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Boston Restaurant Blog -- November, 2006

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Friday, November 24, 2006

Dinner and Drinks at the Freeport Tavern, Dorchester

We took a trip over to the Freeport Tavern last week to grab some pub grub and a couple of drinks. For those of you who don't know where the Freeport Tavern is (and I believe there are a lot of you!), it is inside the Philips Old Colony House on Morrissey Boulevard. The dining areas at the Old Colony House are pretty nice, but the Freeport Tavern is more informal, which is what we were looking for that night.

There is nothing that really stands out about the Freeport Tavern, but it is a pleasant place, with a cozy, dark atmosphere, and the food, while not outstanding, is better than what you might find at one of the many family restaurant chains that can be found along any highway in the Boston area. We had the gorgonzola steak tip salad, which was very yummy (great tips), and the alimento grande. Now I believe that alimento grande means "great food" in Portuguese, but I was thinking its meaning was closer to "big stomach," as it had the following: garlic bread, Italian sausage, meatball, chicken parmigiana, eggplant rollatini, and ziti in marinara sauce. Most of the items were good, though the eggplant rollatini was a bit dry and the garlic bread was absolutely soaked in butter. I walked out of the Freeport Tavern feeling pretty stuffed, as it was a ton of food to eat (and yes, I did eat it all!).

Is the Freeport Tavern worth going to? I would say so; the place is pretty nice, the waitstaff is efficient, and the price is right. I'm not sure I'm ready to feature this dining spot on Boston's Hidden Restaurants, but it isn't a bad place to check out.

If you would like the address for the Freeport Tavern, here it is: Freeport Tavern, 780 Morrissey Boulevard, Dorchester, MA 02122. The phone number is (617) 282-7700.

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JH said:
I frequent the Freeport Tavern to have the fish and chips. It was always excellent until last Saturday night. I am sorry to say that it was the worst that I have ever had. The haddock was so tough and dry that I couldn't cut it with my fork. The fries were different than the usual and very greasy as though they were reheated. The onion rings were more like dried crumbs. I don't think I will return again. The last two meals I had there were poor quality. It's too bad because it is a nice place to go as far as the atmosphere.
Posted on 6/16/08
lan said:
I went to the Freeport Tavern last night and loved it. I heard that they started using a wood grill - man, what a difference. Their steak tips are outstanding, much better than they used to be.
Posted on 7/25/08
Ash said:
Just went tonight. Service was awful! We didn't stick around long enough to try the food. Might be a management problem! Just save yourself the trouble and look elsewhere.
Posted on 8/8/08
LH said:
Delicious, delicious brunch!!!! Just went last week and I couldn't believe the spread. I'll definitely be going back OFTEN. Can't say enough about how great this brunch is. One of the best in Boston!!!
Posted on 9/13/09

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