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Unreviewed Restaurants >> Connecticut >> Vernon Diner (Vernon)

Vernon Diner

***** (3 stars, based on 8 reviews)
453 Hartford Turnpike, Vernon, CT 06066
(860) 875-8812 Find location!

The Vernon Diner is a diner in Vernon, CT, that Boston's Hidden Restaurants has not yet reviewed, but is considered a restaurant of interest by this Web site. Below is a section where our readers can give us their own reviews of the Vernon Diner.

Sample items on the menu at the Vernon Diner include omelettes, burgers, and chicken sandwiches.

Cuisine: diner food
Cost: cheap eats
Location: just northeast of Hartford
One Reason to Go: good alternative to Rein's Deli

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*****Bettie and Jim from Ellington, CT, say:
We eat at the Vernon diner a couple of times a week, on the average. the menu is extremely diverse and my only problem is trying to select what to eat from so many choices. Usually, I opt for entrees: Love the Thursday Beef Stroganoff Special and Friday's Mac and Cheese with Crab Cakes. On Sunday, The Filet Mignon, Stuffed Shrimp and Stuffed Mushrooms is my favorite. VD doesn't stuff the mushrooms and shrimp with breading- it is ALL MEAT and my absolute favorite of any restaurant, even the sea food specialty ones. We are particularly fond of the daily specials. There is never a lack of selection!
My husband loves the club sandwiches, eggs,and lighter fare.
The food is plentiful and very tasty...
The staff is usually very friendly and courteous (and we admit to having our favorites).
Yes, there are the occasional times when there might be an "off day", but as regulars there, we find them to be far and few between.
Recently, I accidentally left something in the booth and after a phone call, they even went through the garbage to find it for me.
Whether breakfast, lunch, dinner or late night, Vernon Diner is our first choice when going out to eat!
(Posted on 1/22/13)

*****Robert Nusbaum from Pond Eddy, NY, says:
This diner is hit or miss. Stopped going there about a month ago. When the food or service is good, it is real good, when it is bad,the same thing. It is pot luck. I was asked how everything was as I was checking out,so I explained that the waitress never came back after serving our food, burger over done, and no refill on the hot tea my wife ordered. No apology. Understaffed, and they charge for another tea bag was the response. I suppose I should have gone to the cashier to get assistance? So far we have blown this place off twice, and the remark the young man said to us over a three cent tea bag will probably be the straw that breaks the camels back. In these economic times, even dining out at the diner is still a splurge. Maybe this young man, perhaps the owners son, should realize this. So, a three cent tea bag has cost them about $50.00 so far. Too bad on them.
(Posted on 7/24/12)

*****KA from Boston, MA, says:
I grew up in the town over and ALWAYS came to the VD on days when we had delayed school openings because of snow or after concerts/a movie. In the 20 years that I lived in the area, I've never gotten anything but their breakfast food. Pretty standard diner fare, but delicious none the less. Blueberry pancakes are always my go to. The place gets loud, especially at night with drunken kids filling the place up after a party, but the food is cheap and the service is quick. Just like every diner should be.
(Posted on 2/1/12)

*****Bobby from Prospect, CT, says:
Plastic in my panini, piece of plastic bag in my wife's sandwich, wouldn't comp her meal, wanted to give her a piece of cake, drove 30 minutes one way, last trip there ...done, keep ur cake.
(Posted on 9/6/11)

*****Craig K. from Los Angeles, CA, says:
One of the best pumpkin pies I ever had!
Too bad they don't make them year round.
(Posted on 1/26/10)

*****Beldon from Windsor, CT and Framingham, MA, says:
Great for a diner may sound like a left-handed compliment, but it isn't. It can be crowded and noisy, but the food is as close to authentic NJ Diner fare and atmosphere as you can get. They do a brisk trade at all hours, but the food is solid (if uninspired), reasonably priced, and generously portioned. Breakfast available 24/7 is always a good bet.
(Posted on 11/7/09)

*****JB from Manchester, CT, says:
The VD is a great little spot, although it is overshadowed a bit by its neighbor Rein's Deli. I can't say much about the entrees at the VD, but the club sandwiches are quite good. The breakfast is better than Rein's in my opinion, especially the b-fast potatoes. Omelets are top-notch.
(Posted on 11/23/08)

*****Eric H. from Walpole, MA, says:
The Vernon Diner used to be a Howard Johnson's, but is much better than that "blast from the past" with the orange roof. With a menu that approaches the length of a Milton novel, the Vernon Diner has just about every type of popular breakfast, lunch, and dinner comfort food on the planet. We've been a few times and were impressed with the quality of the food as well as the service. Some of the meals we've enjoyed: baked stuff filet of sole florentine, Greek mousaka, Greek salad, and corned beef and cabbage.
The Vernon Diner is a nice dining choice when traveling on Route 84 in the Hartford area!
Eric at
(Posted on 8/23/08)

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