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Boston Restaurant Blog -- August, 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Visit to the Pearl Street Station Restaurant in Malden

I feel that I know Malden pretty well by now, having visited the city countless times over the years to see friends and to dine out at various eateries. But there's a little sliver of Malden near the downtown T station that I had somehow never been to, which is why I briefly got lost when trying to find the Pearl Street Station Restaurant recently, with the confusion being exacerbated a bit by the fact that the restaurant is not actually located on Pearl Street (it moved to Summer Street some time ago). But I did eventually find the place, and ended up having a very nice lunch there.

photo of the Pearl Street Station Restaurant, Malden, MA Located in an old train station that was built in the 1800s, the Pearl Street Station Restaurant has a lot of charm, with cozy booths, lots of wood throughout, and a high ceiling in the bar area with one of those rustic wagon wheel chandeliers that you don't see very often these days. In addition to the bar and the dining room, there is another section that is apparently used for karaoke, and on the day that we went, it was set up almost like a mini-theatre, with rows of chairs set up in a semi-circle surrounding a stage area.

It was pretty tough to choose what to order at The Pearl Street Station Restaurant, mainly because I have heard good things about a number of items there, including the steak tips, the turkey tips, the seafood, and the pizza. After studying the menu for a few minutes, we decided to order the turkey tips and the pizza, with the turkey tips being very tender and nicely marinated with a moderately zesty sauce. The pepperoni pizza seemed to be somewhere between Italian-style thin crust and bar pie, and it had a delicious house-made sauce as well as a slightly puffy yet tasty crust. Drink choices were rather limited--definitely not much in the way of craft beer here--and we decided to go with Michelob, which isn't my favorite beer, but all right in a pinch. Our server was a friendly woman who seemed like she had probably been at the place for a long, long time, while prices were bordering on dirt cheap, with the bill being well under $30, including drinks.

Although it was my first time there, I felt quite at home at the Pearl Street Station Restaurant, as it seems to be a completely unpretentious spot that gives off a feeling of being instantly familiar, especially if you tend to frequent local neighborhood joints as I do. The only thing I regret is not getting their steak tips, which does appear to be their signature dish. But there will certainly be a next time at the Pearl Street (and now I actually know where it is), and I'll surely be trying the tips when I return.

If you are looking for the address for the Pearl Street Station Restaurant, here it is: Pearl Street Station Restaurant, 53 Summer Street, Malden, MA 02148. Phone: (781) 322-6410.

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Chris said:
Come back to Malden this weekend for Saint Rocco's Feast (street fair). It actually does take place on Pearl Street! And the food is delicious.

Posted on 8/12/11
JS said:
Did you not see all the knick-knacks & lamps, etc coated with dust? That was enough for me not to return!
Posted on 8/15/11
MH said:
We returned to Pearl Street a couple of weeks ago for lunch, once again trying the turkey tips (very good once again) and the steak tips (excellent, with a terrific marinade). Service was fine and the prices were very reasonable. I'm still not sure this place is a true hidden gem, but I do find myself liking the place more and more.
Posted on 2/17/12
MH said:
Another trip back to Pearl Street earlier this month, this time having a salad, buffalo chicken fingers, and a steak and cheese calzone. The calzone was very fine, as it was stuffed with their excellent steak tips rather than shaved steak. The buffalo chicken fingers were basic but good, as was the salad.
Posted on 6/25/13

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