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Unreviewed Restaurants >> New Hampshire >> Ellacoya Barn and Grille (Gilford)

Ellacoya Barn and Grille

***** (3 stars, based on 9 reviews)
2667 Lake Shore Road, Gilford, NH 03249
(603) 293-8700 Find location!

Ellacoya Barn and Grille is an American restaurant in Gilford, NH, that Boston's Hidden Restaurants has not yet reviewed, but is considered a restaurant of interest by this Web site. Below is a section where our readers can give us their own reviews of Ellacoya Barn and Grille.

Sample items on the menu at Ellacoya Barn and Grille include braised lamb shanks, Maryland crab cakes, and delmonico steak.

Cuisine: American
Cost: moderately inexpensive
Location: Lake Winnipesaukee
One Reason to Go: located in a converted barn

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*****Lindy from Holden, MA, says:
Ellacoya is one of my favorite restaurants. We go up to Lake Winni most every week-end. I Love the Barn atmosphere and they have just added a new room for more dining. All of our meals have been very good and I really like their fries, they are different. The food and price is perfect for us. We go there about three times a month.
(Posted on 8/7/13)

*****cec from Lynn, MA, says:
I had a great chicken roll up sandwich with feta, pears, garlic mayo I ate the whole sandwich, and salad was fresh, having the pizza today.
(Posted on 6/11/13)

*****ar from Gilford, NH, says:
Disappointing! Service was awful and the food was just okay! It took a long time to be waited on and my food was cool to the touch.
(Posted on 6/16/12)

*****Arthur Chase from Gilford, NH, says:
The decor is good but that's about it our server was very flaky nice but not good at her job. The food was the very disappointing first of all it took scallop app was over cooked and my ny 12oz strip was more like 8oz and over cooked I sent it back and changed to the mahi mahi which took another half hour to get (oh it wasn't busy either) I was really looking forward to the spinach tomato risotto when I got it it was like minute maid rice mixed w spin and tom...awful and the mussels were over cooked that came with it all around it was awful but my wife enjoyed her caesar I wouldn't recommend it bad service sub par food I am a chef and bartender for over 15yrs that's not a good restaurant!
(Posted on 5/14/12)

*****CJ from Lowell, MA, says:
My family and I have frequented the barn for the past 5 years. We recently (10/1/11) visited for lunch and were going to sit at a table that had yet to be cleared. The waitress said she would clean the table and then we could sit. It took 20 minutes and the table was not yet wiped down! We stood with our two grandsons and the waitress passed me and looked at me but did not say a word. She started taking additional drinking orders from a group of gentlemen sitting around the fireplace area. That was our sign to leave. It was quite evident by her rudeness that she did not want to serve us. Never again. We are in the area year round and I will pass the word. Management needs to train the personnel staff or maybe someone needs to train management on how to treat customers.
(Posted on 10/5/11)

*****Cindy from Gilford, NH, says:
The Barn is terrific! Sure, we've had to wait a long time. It's not a place to go if you're in a hurry. But I love the wait staff; they are cool and laid back and delightful. The drinks are good, and the food is out of this world! I have never had a bad--or even fair--meal. I have enjoyed every single bite!
(Posted on 12/5/10)

*****PMD from Amherst, NH, says:
Nice New England Barn Setting. OK food. UGLY management. Overall horrible experience.
I took my wife here with 4 other people to have dinner for her birthday. Near the end of dinner a very large amount of water was pumped out of a malfunctioning air conditioning unit over our table completely soaking my wife and her best friend. Long story short, the manager (Ken) was incredibly rude. He refused to compensate us in any reasonable way for the inconvenience and refused to provide contact information for the owner. The waitstaff informed us that this same thing had happened before yet the manager failed to have the A/C unit fixed. Completely unsatisfactory. No big loss that I will never go there again unless it's for a property auction!
(Posted on 10/12/10)

*****EZ from Gilford, NH, says:
To the management. (from a professional) Call your staff together and tell them to "snap to" wait on the customers, listen to the customers, be sharp, polite and cooperative. Stop worrying about how cute they look and stop the "girly talk" between themselves. We will spend more and visit more often. If they need a training course have them visit Patricks as a customer, and they will experience how it's done. We love your place the food is good but the staff needs training. IT'S A BUSINESS!!!
(Posted on 8/5/10)

*****Pegmeister from Quincy, MA, says:
Great spot, especially in the winter after being out in the cold, you come in and sit by that nice big fireplace. Staff goes out of their way. When I mentioned I was disappointed that the lobster pizza wasn't on the menu, they said no problem we have the ingredients and we'll make it. I was thrilled. Steak & Cheese is another good choice, as they use steak tips rather than shaved steak. Even in the summer when cold weather seems so far away, I enjoy sitting in that room with a nice glass of wine and a good meal.
(Posted on 7/16/10)

*****T.L. from Milford, NH, says:
Very cool decor, and good food, but the management has failed. I made reservations in person, a week in advance for 7 people on Valentines Eve. I was shown the valentine specials, but also told the regular menu would definitely be available. Not so. When I asked management about it he was rude and short with me. He could have cared less. We had already ordered drinks and apps--so they had us. Never again.
(Posted on 3/5/09)

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