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Boston Restaurant Blog -- September, 2007

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Breakfast at Stella's, East Milton Square

I get over to A Lighter Fare in East Milton Square for breakfast quite often, but a few weeks ago, we decided to try another place in the square called Stella's. I had never been to Stella's before, but have passed by it many times. So finally we decided to see what it was all about.

photo of Stella's, Milton, MA Unlike A Lighter Fare, which is a roomy, comfortable, peaceful place, Stella's is closer to your typical local breakfast joint. It has table seating as well as stools along the counters, the latter of which is perfect for solo diners looking to have a cup of coffee and a quick bite to eat while reading the paper. The place was bustling when we went, and was a bit on the noisy side, but that is to be expected from a dining spot like this. Our food was hearty, solid fare; the hash omelette was very nice, with firm eggs and hash that was cooked just right, while the eggs benedict gave those at A Lighter Far a run for its money. Coffee was decent, and sides were all right, though I thought the home fries were rather bland.

Stella's is definitely a place I will go back to. And it is surely a little-known dining spot. So does that mean that it could be featured on this site at some point in the future? I would have to say that there is indeed a very good chance of that happening.

For those who want the address and phone number for Stella's, here it is: Stella's, 558 Adams Street, Milton, MA 02186. Phone: (617) 698-2740.

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JG said:
I used to be a regular weekly customer at Stellas, but stopped going there because the doors were always open allowing many flies to enter the restaurant. I remember one time I was eating at a booth next to the wall, and there were three flies on the wall waiting for an opportunity to land on food. I complained to the owner but she was speechless. I took that to mean that she did not care. I have not gone in Stellas in over a year and never will again. It's a shame because I really enjoyed having breakfast there, but I don't want flies which land on trash coming in and landing on my meal.
Posted on 4/11/08
JPC said:
I go there all the time, good food and good prices. They have a nice staff, and a good location.
Posted on 5/28/08
JFG said:
I used to go into Stella's a lot, but stopped because the place had a lot of flies in it. Also the doors were always open during the warm or hot weather. Restaurants are supposed to have a screen door if they want to leave a storm door open. This is a Board of Health Regulation (I checked with the Milton Board of Health on this). All in all, it was a nasty place to eat. The Lighter Fare is a much better place to eat breakfast in East Milton Square. The food is very good, its clean, and there are no flies that I've seen. The Lighter Fare is upstairs from the Milton Market Place.
Posted on 3/1/09
anonymous said:
I have been going to Stella's since I was a child. I am now 47 yrs. old. I love it there. The food is always good. The owners and waitresses are always friendly and nice. It is just a nice place to get great food at reasonable prices. It feels like home and I love going back there when I am in Milton. Great local spot. It is clean and consistently good. Love the food and the people in there!
Posted on 12/2/10
JJB said:
The anonymous poster's comment is odd. Stella's has only been in Milton for 9-10 years.
Posted on 12/17/10
pss said:
Stella's has been in Milton for many years. it closed for a long time then came back by popular demand some 10 or so years ago.
Posted on 12/26/11

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