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Boston Restaurant Blog -- July, 2007

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Lunch at La Cantina Italiana, Framingham

Not to state the obvious, but I absolutely love old-school Italian food. From lasagna to ziti to manicotti to fettuccine to ravioli, I can't get enough of any and all pastas. Because of this, even Italian restaurants that are of average quality sometimes please me. But I must admit that I was a bit disappointed with my meal at La Cantina Italiana in Framingham over the weekend.

photo of La Cantina Italiana, Framingham, MA La Cantina Italiana (not to be confused with Cantina Italiana in the North End of Boston, by the way) is an old-fashioned red-sauce restaurant located on Route 135 just west of downtown Framingham. The place looks the part, both inside and out, with slightly tacky but endearing touches that one might also find at places such as Greg's in Watertown, The Chateau in Waltham, and the Pleasant Cafe in Roslindale. The inside is pretty big, actually, with plenty of two-toned booths and larger tables for families to sit at. And the old photos on the wall are a nice touch, adding a bit of history to this World War II-era restaurant.

I only wish the food had been a little better at La Cantina Italiana, though. There were some high points, including a very tasty minestrone soup that had big chunks of potatoes and lots of other vegetables. And the house salad was excellent, with a homemade dressing that had lots of zing to it. But unfortunately, the entrees were not quite up to par; the pizza didn't have much flavor, with the crust being rather doughy, while the lasagna was decent enough, but it was cooked unevenly, with one side being dry and tough while the other side being one big gooey mess.

I haven't read much about La Cantina Italiana online or in restaurant guides, so I am not sure how the other dishes are there. But if folks can recommend other dishes that they enjoy at this restaurant, I'd like to hear from them, just in case I do head back there one of these days.

La Cantina Restaurant on Urbanspoon

La Cantina Italiana

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Ray Bergeron said:
My wife and I were in for dinner on July 12. We ordered our meal and it took 45 minutes before they arrived. Others who had arrived after us all got their meals. The server said she did not know what was taking so long. I had the Rib special and my wife had spinach lasagna. This is the second time we have waited 45 minutes for our meals. The barbeque ribs were meaty, but had little taste and my wife said her spinach lasagna also had little taste. She has had the same meal many times and never had a complaint. This was the first time in three months we had been to La Cantina because of the long wait and we usually ate at La Cantina at least every other week and even two or three weeks in a row because the food was consistent and we waited no more than 15 minutes for our food. Overall, we have been going to La Cantina for 18 years and we were never disappointed until now. Sorry.
Posted on 7/15/08
jb said:
Been going to LaCantina for nearly 20 years now, and it is the best Italian restaurant there is. You cannot beat their meat sauce.
Posted on 4/23/09
MB said:
Chicken or veal parm. You can't beat it. Or the gnocchi and meatballs. Sometimes the wait is long but you can't beat their food. I've never heard someone complain before. There's a lot of history to the place, it's been owned by the same family (seriously, the little old hostess woman is the granddaughter of Fanny, the one of the salad dressing bottle). It's a great, great place.
Posted on 12/13/10
ICM said:
Been going to La Cantina's since I was a child and now I take my children and grandchild here. Love the food, especially the salad dressing and pasta sauce. Worth the wait. Never had a complaint.
Posted on 9/1/12

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