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Tuesday, April 2, 2013 (updated )

Twelve Pasta Dishes from Restaurants in the Boston Area and Beyond

photo of chicken parmigiana and stuffed shells from Cafe Venice, Norwood, MALast month's photo slideshow featured a topic that had not been covered yet--breakfast dishes--and this month also features a new topic, with this one focusing on pasta dishes. Among the twelve that you'll find here are familiar items such as lasagna and baked ziti, along with some less common dishes that include ingredients you might not find at every Italian eatery. And while macaroni and cheese is indeed a pasta dish, it hasn't been included here because there has already been a slideshow that focused only on that item [Update--it is now included here].

And now, on to the pasta slideshow. Note that most are from restaurants in the Boston area, though the last one is found in another part of New England.

Slideshow for Pasta Dishes in the Boston Area and Beyond

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