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Fifteen Comfort Food Items from Boston-Area Restaurants

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A look at some good cold-weather food items from Boston-area restaurants and bars.

photo of potato skins from Seapoint Bar and Grill in South Boston, MAOver the past few years, a couple of looks at comfort food dishes have been posted here, including a list of twelve comfort food dishes in the Boston area and a list of twelve more comfort food items from Boston-area restaurants. With the cooler weather on the way, it is now time for a "Part 3," with 15 more food items looked at this time around. Included here are such classic comfort food faves as roasted chicken, mac and cheese, potato skins, pizza, and more, most of which are from lesser-known eateries.

Go to the link below to see the new list of comfort food items.

Fifteen More Comfort Food Items from Boston-Area Restaurants

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