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Boston Restaurant Blog -- March, 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Flat Patties, Cambridge: Not Just Burgers

I finally got over to Flat Patties in Harvard Square after reading so much about the place (and hearing about it from friends as well as seeing it on the Phantom Gourmet). My hopes were high going in, but ironically, what bowled me over at Flat Patties wasn't the burger, but the pulled pork sandwich.

photo of burger and fries at Flat Patties, Cambridge, Massachusetts A few hours before I headed over to Flat Patties, someone on the Chowhound site mentioned that the shredded pork sandwich was an item on the menu that should not be missed, and was this person ever right. The quality of the pork was excellent, but it was the cole slaw added to it that may have put it over the top. The resulting taste was one that I won't soon forget. But this is not to say the burger was not worth getting; I didn't think it was quite as good as the shredded pork, but it was pretty tasty, as the juices that stayed with the burger (their burgers are cooked on a griddle) gave it a good amount of added taste. The burger (as well as the shredded pork) was served in a buttery brioche bun, and the cheese was browned along the sides, which is a big plus for me when it comes to cheeseburgers. The handcut fries were very good, with just the right mix of salt added to them.

I didn't mention the atmosphere of Flat Patties because frankly there isn't any. Like other food places in The Garage in Harvard Square, Flat Patties won't win people over with their decor, but they do have several tables as well as some counter seating that looks out toward the main part of The Garage. Flat Patties has counter service, and while the line was long when I was there, it moved pretty quickly. Prices were cheap as you might expect, with my burger, fries, shredded pork, and drink totaling around $10, give or take.

Flat Patties is little more than an above average fast-food place (much like UBurger in Kenmore Square), but the food is good and the price is right. I know that I'll be going back there whenever I'm in Harvard Square again.

If you want the address for Flat Patties, here it is: Flat Patties, 81 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA 02138. The phone number is (617) 871-6871.

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