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Boston Restaurant Blog -- November, 2007

Friday, November 9, 2007

A Great Experience at Great Chow, Abington

After hearing some positive reviews, we decided to head down to Abington to try out an Asian restaurant called Great Chow a few weeks back. Great Chow is a fairly new restaurant whose name might sound familiar (this is the second Great Chow, with the original being in the Wollaston section of Quincy). It is also a restaurant that seems to have gotten quite a following in the few months that it has been open, and for good reason; the restaurant has a lot going for it, including good food, interesting atmosphere, and a classy feel that is lacking in many other restaurants along this stretch of Route 18 in the Abington/Weymouth area.

We arrived at Great Chow a little before 6:00 on a Saturday night, and the place was already starting to fill up, which is saying a lot, because the restaurant is huge. Every time I looked, I seemed to spot a new section to the place; there is a large room to the left of the entrance, some smaller dining areas to the right, a sushi bar in the middle, and a teppanyaki area toward the back. But even though Great Chow is large enough to accommodate a small army, the layout of the place allows much of it to feel cozy and intimate.

We ordered a number of items at Great Chow, all of which were satisfying. We started with a hot and sour soup and a miso soup, then moved on to a house fried rice that was fresh and had none of the hard, dried-out rice that is often found at so many Chinese restaurants. For our entrees, we had the beef moo shi, which had everything but the kitchen sink in it (but it was delicious), and the gai po lo mein, which was fresher and less greasy than I've had in other places. Our waiter was friendly and attentive, though we had to ask him for water. Also, we never received any kind of tea, which struck us as a bit unusual.

Our experience at Great Chow was a good one. I'd like to go back and try some of the Japanese dishes at some point. Even if my future experiences at Great Chow are positive, however, I'm not sure we will be able to feature it on our site. Why? Well, I have the feeling that Great Chow is destined to become a South Shore institution of sorts, thanks to its unique atmosphere, terrific food, and that certain something that makes this restaurant feel like someplace special. And people seem to be finding out about Great Chow in a hurry, as there were lines nearly out the door by the time we left. And for such a large restaurant, that speaks volumes. It may not be a hidden gem for long (if it ever was), but Great Chow is certainly worth a trip if you're looking for a memorable dining experience.

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Disappointed said:
New Years Eve Disaster . . .
I called in an order at 9 am on 12/31/09 for a 7 pm pick up. I was told 7 pm would be fine and should be no problems. When I arrived at 7 pm to pick up my order, I could barely walk in the door it was so jammed packed. The staff behind the counter called off random order numbers. One minute they would yell out order number 125 and then jump to 525 and then down to 38 . . . There was no rhyme or reason to how they managed the orders. The staff behind the counter was rude and unprofessional. An hour into my wait, I asked the two young kids behind the counter if the 7 pm orders would be completed soon. They went onto say that it was the cooks fault as to why it was taking so long. I could not believe he said that and I told him as such. There was no way on earth that it was the cooks fault. Great Chow continued to take orders and totally disregarded whether they could fill them or not. Finally at 9 pm I gave up and left and so did a few other customers. I just had to leave; I had already waited 2 hours. Great Chow saw dollar signs every time the phone rang on New Years Eve. They continued to take orders and really didn't seem to care if they could fill them. Instead of blaming the cooks they should look at themselves. They should never have accepted so many orders knowing there was no way they could complete them timely with good customer service. I expected to wait knowing that it would be crowded. What I didn't expect was to wait 2 hours and then leave empty handed. Even the police showed up looking for the manager due to over crowding. Great Chow has great food but there is something to be said for customer service. They did not show it on New Years Eve.
Posted on 1/1/10
MH said:
We returned to Great Chow in Abington over the weekend and tried several dishes while there. The hot and sour soup was so-so, with little heat and more of a sweet taste than anything. Not much better were the scallion pancakes, which were dry and bland. But our main dishes were excellent, with the sushi plate consisting of fresh ingredients and well-prepared rice, while the Singapore noodles were outstanding, with a little bit of heat, a lot of flavor, and noodles that were cooked just right (not too hard and not too mushy). Service was fine, and the prices were very reasonable overall.
Posted on 3/23/11

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