sturdivant. Now it still gets the locals and seems to get a lot of the Curry crowd. Great for appetizers and a brew.
Posted on 1/14/11
Jackie Larkin said:
Absolutely the best lunches in town!! The Fish Fridays are without a doubt the finest, freshest fish you will find.
Posted on 6/21/11
Bill Hanlon said:
Posted on 5/2/12
FJD said:
A local classic, with excellent pub fare. Steve Kennedy makes you feel like your at home on your first visit.
Posted on 5/26/13

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